Would you recommend this kit for beginners?2020-07-24T14:52:32+01:00

No. The Innokin Mini Proton Ajax is an advanced vape device more suited for intermediate and experienced users who are used to sub ohming and vaping at higher temperatures.

Would you recommend the Innokin Jem kit for beginners?2020-07-24T14:25:27+01:00

Absolutely. The Innokin Jem kit is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, both factors that make it an ideal choice for entry-level vapers.

The device has a hassle-free mode of operation, including a simple adjustable airflow and up-and-down buttons that allow you to specify a pre-determined wattage you want to vape at. The tank is top-fill (the easiest when it comes to refilling) and coil replacement is a simple affair.

What’s more, generally the vape experience with this mod is not one beginners will find overwhelming.

Why Z Biip? What’s with the name?2020-07-29T10:00:26+01:00

The Z Biip is named so due to the beeping sound the device makes which serves as a battery alert and a way to convey other status information. The device comes with a manual switch located on the bottom which enables you to switch the sound on or off at fancy.

Why is my Jem Kit leaking?2020-07-24T14:30:36+01:00

If your Jem is leaking, there are few things you need to look at.

First, make sure the coil inside the tank is installed properly – the threading should align and the coil should be tightened nicely (not too tight, but should not be loose either).

Second, make sure the O-ring seals are properly in place – these need to be compatible with the 510 Jem battery in the first place.

Third and fourth, avoiding putting too much e-liquid in the Innokin Jem tank and check your coils to make sure they are clean and devoid of any residue.

If none of the above resolve the issue, make sure the coil you are using is not worn out – and that you are using the right coil (Jem coils in this instance).

Who is this mod targeted at?2020-07-24T14:01:13+01:00

Beginners who want to get into vaping will find the Innokin EZ Watt a beginner-friendly mod.  Intermediate users looking for an easy back-up unit will also love this kit, as will experienced vapers, the latter particularly more so when the device is paired with the powerful Slipstream DL tank.

Who is the Innokin EQs kit for?2020-07-24T13:35:59+01:00

The EQs pod vape from Innokin is suited for anyone who prefers a discreet and stealth vape.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced vaper, CBD user perhaps, anyone will find this device ideal. This is to a large degree due to the multiple types of e-liquid the EQs pod mod supports.

Who is the Innokin Endura T18ii Mini for?2020-07-29T09:51:50+01:00

The Innokin T18ii Mini is an easy-to-use vape device suited for anyone making their first forays into vaping as well as MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers.

Who is the Innokin Endura T18E Kit suitable for?2020-06-10T10:58:59+01:00

The Endura T18E is perfect for anyone just getting started on their vaping journey or users who want to upgrade their standard vape pen but not looking for a sub-ohm.

A simple and easy-to-use e-cig device, beginners will find it an excellent starter kit due to its design and simplicity.

Not to mention, the T18E offers a mouth-to-lung vape which is the default vaping style for most people, so the learning curve is fairly easy.

Which tanks can I use with the Coolfire Z50?2020-06-10T11:31:36+01:00

The Innokin Coolfire Z50 comes with the Zlide tank, a 24mm top fill atomiser with a capacity of 2ml and boasts a child-proof design.

The mod features a solid 510 connection at the top which means it can pair well with compatible 22mm or 24mm tanks. Examples include the Innokin Zenith and newer Zenith Pro tank.

Which tanks can be paired with the Innokin Mini Proton?2020-07-24T14:53:21+01:00

The mod comes bundled with the manufacturer’s new Ajax tank, a sub-ohm unit which offers two mesh coil options (Plex3D) and employs a 510 connection pin.

However, it can also be paired with plenty of other 510-connector 24mm sub-ohm tanks in the market, not necessarily from Innokin. But we always recommend to use the recommended tanks regardless of the e-cig device you are using.

Which tanks are compatible with the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:33:36+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-A comes with the Zenith tank from the manufacturer, but if you feel adventurous, many  tanks with a 24mm 510 connector will work with the mod.

Which of the modes – TC, TCR, Wattage, Curve or Bypass – should I use?2020-07-24T15:00:36+01:00

If you are using the regular Ajax coils, wattage is fine. If you fancy customising your vape, a wattage curve can add some pizzazz to your experience. But don’t veer off the recommended wattage range of the Ajax coil you are using.

TC and TCR do not work with Ajax coils.

As for bypass mode, this is best left to advanced users. It too, is not recommended for usage with the Ajax.

Which is the best tank to pair with the Innokin Jem kit?2020-07-24T14:28:13+01:00

The Jem kit should be paired with the Innokin Jem tank, a 510-style top-fill tank built for mouth-to-lung vaping. It features an adjustable airflow and can also be used with many 510 mods.

Which is better – Variable Wattage or Variable Voltage Mode?2020-07-29T10:16:27+01:00

Variable Voltage used to be a common setting back in the day. These days, though, it has largely been replaced by Variable Wattage which affords you more control with regard to the power you want hitting your coil at any given moment.

If Variable Voltage is not something you are already accustomed to, by all means, feel free to entirely use Variable Wattage instead. It’s basically manual mode (VV) vs automatic mode (VW).

Which e-liquids can I use with the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:39:05+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-A Zenith kit is a truly versatile device that supports a wide range of e-liquids.

Depending on the coil in use, it can comfortably take standard e-liquids with a high PG (propylene glycol) ratio, as well as accommodate higher VG (vegetable glycerine) juices.

As for exact percentages, a 50/50 VG/PG mix is perfect especially when running the 1.6-ohm coil. But a higher PG juice like 40/60 VG/PG will also do with this coil resistance level without any issues of leaking.

In the case of VG-heavy juices, anything not exceeding 70% VG will work a treat, particularly with the lower ohm 0.8 coil. That means 60/40 VG/PG or 70/30 VG/PG.

Which e-liquids can I use with the Innokin Go S pen?2020-07-24T12:36:07+01:00

The Innokin Go S pen provides you with plenty of options when it comes to e-liquids. For best results, this simple MTL kit is best paired with high PG juices (anything with 50% PG or higher) so you could say regular e-liquids are your best bet, at least as far as standard e-liquids are concerned.

The choice of nicotine strength is at your own discretion.

Which e-liquids are best suited for the Innokin Jem tank?2020-07-24T14:22:09+01:00

With its above-ohm coils, the Innokin Jem Pen is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) type of vaporiser that works best with PG-based e-liquids.

Unless you want to stretch it, avoid anything with more than 50% VG (vegetable glycerine) in it as this is not a device designed for sub-ohming. But the kanthal wire should handle a 60VG/40PG nicely.

The Jem tank can also deliver a great experience with salt nics, making this an excellent kit for ex-smokers and lovers of nicotine salts.

Which e-liquid would you recommend with this device?2020-07-29T09:36:49+01:00

The Innokin Proton is a powerful mod with an equally impressive tank best suited for high VG juices. Aim for at least 60/40 VG/PG, but you’ll be in for a treat with anything above 70/30 VG/PG. The mod and its corresponding tank guarantee terrific flavour and huge, deep clouds.

Which e-liquid should I use on my Endura T18 kit?2020-06-10T11:01:17+01:00

As regular vaporisers, the T18 line of vaporisers comes with 2ml tanks with small wicking holes and compact coils, making these devices ideal for use with thinner e-liquids.

In other words, to get the best out of your Endura T18E, you need a juice high in PG (propylene glycol).

This means no higher than 60% in VG content, although that would likely strain your device and clog your tank. For best results, opt for 50/50 PG/VG which is the ideal ratio for this tank.

AquaVape stocks a broad range of 50/50 e-liquids to suit all tastes. Find them here.

Which coils would you recommend for the Coolfire Z50?2020-06-10T11:32:25+01:00

The Innokin Coolfire Z50 is compatible with the entire range of Innokin Z coils (formerly Zenith coils).

That means you got a wide pool of vape coils to choose from, something that usually will be guided by the sort of experience you’re looking for.

For instance, for superior flavour and longevity, you might opt to go with the 0.48 Z plex3D coil (which we sell in a money-saving pack of 5).

The Z Pro Coil, on the other hand, is a great choice for higher wattage vaping. It boasts plenty of airflow which makes it perfect for RDL (restricted direct lung) vaping.

If you fancy a warmer MTL vape, the Z Pro Coil also makes for an excellent candidate. It is also available for purchase in packs of 5.

Which coils work well with the Innokin Kroma-R kit?2020-07-24T14:46:06+01:00

Depends on which tank you’re using.

If you’ve plugged in the Zlide tank, you have a wide pool of coils to choose from as it uses the entire range of Z coils (formerly Zenith – available here), in addition to the Z-Plex3D coils which are suited for both MTL and DL vaping.

The Ajax tank, for its part, is also pretty versatile. Not only is it compatible with Innokin Ajax coils, but also can accommodate the full range of iSub coils (find here), as well as the Innokin Plex3D coils. Each Ajax tank is available with a pair of Plex3D coils.

The Innokin Kroma-R kit ships with two Kanthal Z-Plex3D coils with different resistances: a .48 ohm for warm vaping, enhanced flavour and improved coil life; and a 1.6 Ω variant for vaping at lower wattages and suited for those times you prefer a cooler vape.

