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Mint & Menthol E-Liquids

Berry Menthol E-Liquid
Cherry Menthol E-Liquid
Fresh Menthol E-Liquid
Fruit Menthol E-Liquid
Ice Mint E-Liquid
Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid
When it comes down to menthol e liquid, we like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs. Our fresh menthol vape juice is by far our best-selling liquid. Coming in at a close behind is our Ice mint e liquid.

This great taste has been developed and tested by ourselves alongside our flavouring house, with over 200 years’ experience, we wouldn’t trust anybody else to help develop our unique flavour range that keeps you satisfied all day!

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If you are looking for something a bit fruity with a hint of menthol we have a number of great tasting fruit flavours coupled with the great tasting menthol.

Our menthol e liquid range is a 50 VG / 50 PG mix base, perfect for our series 1, series 2 and series 3 devices. Available in (18mg) High, (12mg) Medium and Low (6mg) Low.

Our E Liquid is fully TPD 2 compliant. All manufactured here in the UK so you can trust you won’t be getting any non-complaint chemicals in your menthol vape juice. Just great flavour coupled with a great vape.

Menthol Mint E Liquid

When you are shopping for something fresh and crisp, you are looking for a menthol, or a mint. If you want to keep your breath smelling its best, but are tired of chewing gum all day, you are looking for a menthol, or a mint. And if you are looking for the very best menthol and mint e-juice flavours, chances are you haven’t come across Aquavape’s Menthol Mint E Liquid section! We have menthol infused with berry – you’ve got to try this one! – as well as a fruity menthol; we have cherry menthols and fresh menthols and raspberry menthols. Did we say mint? Oh yeah, you’ve got to try out our minty flavours too – the Ice Mint is especially a bestseller! Our Menthol Mint E Liquid line is the last word when it comes to true menthol and mint flavours, bringing the diluted art of these old favourites back to life. We have done so with a new twist that improves on the refreshing sweetness of mint and sub-zero coolness of menthol. The result? Mint and menthol flavours you simply got to vape to believe!

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Buy Menthol Mint E Liquid Today at Aquavape

Every menthol lovers will feel right at home with our Fresh Menthol juice which brings out the cool shiver of menthol in classic style. Find out why this remains our best-selling menthol flavour to date.

If fruity flavours are where your allegiances lie, you have a whole pick of sweet menthol e liquids in front of you, drenched in exotic fruit like cherry and raspberry. Or you can opt for a mix of fruit with cool undertones.

Fancy a mint every now and then? We recommend the Aquavape Ice Mint which proposes a rich aroma of freshness.

If you want a low-key, no-fuss way to get a dose of menthol whenever you are on the go or out and about, you can’t do any better than the AV Nano Disposable Salt Nic Menthol.

This is off our range of pre-filled and disposable pods which are ideal for ex-smokers or vet vapers who want a quick, hassle-free way to get their dose of nicotine.

Best Menthol Mint E Liquid for Smokers

Menthol smokers are well aware that the market is not short of solid options in the menthol department. A fair number of our staff are former menthol smokers themselves, so that is not lost on us too.

This is why our line of menthol and mint e liquids is available in options ranging from 0mg all the way to 18mg/mL. We make it easy to find a menthol vape juice that is not too far removed from the brand of smokes that used to do the trick for you.

And that’s not to mention the AV menthol disposable pod. This is where many former smokers start out after making the switch from menthol cigarettes to menthol e-cigarettes.

You can never go wrong with the Aquavape pod since it is based on nicotine salts which are absorbed into the body faster than your regular e liquid, making it one of the best smoking alternatives out there.

Which Menthol Vape Flavour Should I Choose?

A lot of vapers, particularly new entrants into the vaping scene, are not sure which menthol mint e liquid to start with.

A good starting point would be to browse the flavour selection and find a vape juice that has a similar profile to your desired tastes – do you prefer plain menthol or are you more of a fruity note kind of person?

If you need a push in the right direction, you can always seek advice from our customer service team at or hit us up on the freephone number 08081 687 551.

Your menthol mint e liquid search ends here!