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Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids

British Tobacco E-Liquid
Traditional Tobacco E-Liquid
Two great tasting tobacco flavours with distinct differences. We have developed our unique flavour range of to keep you satisfied all day, tested and developed by our flavouring house, who have worked in flavouring for over 200 years.

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Just like cigarettes, tobacco e liquid flavours vary, our British Tobacco is a mellow tobacco flavour, a blend of pure bright virginia flavourings that reproduce the taste found in British cigarettes.

Our Traditional Tobacco E Liquid is a blend of both burley and virginia flavourings to give a great tobacco taste. With a more prominent taste of tobacco flavour that reproduces the taste of popular American cigarette brands.

This tobacco e liquid range is a 50 VG / 50 PG mix perfect for our series 1, series 2 and series 3 devices. Available in High (18mg), Medium (12mg) and Low (6mg).

All our E Liquid is manufactured here in the UK and is fully TPD Compliant, so you can rest assured you’re getting a great flavour, coupled with a great vape.

Tobacco E Liquid

The range of Aquavape tobacco e liquid UK is famed for its characteristic authentic taste, powerful throat hit and smooth vapour, a winning combination that has won the hearts of many a vaper. It’s the closest experience you can get to the real thing! Millions of people around the globe have switched from smoking to vaping. It’s no secret that some of us still long for that classic taste of a fine traditional tobacco, even years after ditching the stick. Tobacco enthusiasts, we got you. We got you.

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Presenting the Aquavape Tobacco E Liquid Range

Aquavape is proud to present two great tasting tobacco flavour e liquid blends: the British Tobacco E Liquid and the Traditional Tobacco E Liquid.

The idea behind the creation of these e liquid tobacco profiles was to provide vapers with tobacco flavours that do their best to mimic the flavour, aroma and character of that authentic and classic taste of rich, robust British tobacco.

We know some people have a favourite flavour they swear by and not everyone wants their e liquid tobacco flavour tainted.

So, we sought to make it easy for you to stock up on your favourites by providing you with just two, albeit premium, options which take the confusion out of your selection.

These are big flavours that pack a punch, and it will feel like stepping back in time again; only this time, you are doing so without exposing yourself to the effects of burning tobacco.

Earthy and aromatic, tinged with innovative undertones, our tobacco e liquid blends are made to bring those cured tastes to life.

Aquavape Tobacco E Liquid UK Features

  • 50:50 PG/VG blend ideal for both new and intermediate users

  • Compatible with all vaping devices, including Aquavape Series 1, 2 & 3 starter kits

  • Nicotine Strengths: 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/mL

  • Designed to prevent ‘vaper’s tongue’ with sophisticated flavouring blends

  • Available in 10ml bottles with a nozzle for fast and easier refilling

Aquavape e liquid tobacco is manufactured in the UK in partnership with a local flavouring house with more than 100 years in the game.

  • British Tobacco E Liquid

Our exclusive British Tobacco E Liquid serves as a gentle reminder of the subtleties that made us all love smoking.

The mild tobacco flavour is a blend of pure bright Virginia flavourings and works great as an all-day vape.

We also aimed to make it a pleasant everyday vape without any of that dry mouth feeling as some juices in the market, and one way we achieved this was by striking a balance of VG and PG in equal measure.

This is a perfect vape for anyone who’s into e liquid tobacco or for those times when you want a change from the fruity blends which are tempting but sometimes leave you desiring something slightly ‘normal’.

  • Traditional Tobacco E Liquid

This is a flavour for the purists.

The Aquavape Traditional Tobacco E Liquid captures the essential aroma, flavour and character of classic tobacco flavour to give you the experience of the world’s best tobacco without the smoke.

This juice is a blend of Burley and Virginia flavourings which culminate in a perfect all-round tobacco taste which is solid yet smooth on the inhale.

The consistency of this juice makes for a perfect combination of throat hit and cloud production.

As with all other 50VG/50PG Aquavape e-liquids, it is created to maximise the life of your atomiser or tank.

Smart E-Juice Bottles

Aquavape’s smart bottle is meant to provide you with an e-juice dispenser that is easy to use and cannot be broken.

Our tobacco flavour e liquid is available in a plastic, squeezable bottle with a pointed nozzle tip so you don’t lose a single drop.

Many e-liquid companies dispense their product in glass bottles with a medicine dropper. But the downside to this type of bottle is two-pronged: you either risk dropping the bottle and breaking it or end up leaving some juice behind.

We’ve made refilling super convenient for you. All you need do is simply point the dropper tip into your tank and give it a squeeze to fill up.

Simple, fast and reliable!