Which coils should I pair with the Innokin Endura T18ii Mini?2020-07-29T09:54:00+01:00

The Innokin T18ii Mini kit comes bundled with two 1.5-ohm Prism T18E coils; one pre-installed. The device is also compatible with Endura T18ii coils from the same manufacturer.

Which coils fit the Innokin Adept Zlide MTL tank?2020-06-10T10:49:55+01:00

The Innokin Adept Zlide kit carries the Zlide tank (22mm in diameter with a capacity of 2ml) which is compatible with the Z range of coils from Innokin (formerly Zenith coils).

That means you can pair it with the Zenith Pro coil or the newer Z plex3D mesh coil which has a longer coil life and a great choice if you prefer a warmer vape.

Which coils are compatible with this tank?2020-07-24T12:32:05+01:00

The Innokin Go S replacement tank comes with a pre-installed 1.6-ohm resistance coil, so you don’t need to purchase the coil separately.

Which Ajax Plex3D Matrix coil guarantees a better vape?2020-07-24T14:55:55+01:00

Taste is subjective. For a warmer, more intense vape, opt for the 0.16 Ω coil – the one that comes pre-installed in your atomiser. For those times when you prefer a cooler, more controlled experience, the 0.35 Ω coil is the better bet.

What’s the best wattage to use with the T18ii Prism tank?2020-07-29T09:46:05+01:00

Taste is subjective. Good thing is, the T18ii comes with three wattage levels (10.5W, 12W, and 13.5W) which basically give you three vaping modes to choose from, with a four-point adjustable airflow to further tailor your vape.

If you desire a cooler vape, the 10.5-wattage level is preferable. The higher wattage (13.5W) delivers warmer, more intense flavours. It is upon you to decide what works best for you; also keeping in mind that different flavours respond differently to heat.

What’s the best wattage range for the Innokin Adept Zlide?2020-06-10T10:48:49+01:00

The Innokin Adept automatically selects the wattage range for you depending on the coil you’re using.

The mod can recognise the type of coil head attached (under or over 1 ohm) from which it then serves you a choice of wattage options that range from 11W to 17W.

If the coil resistance is above 1 ohm (normal vaping) you have a wattage choice of between 11W to 14W.

If the coil resistance is lower than 1 ohm (sub ohm coil) you can opt for anything within the 14W-17W range.

For this reason, beginners will find the Adept Zlide e-cig a dream to work with.

What’s the best temperature to vape at with the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:37:19+01:00

This will depend on a host of factors – coil, tank airflow, type of e-liquid, and of course, individual preference.

When you’re trying to establish the most idea temperature or wattage, best to start low and ramp it up until you find your sweet spot.

What’s included in the Innokin Adept Zlide kit?2020-06-10T10:44:41+01:00

Everything you need to start vaping – the Innokin Adept box mod, one Zlide MTL tank, two coils (a pre-installed 0.48-ohm plex3D coil and a 1.6-ohm Kanthal coil), as well as a micro-USB charging cable and manual.

In addition, there are a few spares that come bundled with the kit. These include a drip tip, a spare tank glass and a set of O-rings.

What wattage is the most ideal for the CoolFire IV?2020-07-29T10:14:23+01:00

Well, this will depend on the coil you are using with your device. If you are not sure, you might want to consult recommendations from the particular coil manufacturer.

If it’s an Innokin tank, all coils come with the recommended wattage range engraved on both the coil and coil packaging.

What wattage is best suited for the different coils?2020-07-29T10:06:16+01:00

If you intend to vape at low wattage, the 1.6-ohm Kanthal coil is a better pick. For high to medium wattages, opt for the 0.48 Ω mesh coil.

What wattage does the Innokin Endura T22E come with?2020-07-24T12:20:15+01:00

The Endura T22E has a maximum power output of 14W. This is a fixed power output as opposed to variable, which means it cannot be adjusted. But make no mistake, this is a vaporiser that delivers a truly satisfying vape experience and is particularly known for its superb flavour.

What type of vaporiser is the Innokin Endura T18E exactly?2020-06-10T10:57:43+01:00

The Innokin Endura T18E is a vape pen designed with regular vaping in mind.

That means a personal vaporiser that uses e-liquids whose VG (vegetable glycerine) content does not override the PG (propylene glycol) content.

In short, the Innokin Endura T18E is not designed for sub-ohming. Or cloud chasing.

But it makes for a perfect everyday vaping device, which partly explains why it’s one of the bestselling kits in the world of vape.

What type of vape device is the Innokin Endura T22E exactly? Is it a box mod?2020-07-24T12:22:16+01:00

Well, the Endura T22 assumes the shape of a box mod, but that’s where the similarities end. In truth, this is not a sub-ohm vape mod but rather, a mouth-to-lung vaporiser that utilises small 1.5-ohm coils that are not designed to absorb thicker juices.

So yes, this device cannot be used to sub-ohm.

What type of device is the Innokin Gala?2020-07-29T09:10:03+01:00

The Innokin Gala is an open pod system that makes use of refillable pods. This means that instead of relying on pre-filled cartridges that are disposable after the average 200 puffs, this pod device allows for refilling with your own choice of e-liquid.

What type of device is the Innokin Coolfire Z50 Zlide Kit?2020-06-10T11:10:20+01:00

The Coolfire Z50 Zlide is an ultra-modern release from Innokin that adds the popular top-fill Zlide tank to the Z50 mod.

It combines wattage range and can effortlessly produce between 6 to 50 watts of power, making it ideal for both MTL (mouth to lung) and DL (direct lung) vaping.

What tanks are compatible with the Innokin Kroma-R mod?2020-07-24T14:44:05+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-R comes with the 22mm version of the Zlide tank, an ergonomic and superb-looking tank best suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

The kit is also compatible with the Innokin Ajax tank, which is a great pick for when you fancy big-cloud direct-lung (DL) vaping or when in the mood for intense MTL flavours.

Tanks from the manufacturer’s Platform series will also fly.

What tanks are compatible with the Innokin CoolFire IV?2020-07-29T10:15:04+01:00

The CFIV is a versatile device that marries well with plenty of tanks.

The kit comes bundled with the iSub VE tank from Innokin, but it pairs well with the entire range of iSub tanks (Find here).

What tank can I pair with my Innokin Endura T18E e-cig?2020-06-10T11:06:52+01:00

The T18E kit employs a 510 threaded tank.

This essentially means you’ll find many tanks (even from different brands) that screw nicely into your T18E device, provided they have 510 threading (which is a whopping lot to be honest).

However, you want a tank that not only works great at 14 watts (which is what your T18E puts out in power) but also it’s usually best practice to pair the device with the tank specially designed for it.

The Innokin Endura T18E tank (aka T18E Prism tank) is your best bet.

What sort of device is the Innokin MVP5 Ajax?2020-07-24T15:13:51+01:00

The Innokin MVP5 is an advanced mod that provides its users with multiple modes to customise their vape experience and boasts a powerful integrated battery to last a week.

It is compatible with multiple tanks and depending on which tank you have paired it with, this mod can be used for both DTL (default style) and MTL vaping.

What pod options am I looking at with this pod kit?2020-07-24T14:10:43+01:00

The IO pod from Innokin offers you the choice of two coil options – a ceramic pod housing a 1.4-ohm coil and a second variant that houses a 1.4 ohm kanthal coil.

What kind of device is the Innokin EZ Watt kit?2020-07-24T13:51:59+01:00

Good question. The Innokin EZ Watt kit is unique in that it is an all-rounder kind of e-cig. The small box mod offers both the option of sub ohm and regular vaping.

The EZ Watt comes with the Endura T20S tank pre-installed with a 0.8-ohm Prism S coil from the manufacturer, with a spare 1.5 ohm coil thrown in for good measure.

What is the power output range of the Innokin Z Biip?2020-07-29T10:05:34+01:00

The Z Biip features an adjustable wattage function that offers the choice of three power levels: 11W, 14W, and 16W. Towards the bottom of the device lies three LED power indicators which reveal the wattage level as well as battery level.

Blue light indicates the wattage is at 11 watts (the lowest power setting). Green signifies the power is set to medium wattage (14 watts), while the highest power output is represented by a Red light.

What e-liquids does the T18ii Mini support?2020-07-29T09:52:34+01:00

The Endura T18ii Mini is a low-wattage MTL device with a resistance range of 1.5-3.8 Ω, making it more suited to e-liquids with a high PG ratio such as the 50/50 VG/PG regular liquids.

What e-liquids does the Innokin Z Biip pod accept?2020-07-29T10:08:33+01:00

The Z Biip kit comes with its own Z Biip replacement pods, small ‘tanks’ that are exclusive only to this pod device. It can be paired with both salt nics and regular e-liquids alike, although your choice of coil will have a bearing on the experience you end up getting depending on which e-liquid you pair it up with.

The 1.6-ohm coil (rated for 10-14W) is more suited to high-strength nicotine salts, although it works fantastically well with standard PG-based e-liquid (think 50/50 VG/PG). The pre-installed .48 Ω coil, for its part, may be a bit harsh running on salt nics, but can take standard e-liquids well. Despite the low resistance, this is not your average sub-ohm coil hence the reason it handles regular e-liquids so well. However, it can also sustain higher VG liquids like 60VG, but 70VG might be pushing the envelope.

