Demystifying the 2 BIG vaping myths – Simple, Safe, Satisfying All e-cigs are the same and set on fire… Over the years there have been some horror stories about vaping and e cigarette shops, meaning there are a lot of grey areas left open. When people think about vaping and e cigs they quite often aren’t knowledgeable enough in this area and low quality cheap e cigarette shop products spring to mind, usually coming out of factories with little or no quality regulation. e cigarette shops have seen a number of generations of e cigs, first generation that were very focused on looking like real cigarettes and rarely help people switch from smoking to vaping. Then there are the cartridge type devices cartridges are prefilled and you have no control over the dose or the contents inside. Although sell fast the majority of people who vape permanently do not use them and move onto e-cigs or APV (Advanced Personal Vaporisers) device. This is where vaping becomes real, bringing in mods, power regulations, vapor liquids, nicotine regulation and customisation. These products are completely different from one another. Here at Aquavape all our batteries are UK tested. Nobody knows what is inside e-cigs? This myth is true…. In certain instances with cheap unregulated e cigarette shop! As discussed above there is various types of devices available in the e cigarette shop market today. For some of the cheap pencil style e-cigs, we can’t really know what goes inside! However when we make vapor liquids for tanks or clearomisers, we know exactly what goes in every bottle of vapor liquids that our e cigarette shop sell!! There are four ingredients, your vapor liquids begins with the main base, PG and VG. Then we add flavour. The flavouring, is food grade, and these can be natural or artificial, it is completely up to the e cigarette shop manufacturer. Here at Liqualites we use premium grade ingredients for everything we use. The final ingredient in most cases (does not apply to 0mg) is pharmaceutical grade nicotine so we can make your vapor liquids available in different strengths. Happy Vaping Aqua Lites