What e-liquids can I use with this pod kit?2020-07-24T13:41:07+01:00

One of the things you will love most about this pod device is that it can be used with different types of e-liquids.

In addition to nicotine salts which are synonymous with vape pods, the EQs pod kit also pairs well with freebase nicotine (aka standard e-liquids used in larger e cigs).

If you are into CBD oils, you will be happy to know the EQs also supports CBD e-liquids.

What e-liquids can I use with this mod?2020-07-24T14:48:35+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-R has a resistance range of between 0.5 Ω and 3.5 Ω. That not only gives you a varied choice of coils to play with, but also means you can vape all types of e-liquids with this mod.

From thicker VG-heavy juices suited for sub-ohming, to thinner PG liquids made for standard vaping, the Kroma-R can additionally be paired with nicotine salt e-liquids.

It all depends on the coil (and tank) in use.

What e-liquids can I use with the Innokin Gala?2020-07-29T09:12:56+01:00

The Innokin Gala can be refilled with salt nic e-liquid as well as regular or freebase nicotine juice, aka standard e-liquid. It is also compatible with CBD e-liquid, so users of CBD vape juice are well-catered for.

The 0.5Ω mesh coil is intended for use with both salt nics and regular e-liquids, while the 0.8Ω ceramic version should be used with CBD e-liquids and nicotine salts.

What e-liquids are compatible with the Coolfire Z50?2020-06-10T11:23:42+01:00

As a device that can be used for both regular vaping and sub ohming, the Innokin Coolfire Z50 can take a whole range of e-liquids.

You can use the device with regular e-liquids for normal vaping or pair it up with a tasty sub-ohm juice for flavour enjoyment and/or cloud chasing.

We recommend 50/50 PG/VG for standard vaping or 70/30 VG/PG when you need to put up a cloud show.

Ex-smokers or salt nic enthusiasts will also be happy to know the Coolfire Z50 works great with nicotine salts.

What e-liquid should I use with the CoolFire Mini?2020-07-24T15:04:17+01:00

The Innokin CoolFire Mini is a mod that comes bundled with a Slipstream sub ohm tank. The best e-liquid to use with this kind of tank is a juice high in VG content – aka anything with 60% VG (vegetable glycerine) or higher.

What does that mean with regard to vape satisfaction?2020-07-24T12:31:28+01:00

Expect the Innokin Go S pen to deliver a nice vape experience overall – flavour, vapour, and general experience. For best flavour (and longevity of the tank) it is recommended to maintain at least a third of juice in the tank.

The vaporiser also features an adjustable airflow ring at the bottom which enables you to customise your vape if you want to tweak the flavour or cloud production.

What do the LED lights displaying in an upside-down cone shape on my device signify?2020-07-24T13:38:42+01:00

The LED lights on the front of your device just above the EQs logo displaying in the shape of an inverted cone serve the purpose of notifying you of the wattage you are vaping at.

That’s because the EQs kit has three power output modes which are: 11.5W (displayed in Green), 13.5W (displayed in Blue), and 15.5W (displayed in Purple).

What coils does the Jem Pen support?2020-07-24T14:17:20+01:00

First of all, the Jem Pen does not come with a pre-fitted coil – you need to install one yourself before you start vaping. So, keep that in mind.

As for supported vape coils, this vaporiser uses Innokin Jem coils which are available at a resistance of 1.6 Ω (this one is made from Kanthal wire) and 2.0 Ω ceramic coil, both of which can fire at a wattage of between 10W and 13.5 watts.

The Jem Pen Kit comes with both coils.

What coils does the Innokin Kroma-A Zenith tank utilise?2020-07-24T14:34:26+01:00

The Kroma-A makes use of Innokin Z coils which are available in two variants: 1.6ohms and 0.8ohms. The mod comes pre-installed with the 1.6 Ω coil, with the 0.8 Ω coil also bundled into the package.

The Zenith tank will also take the newer 0.5 Ω Z-Coil Plexus and the Z-Coil Plex 3D coil which has a resistance of 0.48 Ω.

What coils does the Innokin Jem kit support?2020-07-24T14:28:54+01:00

The Innokin Jem kit is compatible with Innokin Jem coils which come with a resistance of 1.6 ohms. Designed for MTL vaping (cigarette-style draw) the Jem coil delivers superb flavour without needing too much power.

What coils can be used with the Scion tank?2020-07-29T09:36:06+01:00

The Scion tank comes bundled with a pair of 0.28-ohm Kanthal BVC (bottom vertical coils) for variable wattage. The atomiser heads have a wattage range of 100W-200W. Scion sub-ohm replacement coils are also available for purchase at different wattages.

You can also pair your Scion tank with Innokin’s newer Scion II coils.

What coils are compatible with this mod?2020-07-24T14:54:45+01:00

Depends on what tank you are using.

The Innokin Ajax tank that comes with the device is available with a pair of Ajax Plex3D Matrix coils from Innokin. The pre-installed coil has a 0.16-ohm resistance and works best in the 50-80W range. The additional higher resistance coil comes in at 0.35 ohms and is rated for 30-55W.

The Ajax tank can also be paired with the full range of Plex 3D and iSub coils (which can be found here).

What coils are compatible with the Slipstream tank?2020-07-24T15:06:51+01:00

The Slipstream tank pairs best with the CoolFire Slipstream coils. The replacement coil is available in two resistances: 0.5 ohms and 0.8 ohms. The 0.5-ohm variant is forged from stainless steel, while its 0.8 counterpart employs Kanthal wire.

What coils are compatible with the MVP5?2020-07-24T15:18:39+01:00

The choice of coil will be dictated by the tank you are using at any given moment.

For the Ajax tank that comes with the device, you have multiple options to make a pick from. The Innokin Ajax coils slot into the tank seamlessly, and the tank is also compatible with the entire range of Plex 3D and iSub coils (which can be found here).

If you are using the Zenith or Zlide tank, these are both cross-compatible with the entire Z-coil range (find here), and they also work with Innokin’s newer Z Plex 3D coils.

What coils are compatible with the Innokin Endura T22E Prism?2020-07-24T12:26:32+01:00

The Innokin Endura T22E Prism pairs best with specially designed 1.5-ohm kanthal Prism S coils with a maximum rating of 14W. Make sure to double-check on this when purchasing your replacement coils as Prism S coils are also available in a sub-ohm version (0.8 ohms).

What coils are compatible with the Innokin Endura T20S?2020-07-24T12:14:50+01:00

It’s important to note that the Endura T20S does not use the same coils as the Endura T20.

The Endura T20S comes with a top-fill Prism T20S tank that works well with Innokin’s relatively new Prism-S coils.

These are available in 0.8 ohms and 1.5 ohms, making them suitable for both sub-ohming and mouth-to-lung vaping.

What coils are compatible with the Endura T18ii Prism tank?2020-07-29T09:44:33+01:00

The T18ii vaporiser comes paired with the Innokin T18ii Prism tank, a top-fill mouth-to-lung tank that works best with the award-winning Innokin Prism T18E coils (resistance of 1.5 ohms).

What coil should I use with nicotine salts?2020-07-24T14:40:44+01:00

Both coils that come with the kit (0.8 and 1.6 Ω) are rated for nicotine salt. So yes, salt nics will work fine with either.

Since taste is subjective, you should know which is more preferable than the other in your case when you’ve had the chance to try out both.

What coil option should I opt for when purchasing my replacement pods?2020-07-24T14:12:06+01:00

Tastes and vape preferences differ from one individual to the other, so this is entirely up to you. The original kit comes with both ceramic and kanthal, so this should literally give you a taste of what to expect with each coil.

Generally, though, ceramic coils are known to last longer than traditional coils, so if longevity is on your mind, this is the way to go. Kanthal coils, for their part, are big on flavour, therefore the go-to option if you desire a stronger flavour.

But both will deliver satisfactory results every time.

This variety in coil/pod options also means the Innokin IO can be used to vape different e-liquid types.

What coil heads does the Z Biip take?2020-07-29T10:02:29+01:00

The Innokin Z Biip is compatible with the entire range of Z-coils, a series of coils intended for use with the Platform range. That includes the Zenith and the Zlide, the latest tank in the line (Find here).

The small mod comes packaged with a pair of Z-Plex3D coils: a pre-installed 0.48Ω Kanthal groove mesh coil and a 1.6-ohm spare coil (without the grooves).

What are the wattage levels on this device, and what are the six temperature pre-sets you alluded to?2020-07-24T14:00:22+01:00

As mentioned, the Innokin EZ Watt device has a variable wattage range that can be revved up from 13W to 35W. Three V-shaped lights next to the ‘Select button’ let you know which wattage mode you are on.

13W and 14W are the two lowest pre-set wattage settings, and these are indicated in a Green light. You can also set your device to 15W or 18W (indicated in a Blue light), with a White light signifying that the mod is now running on the highest wattage setting (30 or 35 watts).

What are the best e-liquids to use with the Innokin Jem kit?2020-07-24T14:29:46+01:00

Due to its reliance on 1.6 Ω resistance Jem coils, the Innokin Jem kit is most at home with thinner or standard e-liquids. That means e-liquids with a high content of PG (propylene glycol).

The Jem also works great with salt nics, another reason this mod is suitable for beginners – or in this case, smokers making the switch to vaping.

What about refilling my tank?2020-06-10T11:33:44+01:00

The Zlide is a top fill tank with a simple twist-to-open design for quick, hassle-free filling that doesn’t create a mess.

So what you do is take out the drip tip, slide the top cap to the side to open the fill port and pour in your juice.

What about nicotine salts?2020-07-24T15:16:27+01:00

Yes, that too. For salt-based e-liquids, opt for an MTL tank that uses higher resistance coils.

What about coils? Which coils are compatible with the EZ Watt mod?2020-07-24T13:59:24+01:00

This will depend on which tank you are using at any given time. If you are vaping with the T20S tank that ships with the mod, then Prism S coils are your best bet. You have the choice of either 0.8 ohms or 1.5 ohms.

Keep in mind that the mod does not work with older Prism coils, though.

The EZ Watt will also support Innokin Slipstream coils if you plan to buy a Slipstream tank.

Wait, does that mean I cannot use the T20S tank to sub-ohm?2020-07-24T13:57:41+01:00

Well, it depends. The Endura T20S tank that comes with the EZ Watt kit can very much be used for your sub-ohm needs.

Thing is, though, this is an MTL-focused atomiser, so there is a limit to the level of enjoyment you would get while sub-ohming with this tank – reason you’ll hear this device being touted as more suited for beginner vapers.

To unlock the full potential of the EZ Watt kit vis-à-vis sub-ohming, you will need to change the tank and opt for a DL tank which has a better airflow and uses more power. Good thing is, this device supports more powerful DL tanks such as the Innokin Slipstream which even more experienced sub-ohmers will warm up to, so a simple tank switch should do it.

Wait, does that mean I can use the Endura T20S for both sub-ohming and regular vaping?2020-07-24T12:15:55+01:00


While it carries an MTL tank, the Innokin Endura T20S is a great starter kit to usher yourself into sub-ohm vaping (hence the S at the end btw!).

The coil resistance you opt for at any one time will determine what type of vape experience you can expect. Opt for the 0.8-ohm Prism-S coil when you want a sub-ohm experience, and reserve the 1.5-ohm variant for regular vaping.

The vapour is too hot. Is this normal with the Proton?2020-07-29T09:37:52+01:00

If you are using the Scion tank or its newer variant, vaping in Wattage mode will keep the Kanthal atomiser heads from overheating or burning.

Whenever you’re doing a tank refill, always give it at least five minutes before you start using the device in order to allow the cotton time to soak up the juice.

You can also decrease the vapour heat by either opening up the airflow fully or using the lowest range of recommended coil wattage settings; or both.

The Pod is Throbbing2020-02-04T15:57:06+00:00

If you leave the device without use for a period of time, the pod may begin to throb, the e-liquid will gurgle and may even seep through into the mouthpiece. To resolve this please remove the pod from the battery and blow through the pod to clear out any excess e-liquid.

The joystick on my Proton Mini is misbehaving.2020-07-24T14:59:31+01:00

If the joystick does not move a certain direction or fails to click, odds are it could do with some bit of cleaning. A compressed air canister with a thin nozzle can come in handy here. If you can get one, use it to blow air at an angle that reaches the outside edges of the stick.

The device is gurgling2020-02-04T15:34:14+00:00

If you find your device is gurgling this is usually down to the coil flooding. Check that you are using the correct coil with the correct e-liquid. For Regular (50VG/50PG) e-liquid please ensure you are using the 0.80Hm coil. For Sub Ohm (70VG/30PG) e-liquid please ensure you are using the 0.5oHm coil.

The 500mAh battery on the Gala seems pretty light. How long can I expect a single charge to last me?2020-07-29T09:14:57+01:00

While 500mAh may sound measly, the Innokin Gala can give you some decent battery life to last you almost a full day. Innokin equates it to 150 three-second puffs, and while we can’t claim it will see you through a full day of constant vaping, it will hold up for a few hours when you are out and about.

To avoid running down the battery faster than you would want, it might be a good idea to keep the LED bar turned off.

Taste Of Burning2020-02-04T14:01:27+00:00

If your e-liquid is tasting burnt this could be down to a few things:

  1. Your tank has emptied of e-liquid in which case top the chamber back up.
  2. The coil has burnt out, in which case the coil will require changing.
  3. Different types of e-liquid can require different types of coils, please ensure your e-liquid is the right VG/PG for the coil you have loaded in. 0.8ohm coil for 50vg/50pg e-liquid, and 0.5ohm for 80vg/20pg e-liquid.
T20s keeps flashing green. What’s going on?2020-07-24T12:10:52+01:00

A flashing green light could be indicative of a connection problem between coil (or tank) and battery.

To resolve it, ensure the coil is fitted in snugly and that the base of the tank is screwed properly – nice and tight.

So, which e-liquids does this pod kit support?2020-07-24T14:13:05+01:00

The Innokin IO is compatible with all types of e-liquids.

In addition to nicotine salt e-liquids, you can refill or pair this vape pod with standard e-liquid (aka freebase nicotine) replacement pods – i.e. anything with a high PG content versus VG.

For best performance, opt for e-liquids with 50% PG (propylene glycol) or higher – when vaping regular e-liquids that is.

What’s more, you can also use the Innokin IO to vape CBD oils.

So, which e-liquids can I use on my Podin kit?2020-07-29T09:25:47+01:00

There is no limit to the range of e-liquids you can pair with this AIO (all-in-one) pod device. In addition to nicotine salts, you can also vape freebase e-liquids with the Innokin Podin. Lovers of CBD e-liquid are also covered.

In the case of freebase offerings, the Podin is more suited to standard or regular liquids as opposed to sub-ohm juices or shortfills which tend to be heavy in VG (vegetable glycerine) thus thicker.

In other words, anything with less than 60% VG should fly; but aim for 50/50 VG/PG, especially bearing in mind the above-ohm coil resistance (see coil below) is more suited to thinner juices.

So, which are these multiple tanks in question?2020-07-24T15:17:20+01:00

The MVP5 mod comes packaged with the Innokin Ajax tank, a DL (direct lung) tank with a drip tip that features a 510 connection.

But it can also be paired with the Zenith or Zlide tanks for MTL vaping. If you intend to use the mod to vape regular e-liquids or salt nics, these two are better suited for the job due to their more restricted airflow.

So, what tanks can I use with the EZ Watt?2020-07-24T13:58:23+01:00

In addition to the Innokin Prism T20S MTL tank that comes with the device, the EZ Watt mod can also be paired with Innokin’s Slipstream tank.

For the best experience when vaping at the mod’s highest wattage modes (30W and 35W), this is the tank to go for, although you have to purchase it separately.

Thanks to its 510 connection, the EZ Watt mod presents you with a wide range of compatible tanks that can pair well with it.

So, what happens when the coil gets burnt?2020-07-24T12:33:25+01:00

When your vape starts exhibiting a burnt taste – or you find the need to change the coil for whatever reason, reduction in flavour or vapour for instance – what you need to do is swap the current tank with a new one as opposed to changing the coil.

The upside to having a disposable tank such as this is that it doesn’t cost as much as standard tanks, so the cost of vaping with this kit is generally reasonable.

So then, what e-liquids are compatible with the Adept Zlide tank?2020-06-10T10:46:42+01:00

Featuring four small holes at the bottom for easy airflow adjustment, the Innokin Zlide MTL tank has few equals when it comes to flavour and overall MTL experience.

Good thing is, it is compatible with a host of e-liquids so every vaper can get to enjoy the great experience this vaporiser promises.

In addition to regular e-liquids, you can use the Adept Zlide with nicotine salts, as well as high VG juices for when you want to sub ohm.

Power but No Vape2019-12-31T12:49:04+00:00

If your device is lighting the power button up when pressed but producing no vape, this can indicate the device is shorting out.

  1. Try loosening the coil off by 1/2 – 1 full turn, reassemble the device and try vaping.
  2. Try changing the coil, and repeat the above.
My Z50 mod gets warmer than usual during charging. Is this something to worry about?2020-06-10T11:35:04+01:00

The Coolfire Z50 does get quite warm when charging, so that does not mean anything is wrong with your device.

That is probably down to the fact that the device doesn’t have any battery vent holes, although that is just our opinion.

As long as you’re using the charger designated for the Z50, there should be nothing to get concerned about.

After all, the Coolfire Z50 has plenty of integrated safety mechanisms.

My tank is leaking. What could be the problem?2020-07-29T09:58:18+01:00

A leaky tank could be caused by several issues. One is drawing on the tank too hard, which does not allow the juice enough time to vaporise. Aim for three to five-second draws.

Another common reason why your T18ii Mini is leaking is probably because the coil is not installed properly. Pay particular attention to the base of the tank when swapping coils as a lot of leakage issues tend to trace back here.

Also, when was the last time you changed your O-rings? Check to see if these are still intact or have already succumbed to wear.

My screen is flickering, is dim, or displays white.2020-07-24T14:58:33+01:00

Your screen connector within the mod has been disconnected. Or damaged. Get in touch with your vendor for replacement (provided it’s within the warranty period) or reach out to the good people over at Innokin support for assistance.

My screen indicates ‘Check Atomiser’. What’s up with that?2020-07-24T14:56:43+01:00

This could be an issue with the coil. It might be shorted, damaged, or way overdue the replacement date.

In the event you get this message with a brand new coil, unplug the Ajax tank from your device and examine the threads on top of the battery. If there is any dust, dirt, or e-juice lodged there, use a soft cloth or cotton swab to clean it with the aid of a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol.

My Proton Mini has issues with charging, or runs out of battery quickly.2020-07-24T15:01:40+01:00

This will require some troubleshooting to establish the problem. Start by testing different power adapters and USB cables. The only charger you should use on the Proton Mini is the one that comes with it – a certified 5V/2A; or lower amperage charger.

Exercise caution when plugging the USB cord into your e-cig device every time to avoid damaging the charging port.

My Proton is leaking?2020-07-29T09:39:36+01:00

Means there’s something you are not getting right. There are a few things you could do as you attempt to troubleshoot the problem.

For one, make sure all the tank components are tightened properly. You don’t need to over-tighten anything, though – an extra 1/16th turn should suffice after finger-tightening. This also applies to the coil in the tank.

Second, check to see if the O-ring seals are intact and are correctly in place. Third, make sure the power settings you are using are within the recommended wattage supported by the coil you are using at any one time. If it’s too high, there will be popping and crackling which will in turn lead to e-liquid escaping via the air vents.

Tank leaks could also be a sign that the coil is due for a change. What’s more, avoid drawing on the tank too hard as this does not allow e-liquid enough time to vaporise, causing it to escape the tank.

My Jem kit won’t turn on/doesn’t work no matter how long it has been on charge. What could be the issue?2020-07-24T14:27:19+01:00

There could be plenty of issues at play here.

First, start by checking the Jem’s 510 connector for damage. Are the threads clean and intact? An overtightening of the tank could cause the 510 pin to bottom out. If this is the case, you will need to use a needle-nose pliers to pull up the pin, and do so gently to avoid damaging it for good.

If that does not solve it, and assuming the threads are clean, try using a different charging cable and adapter – the adapter should not be higher than 5V/1A, though, as this could damage the mod.

It might as well turn out you’ve been using a wrong charger with a high amp rate (cell phone charger, for example). If so, this might very well be the root cause of the issue. Chargers with a high amp rate will cause e-cig devices to fail over time.

My Innokin T18E won’t charge at all? What could be the issue?2020-06-10T11:05:55+01:00

The T18 is a solid line of e-cig devices that rarely miss a beat. Therefore, if you encounter a problem such as this, it likely could be a hardware malfunction.

When did it start acting up? – immediately post-purchase, weeks or months later? Is the device still within the warranty period?

In such a case, we advise getting in touch with your vendor if it is a recurrent problem.

My Innokin Mini Proton keeps displaying ‘Low Resistance’. Has the device malfunctioned?2020-07-24T14:57:44+01:00

A coil change should resolve this issue. Should it persist after replacing with one of the recommended vape coils, contact the vendor that sold it to you or get in touch with Innokin directly.

My Innokin Endura T20S is still flashing even after following your advice.2020-07-24T12:12:02+01:00

If the flashing doesn’t stop, check to see if the tank is connected to the battery too tightly.

A tight connection can bend the connection pin to the battery (or even break it) so if that is the case you will need to spring the pin back to normal. You can use a pen to do this.

If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, then odds are the coil needs replacing. The coil is mostly the problem 90% of the time.

My Endura T20S vaporiser is leaking. What could be the problem?2020-07-24T12:13:01+01:00

If you experience a leaky vape with the Innokin Endura T20S, the issue most likely lies at the base of the tank.

The T20S has a unique coil design which means it fits into the tank in a very specific way which if you fail to get right, will almost always result in leakage.

So much so that about 9/10 times, an improperly installed coil could be the reason why your vape pen is leaking.

My Endura T18ii flashes normally when I power it on and then three lights before it goes off.2020-07-29T09:42:54+01:00

Sounds like you are dealing with a shorted coil. To resolve the issue, make sure that the coil fits snuggly and that the base of the tank is secured tightly. While you are at it, check if the threading on both the coil and tank is clean. If juice or dirt is lodged on the connectors, use a cotton swab or soft cloth to wipe them down with a little rubbing alcohol.

Remember, you need to unscrew the tank first to troubleshoot this issue.

My Endura T18E is flashing Red. Should I be worried?2020-06-10T11:05:05+01:00

Well, flashing red lights are meant to get our attention. In the case of the Innokin T18E, a blinking red light is a warning sign, but not for an impending bad incident.

It means your device is low on battery juice (lower than 3.3V) and it will automatically be powering off any minute now.

My device is getting hot2020-02-05T11:07:29+00:00

Your mouthpiece receives power from a battery to heat up the e-liquid and turn it into vapor. It is not unusual for the mouthpiece to get warm and what some would class as hot, especially if you are vaping it continuously. If you notice the mouth-piece is getting warm just put it to one side to cool for a moment before vaping again.

My device is blinking red. Should I be concerned?2020-07-24T15:09:00+01:00

A blinking red led light on your CoolFire Mini is nothing to be concerned about. It is a way of telling you the battery is about to die – as indicated on the display screen – and that the device will be powering off shortly.

It is important to plug your CoolFire Mini to the charger if the battery indicator is reading below two bars. This could prevent your device from acting up which could potentially void your warranty, according to Innokin.

My CoolFire IV says ‘Shorted’ or ‘Check Atomiser’ when I try to fire. What to do?2020-07-29T10:11:38+01:00

A ‘Shorted’ or ‘Check Atomiser’ error message means somewhere in the device’s connection, the atomiser is causing an electrical short circuit.

To resolve the issue, you will need to replace the coil in the tank. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an incompatible coil. Happens with compatible coils too which could be making unnecessary contact in the atomiser – or probably are defective. Sometimes, a pack may carry one or more defective coils, so try plugging in a third to see if this could be the issue.

While you are at it, make sure 1. the coil ohm resistance is at least 0.2 Ω and 2. that the 510 threaded connector on both the tank and the mod are clean and undamaged.

My CoolFire IV is not powering on or responding to any button presses.2020-07-29T10:09:54+01:00

First things first, confirm that the manual On/Off switch on the bottom of your mod is switched to On. Next, hit the main power button three times in sequence in an attempt to turn it on.

Does it work?

If the device does not respond and the switch is On, connect your CoolFire IV into a good wall charger (has to be 5V/1A). Could be the battery might be needing a higher level of charge that the USB connector does not provide.

My coil is spitting juice into my mouth. How can I resolve this?2020-07-29T09:38:39+01:00

This usually happens when the coil is flooded. Coil flooding can be caused by an overfilled tank or too much priming. Therefore, avoid filling your tank to the brim or as this will also likely lead to leakage.

Also, could you be using a juice high in PG (propylene glycol)? The Scion tank is built for sub-ohming, so opting for a thicker e-liquid (at least 60% VG) in the event you’ve been using the other should resolve issues with spitting and leakage.

My battery is draining faster than normal at times. Why the disparity in battery life per charge?2020-07-24T14:49:58+01:00

What tank are you using? How about the wattage – is it set too high?

Sub-ohm tanks with higher wattage output and lower resistances suck the battery faster. Similarly, vaping at 80 watts will barely see the battery last a day, let alone a few hours. Basically, the higher the power output, the faster the battery drains.

Is the Podin kit really a variable wattage pod system?2020-07-29T09:31:15+01:00

Yes, the Podin kit has two power modes (8W and 9W), as well as an adjustable airflow, all of which serve to make it possible to customise your vape.

Is the Podin compatible with other coils, apart from Innokin Podin replacements?2020-07-29T09:29:34+01:00

No, Innokin manufactures coils specific to this kit therefore it is not possible to swap them with something different. In other words, the Podin replacement coils are proprietary to this little guy.

However, the device is pretty versatile in that it can accommodate different pods (in particular JUUL pods and myBlu pods). But for that you will need to purchase an adapter; or rather, a separate adapter for each.

Is the Innokin Podin Kit refillable?2020-07-29T09:23:06+01:00

Very much so. Despite its miniature size, this is an open pod system that comes with refillable pods that allow users to load up on their favourite flavours. The ‘tank’ capacity is no different from regular vaporisers’ and sub-ohms’: the 2ml capacity stipulated under TPD.

Is the Innokin Podin an ideal starter kit?2020-07-29T09:20:10+01:00

Yes. Thanks to its simplicity and limited power adjustment settings, the Podin pod vape is well suited for individuals making an entry into vaping. The salt nic support definitely makes it a good transitional device for smokers looking to quit smoking in favour of vaping.

Is the Innokin Kroma-R a variable wattage device?2020-07-24T14:43:18+01:00

Yes, and then some. In addition to variable wattage which ranges from 6W to 80W, the Kroma-R is a modern, intelligent mod with variable voltage and a slew of other advanced functions.

These include the Bypass mode which mimics a mechanical mod’s output, custom Curve (wattage over time), and Taste modes (Soft, Norm, Boost) – all of which are designed to take your vape experience to the next level by providing you with a myriad customisable options.

Is the Innokin Jem a variable wattage device?2020-07-24T14:26:14+01:00

While the Jem kit has an adjustable wattage function that allows you to select between 5 different settings – between 10W and 13.5W – this is not a true variable wattage device.

Is the Innokin Go S tank really disposable?2020-07-24T12:30:38+01:00

Yes, unlike many other vape pen tanks, the Innokin Go S tank is designed for use a given number of times following which it needs to be replaced in its entirety. Think of it as a hybrid that carries the design of a regular vape tank but works like a replaceable pod, albeit refillable.

Its disposable nature means this tank carries an affordable price tag. Another advantage of the disposable aspect is that it doesn’t require any maintenance on your part. This makes the tank – and by extension this vape pen – perfect for beginners who desire a no-frills vaporiser that gets the job done.

Is the Innokin EQs kit same as the Innokin EQ?2020-07-24T13:37:54+01:00

No, the Innokin EQs is a newer version of the EQ. While not much different, there are subtle differences between the two pod systems.

For example, the aesthetics differ, the coils are slightly different, and the EQs comes with an additional power mode that is absent from its predecessor.

Basically, the EQs is an upgrade over the original EQ; think of it as a GTI version of the EQ.

Is the Innokin Endura T22E Prism suited for beginners?2020-07-24T12:23:12+01:00

The Endura T22E kit stays true to the Endura tradition of simplicity and ease of use that new vapers will find a cinch. It boasts a simple design devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles that new vapers find a confusing.

If you are new to vaping and looking for a powerful, entry-level e-cig device that promises a superb all-round vape with incredible flavour and lots of vapour, you cannot go wrong with the Innokin Endura T22E.

Is the Innokin Coolfire Z50 ideal for beginners?2020-06-10T11:30:11+01:00

Despite being a state-of-the-art e-cig device, users new to vaping will find the Coolfire Z50 a doddle to use.

This is a user-friendly device that comes complete with a bright OLED display screen that displays all the data you need to keep tabs on, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with information.

Experienced users will equally feel at home with the Coolfire Z50. This is one of those devices you’ll still find practical long after the novelty has worn off.

Is the Innokin CoolFire Mini Slipstream a variable wattage mod?2020-07-24T15:10:13+01:00

Yes. In addition to variable wattage mode, the CoolFire Mini can also be operated in variable voltage. When you turn off your device, it will store the current setting (either wattage or voltage) and retain it when you power on the Mini mod again.

NB: You cannot fire both so you have to choose either variable wattage or variable voltage.

Is the Innokin Adept Zlide really waterproof?2020-06-10T10:43:24+01:00

Yes, and then some.

Its IP67 rating is its unique selling point. That means the Adept Zlide Kit can be plunged in water (up to a metre deep) for up to 30 minutes.

It is also dustproof and shockproof, making it the perfect device if you work outdoors or hit the trail often.

Is the Endura T18ii Mini a variable wattage device?2020-07-29T09:56:34+01:00

Yes. Although, the wattage range is limited, the T18ii Mini boasts a variable wattage system that allows you to play between three power outputs – a low 10.5W offers a cool vape, a high 13.5W is ideal for when you desire a warmer vape, and a medium 12W setting strikes a balance between the two.

You can also customise your vape further by adjusting the airflow ring at the bottom of the tank. Opening it fully gives a light airy vape, while closing the airflow gives you a tight, restricted vape.

Is it true I have to purchase the vape battery separately?2020-07-24T14:49:16+01:00

Yes. The Kroma-R Zlide kit utilises an external 18650 battery that you have to purchase separately. That is unlike its two predecessors, the original Kroma mod and the Kroma-A.

I’ve done all the above but the message still persists.2020-07-29T10:13:28+01:00

Well, another issue could lie with the battery. Check to see if the battery is defective by removing it and placing it on an external charger. If there is no external charger in your vape toolkit, you will have to rely on your CoolFire IV to establish the problem.

If the battery is fine, then you need to find the right coil resistance for the battery.

If this still does not resolve the shorting problem, get in touch with your vendor or contact the good people over at Innokin directly.

I’m having trouble accessing the menu.2020-07-24T15:20:26+01:00

Press the central button 3 times to bring up the menu, then use the navigational buttons to scroll through the options.

I was charging my T18E Kit, but there is no light being displayed. What could be the issue?2020-06-10T11:04:16+01:00

If you left your T18E vaporiser on the charge only to find the LED light has gone off, assuming your USB charger is fine or that you didn’t forget to turn on the socket (hey, it’s a possibility!), chances are your device is now fully charged.

When the battery is full, the LED light on the T18 device goes Off.

I want to replace my coil head. What is the procedure?2020-07-29T09:55:45+01:00

To swap coils on the T18ii Mini, you need to empty the tank first; otherwise the juice will leak.

Disconnect the tank from the battery then turn it upside down and unscrew its base. Pull out the coil being replaced and insert the new one into the tank. Ensure the edges of the coil you are installing are in line with the tank’s straight edges before pushing in the coil fully.

Screw the tank base back on and fill in your juice, careful not to pour any liquid in the coil’s centre hole as this will cause spit-back. With that done, replace the top cap of the tank and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes for the wick to saturate.

I want to refill my pod, how do I go about it?2020-07-29T09:14:02+01:00

The Innokin Gala pod is a bottom fill system. To refill the pod, lift the silicon tab situated on the bottom of the cartridge which should reveal a fill port burrowed on one side.

The pod features a kind of bi-valve internal setup, meaning that once you start to pour in the juice, you have to make sure both chambers of the pod are filled evenly. This will take some getting used to considering there is only a single fill hole, so pour in your juice, tilt and shake the pod, pour in some more juice, tilt and twist the pod some more until the liquid is spread throughout the chamber.

The kit includes bottle tip adapters for easier refilling.

I think my coil is due for a change. How do I go about the swap?2020-07-24T15:34:51+01:00

Assuming you are using an Ajax atomiser, detach the tank from the MVP5, then unscrew the base.

Next, take out the old coil by simply pulling it out of the tank. Insert the replacement, screw the base back on, refill your tank and job done.

I see Curve when navigating the menu. What does this mean?2020-07-24T15:23:05+01:00

Curve is one of the six options under the Wattage option when you press the menu of the MVP5. The others are Normal, Boost, Soft, Ajax, and Z Coil.

Curve is an advanced pre-heat feature on your mod that allows precise control over the power output. In this case, Curve allows you four selections to set your preferred wattage over 6 seconds in 0.5-second increments.

I have never used a variable wattage pod system before. How do I change wattage on this device?2020-07-29T09:32:19+01:00

Switching your wattage is easy. This has to be done when the Podin is off, so hit the power button 3 times to switch off the device first. Once the mod is off, hold down the power button and notice the LED light switch (green for 8W and red for 9W).

To select your preferred wattage, release the power button when the LED light cycles to your preferred mode.

I have done that, but the problem still persists.2020-07-29T09:43:41+01:00

If the problem lingers, check the tank to establish if it is connected to the battery too tightly. If it is, loosen it and see the vaporiser start working again. A tight connection could also bend the connection pin in the battery or damage it, so check to see if this is the case. If you find it stuck down, use a pen to spring the pin back to its proper position.

If neither of these resolve the problem, replace the coil with a new one; yes, even though you had just installed a fresh one. Sometimes, coils come faulty, so try with one or two to ascertain it’s not an issue with the coil (which is more often than not the reason behind the shortage).

If none of these solutions address your problem, contact your vendor or reach out to Innokin support directly.

I don’t understand the audio warnings coming from my Z Biip.2020-07-29T10:07:42+01:00

When the audio alerts are turned on, your device will give off several audio warnings. A single beep means the pod has been installed properly and you can proceed to vape. 2 beeps are basically telling you the battery level has dropped below 50%, while 3 beeps are also a battery alert letting you know you have less than 20% capacity to go. When charging, you will also hear 5 beeps when the battery is full to let you know charging is completed.

How many times do I need to refill the Gala pod before disposing it?2020-07-29T09:11:59+01:00

You will know when it’s time to replace the pod once the flavour starts to wane and the pod doesn’t emit as much vapour as it does normally. This signifies that the coil has reached its end of life, so you need to chuck the entire pod and plug in a replacement.

How many times can I refill the IO cartridge before disposing it?2020-07-24T14:06:54+01:00

The Innokin IO pod cartridge can be refilled multiple times. You will know it’s up for replacement when the plexus coil inside the cartridge is no longer performing up to snuff.

Tell-tale signs include the pod vape giving an off taste, a diminished flavour, or decreased cloud production.

How many times can I refill a Podin pod before disposing the cartridge?2020-07-29T09:33:17+01:00

As long as it’s cleaned nicely and filled well, an Innokin Podin pod can be reused multiple times (6 refills on average) before it begins to taste burnt, signalling that it’s time to toss out the pod and plug in a replacement.

How long does the Innokin Jem Pen stay on charge?2020-07-24T14:16:26+01:00

Getting the battery from dead to full charge takes about 2-3 hours.

Charging is simple. Just plug in your device to the provided micro USB cable and get on with other business. That’s because the Jem Pen cannot be used while it is charging.

How long does the Innokin Endura T20S take to charge?2020-07-24T12:08:41+01:00

3 hours. It should take no more than three hours to get your Endura T20S battery from almost empty to full charge.

If yours only takes a few minutes or takes more than three hours to charge, it could be a sign of an underlying issue; probably with the battery – provided the charger is fine

How long does the Innokin CoolFire Mini battery last before I need to recharge it?2020-07-24T15:05:17+01:00

Your CoolFire Mini’s battery life will depend mostly on two factors: your chosen settings and usage. If you are a light vaper, expect the battery to last you a full day (or more). The heavier the use, the more frequently you will need to recharge it.

How long does the battery on this device last?2020-07-24T14:01:58+01:00

The EZ Watt mod comes with a powerful 1500 mAh battery that should last you an entire day on full charge, vaping throughout.

How long does the battery last on the Innokin Go S pen?2020-07-24T12:29:12+01:00

The Innokin Go S Pen is fitted with a 1500 mAh battery that can last you a full day of vaping.

How long does it take to charge the CoolFire IV?2020-07-29T10:10:46+01:00

It takes 3-4 hours for the CoolFire battery to go from flat to full. Of course, the charge time will be less if the battery is partially charged.

How long does Endura T22E battery last?2020-07-24T12:21:17+01:00

The battery life of your T22E will depend on usage. Featuring a powerful 2000 mAh battery, light vapers can expect a full battery to last two days or more before a recharge is needed. Heavier users might need to charge on a more frequent basis.

This vaporiser has a one-button feature that lets you keep track of your battery level with red, amber, and green LED indicators.

How long does each pod last?2020-07-24T14:07:39+01:00

The refillable pods on the Innokin IO have an e-liquid capacity of 0.8ml. A pod should roughly give you 200 puffs.

How long do the Innokin EQs pods last?2020-07-24T13:42:54+01:00

Well, depending on level of usage, this will vary from one user to the next. The pod mod features a 2ml capacity tank which most vapers will find decent.

If you are vaping at a nicotine strength apt for you and taking average vaping breaks, you can expect a single refill to last you an entire day on average.

How long do T18 coils last?2020-07-29T09:54:50+01:00

The T18 range of coils compatible with the Mini should last you about 3 weeks on average. Depending on how much you vape, an authentic coil can last more or less.

The best way to tell when the coil is due for a change is when the taste of your vape begins to change.

How long do Prism-S coils last?2020-07-24T12:16:37+01:00

Depends. For the heavy vaper, anywhere between one to two weeks.

Casual users, on the other hand, can extend the longevity of the Prism-S coils for longer than that, especially when you practice good vape care and make regular coil maintenance a part of your vape routine.

How long do Podin coils last?2020-07-29T09:28:36+01:00

As with all other vape coils, the longevity is directly proportional to usage. If you are a light vaper, expect the coil to last at least two weeks; assuming you use the vape pod at least once a day.

For regular users who rely on their pod vape to get them through an entire day of frequent vaping, the Podin coils will last a couple of days on average; a week tops.

The fast decline of Podin coils can be traced to their relatively small size, and it’s important to keep in mind that these are not your ordinary vape coils.

How long do Innokin Scion coils last?2020-07-29T09:35:07+01:00

As with most coils, Innokin Scion coils will last between one to two weeks in the case of heavy users. If you consider yourself a light vaper, expect this window to extend to more than a month.

Whichever the case, good coil care and maintenance during and between usages will extend their lifespan, so make this part of your regular routine to help keep your vaping costs down.

How does the Innokin Kroma-R work?2020-07-24T14:45:04+01:00

To turn the device on or off, click the fire button 3 times in sequence.

To access the menu, press the up and down buttons together.

To activate wattage or adjust voltage, keep the up or down buttons pressed for 2 seconds.

To know the coil resistance or get a view of the battery stats (puff counter, for example, or remaining voltage etc.) press the Power + Up buttons.

Power + Down will lock the adjustment buttons, but your device will still be able to fire.

How does the Innokin EQs kit work?2020-07-24T13:37:04+01:00

Unlike many pods, the Innokin EQs pod mod is a button-activated kit.

To turn the device on, simply press the firing button three times in succession. Do the same to turn off the device.

To vape, hold down the power button when inhaling.

How do you use the Innokin Podin?2020-07-29T09:21:38+01:00

Unlike most other pod systems, the Podin kit from Innokin is both auto- and manually-activated. A simple inhale will activate the device, or you can alternatively use the fire button to bring the small mod to life. To power on the device manually, click the fire button three times. Do the same when switching off.

How do you use the Innokin Jem kit?2020-07-24T14:24:33+01:00

The Jem is no different from most Innokin devices. Three clicks of the power button turn the device on/off. To vape, simply hold down the power button. To change the wattage, use the up and down buttons on the mod.

As simple as it gets.

How do you replace the T20S coil?2020-07-24T12:17:25+01:00

When it’s time to change your current vape coil with a new one, you need to empty the tank first.

Once that is done, pluck the drip tip from the top of the tank, then proceed to unscrew the tank from the bottom.

Take out the old coil by simply pulling it out from the tank, and insert the new one in a similarly straightforward process that merely involves pushing the new coil into the tank.

The only thing you need to pay close attention to is how you insert the coil: you need to push it firmly into place while making sure the cut-outs align.

After that, screw the bottom tank cap back on firmly and you’re good to go.

PS: Don’t forget to prime your coils after replacement.

How do you replace Jem coils?2020-07-24T14:31:43+01:00

Hold your e-cig upside down, then remove the Jem tank from the base to gain access to the coil which you will find snuggled in the centre of the base of the tank.

Proceed to remove the old coil and swap it with the replacement. Then finger-tighten the new coil until it is secured firmly, before replacing the tank base. Do not over-tighten anything.

How do you refill this device?2020-07-24T12:35:11+01:00

The Innokin Go S kit features a 2ml capacity top-fill tank with an easy slide-to-open mechanism. It doesn’t require you to disconnect from the battery, therefore you will find refilling a cinch.

Simply slide the tank cover to open (as indicated by the arrows) load up your juice while taking care not to overfill, and close it when you’re done.

How do you refill the Innokin IO?2020-07-24T14:06:09+01:00

Loading up juice on the Innokin IO takes up place through the bottom.

The first thing you need to do is disengage the pod from the battery. After pulling it out, open the silicone stopper at the bottom, push the tip adapter into the refill port and proceed to add your juice.

This is an ingenious spill-free refill system from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about creating a mess when topping up.

How do you refill Podin pods?2020-07-29T09:26:37+01:00

On the side of the pod cartridge, you will find a blue silicon cover. Prise it open, pour in your e-liquid of choice, replace the cover, and plug the pod back into the mod. Simples.

How do you refill an Innokin EQs device?2020-07-24T13:42:03+01:00

The EQs mod comes with refillable pod cartridges.

Take the cartridge pod and locate the fill port, then twist the base to reveal double fill ports. Next, take your e-juice bottle, point the nozzle to the fill port, and load up your e-liquid of choice up to the maximum fill line indicated.

After closing, allow the cartridge to sit for 5 minutes to afford the coil wick enough time to soak up the juice in order to prevent dry hits.

How do you operate this pen?2020-07-24T12:38:19+01:00

The Innokin Go S pen features a single button that does all the work. To activate the device, press this button 5 times in sequence. Do the same when you want to turn it off.

How do you operate the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:36:16+01:00

The power button is where it all starts. To power the Kroma-A, click the power button three times in sequence. The screen will bring up the settings you used last time.

The thing about this mod is that you have to select the right coil mode before you can start vaping. To do so, click the power button once to enter coil selection mode.

The device will give you the option to vape in either variable wattage or temperature control (Stainless Steel 316, Titanium, or Ni200 coils) – it will not fire both. Set your wattage or temperature based on the recommended range of your coil selection.

To select the temperature mode, hold down the power button and up (+) button. To adjust wattage in temperature control, press the power button and down button (-).

How do you operate the Innokin Jem Pen kit?2020-07-24T14:15:26+01:00

To activate the Jem Pen, click the power button 5 times. Whenever you are taking a draw, you have to press the button.

To turn off the device, repeat the drill again by clicking the power button 5 times.

How do you change the wattage on an Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:38:04+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-A mod features two small buttons just above the USB charging port. To change the wattage on your device, press the up (+) button to increase and the down (-) button to decrease the wattage.

Wait until the wattage starts to flash, following which you can then use these two buttons to adjust your wattage up or down in .5 increments.

How do you change the coil on the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:35:20+01:00

To change the coil, hold your tank upside-down and unscrew the airflow adjustment ring to gain access to the coil. Next, simply grab the coil by the threads and yank it out.

Take the new coil and before you insert it into the tank, prime it first. Pour 4-5 drops of juice into the coil, then slide it into the tank. Make sure to align the flat coil sides with the tabs on your tank so it installs firmly. Replace your airflow ring, and voila!

And no, you don’t have to empty the e-liquid from your tank, one of the pros of using this tank.

How do you change coils on this device?2020-07-24T12:24:39+01:00

Swapping coil heads on the Endura T22E is as easy as ABC.

For starters, you need to empty the tank of all e-liquid. Then, unscrew the tank from the bottom, before proceeding to remove the old coil (a simple pull-out will do). Push in the new replacement coil and make sure it fits properly.

Once that is done, screw the base of the tank back on, and voila – refill your tank and vape away! However, don’t forget to prime your new coil. Give the wick at least 5 minutes to soak up the liquid.

How do you adjust the wattage/switch between the different wattage levels?2020-07-29T10:06:58+01:00

To change the power output, you first need to turn off the device. The Innokin Z Biip is a manually activated device and therefore comes with a manual switch (bar in this case) to turn the pod system on and off.

Thus, click the side activation bar three times to turn off the device. Next, long-press the fire bar. This will cause the LED light to light up, cycling between the three power modes (Blue, Green, Red). To set your wattage, simply release the fire bar when the light reaches your preferred mode. Then switch your device back on and vape away.

How do I turn the wattage up or down on my Proton?2020-07-29T09:40:28+01:00

This is done via the joystick on your device which grants you access to the menu. Hold the joystick up/down (or left or right – works all ways) until the wattage starts flashing. Next, scroll in 0.5W increments up to your desired wattage.

How do I turn the mod on or off?2020-06-10T11:30:55+01:00

The bottom of the device is where you’ll find the On/Off button.

To turn on your Coolfire Z50, make sure this button is switched to On. Then click the fire button 3 times to switch on your device.

To turn the device off, you will go through the same drill: press the button 3 times.

When carrying the mod in the pocket or bag, we advise making it a point to use the On/Off button. This will avoid any potential firing of the device by accident, something that can damage the coil.

How do I turn on/off the LED bar?2020-07-29T09:15:53+01:00

To activate the colour-changing LED bar, tap or slap the device on the palm of your hand three times. Once it lights up, you can choose your preferred LED colour from the seven available by shaking the Gala, then take a draw to select your preferred colour.

To turn on what Innokin dubs the Lightshow, tap the Gala five times. To turn off the Lightshow, again, tap the pod device five times.

If you want to preserve battery life or want to vape discreetly, you can activate Stealth mode which turns off the light. This comes as one of the options when you tap the Gala thrice during colour selection.

How do I turn on my Innokin Adept mod?2020-06-10T10:47:33+01:00

Using the Innokin Adept is a breeze. You can turn on the device by simply clicking the fire button three times.

The mod will then identify the coil resistance and auto-select the most decent wattage range.

How do I tell my T18E battery is out of charge?2020-06-10T11:03:17+01:00

Well, like all e-cig devices, the Innokin Endura T18E has a battery level indicator displayed in LED lights.

When the indicator shows Red, that’s a sign that your device is about to die, so you need to recharge your Endura T18 to avoid disappointment when you most crave a vape.

A Yellow light signifies the battery has hit half power, while Green means your T18 vaporiser is almost fully charged.

How do I switch my CoolFire IV to Wattage/Voltage mode?2020-07-29T10:15:43+01:00

To switch to watts, hold down the fire button at the same time with “+” button. If you want to enter Variable Voltage mode, hold the fire button and “-“ button down together.

How do I switch from voltage to wattage?2020-07-24T15:11:21+01:00

Easy. To change your mod setting from voltage to wattage mode, simply press the plus (+) button while at the same time holding down the power button.

Likewise, to change from wattage to voltage mode, press the power button while at the same time holding down the minus (-) button.

The voltage on the CoolFire Mini ranges between 3.0 and 7.5 volts and can be adjusted in 0.1V increments. The wattage ranges from 6.0 – 40W and is adjustable in 0.5W increments.

How do I switch between the different wattages?2020-07-29T09:46:54+01:00

The ability to switch between the different power settings means you have the option to choose either you prefer a warm, medium, or cool vape with your T18ii pen at any given moment.

First, switch off the device by pressing the fire button three times. Next, long-press the same button (fire button) for about 2 seconds, following which the LED light will start flashing and cycling between the three power levels. To select your preferred wattage, release the button when the light reaches your desired setting.

The vape pen is still off at this point, so to vape, turn it back on by pressing the fire button 3 times.

How do I switch between the different wattages on the T18ii Mini?2020-07-29T09:57:19+01:00

To select your desired wattage, you have to turn off the device first by clicking the power button three times. Next, long-press the power button, upon which the light above the power button starts cycling through the three power levels.

Three lights illuminated indicate the highest wattage level (13.5 watts); two lights signify 12W; and one illuminated light denotes the lowest wattage level (10.5W). To select your wattage, release the power button when your preferred setting is illuminated.

How do I set up my Innokin Mini Proton Ajax?2020-07-24T14:51:48+01:00

The Mini Proton comes with a Quick Start guide you would be wise to skim through before you start using the e-cig. Take some time to play with the settings to discover your ideal vaping setup since this is different for everyone.

How do I remove the coil?2020-06-10T11:33:02+01:00

Simply unscrew the bottom of your tank and yank the thing out.

The Z50 is integrated with top vaping technology that makes it easy to swap coils – even with a full tank.

How do I refill the Pod?2020-02-05T10:06:53+00:00

Aquavape Click and Vape pods come in two types:

  1. Prefilled Pods, if your pod came prefilled with E-Liquid the Pod is not refillable
  2. If your Pod was empty, this pod can be reused up to 6 times. The E-liquid will begin to taste burnt when the Pod requires changing.

How do I refill the Innokin Zlide MTL tank?2020-06-10T10:51:13+01:00

Simple. For starters, you need to remove the child-proof 510 drip-tip first if you’re using it.

Otherwise, slide the top cap to reveal the filling port. Then pour your favourite juice into the tank and that’s it.

Remember, before you start vaping, wait at least around 5 minutes to allow your coils time to soak up the juice.

How do I refill my T18E clearomiser (tank)?2020-06-10T11:02:19+01:00

Easy. Simply unscrew the top cap carefully from the tank. Add the regular juice you’re in the mood for in the tank while pouring it against the inside wall of the tank. That’s it.

While you’re at it, there are some few important things you should keep in mind.

One, always wash your tank and coil and allow time to dry if you’re switching flavours. If you’re vaping the same flavour, a rinse is not a must provided you observe regular cleaning and maintenance of your device.

Second, avoid adding juice to the airflow hole. As well, do not overfill the tank as this will result in leakage.

Fourth, avoid over-tightening the cap; and last point, allow the device to sit for 5 minutes before you start vaping. This will give the juice time to soak into the wick, thus avoiding dry or burnt hits while ensuring you derive maximum flavour from your vape.

How do I refill my Slipstream tank?2020-07-24T15:06:04+01:00

The Innokin Slipstream tank is childproof. This means it takes more to open the tank than simply taking the top cap off. It opens at the top, but you need to press the top cap downwards while at the same time twisting it anticlockwise. Just like many e-liquid bottles.

How do I refill my Endura T22?2020-07-24T12:25:36+01:00

The Endura T22 features a top-fill tank that makes e-liquid refills a job for the left hand. All you need to do is turn the top of the tank to open it, then slowly and carefully pour in your juice before screwing the top back on.

Two things to keep in mind here.

One, we say ‘slowly and carefully’ because you don’t want to pour juice on top of the coil or in the centre hole. Doing so will likely see you end up with vape juice in your mouth. Instead, drip the juice down the walls of the tank.

Two, it’s a good idea to remove the drip tip first when screwing back the top. This allows you to check if the coil aligns with the hole where the drip tip slots in so as to avoid vape leaking.

Again, wait a few minutes for the cotton to saturate before you fire your device.

How do I refill my Endura T18ii?2020-07-29T09:50:17+01:00

The Endura T18ii Prism is a top-fill unit that provides for an easy way to load up on e-liquid. Unscrew the top cap and pour your preferred bottle of juice down the sides of the tank while avoiding the middle tube.

When the juice reaches the top of the glass, screw the tank top back on. Allow the e-liquid to saturate the wicking material (priming) for about 10 minutes before you start vaping to avoid dry hits or damaging the new coil. You don’t have to do anything; just let the device sit for a while before you activate it.

How do I refill my Ajax tank?2020-07-24T15:24:08+01:00

Easy. This is a top-fill tank so look for an arrow on the top cap and simply slide the cap across to reveal the filling port.

Pour in your juice of choice carefully, close the tank, and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes to give the coil time to saturate.

How do I power on/turn off my Endura T18E?2020-06-10T11:00:13+01:00

The Innokin Endura T18E relies on a manual click system to power on and off.

To turn your device on, press the power button three times in succession.

To vape, hold the power button down so you can activate the tank/clearomiser. But avoid holding it down for too long as the T18E will stop firing when the power button is held for 15 seconds or longer. This is a safety feature on the device.

To turn off your Endura device, again, click the power button three times in succession.

How do I operate this pod system?2020-07-24T14:09:54+01:00

The Innokin IO employs a draw activation mechanism. In other words, you don’t have to rely on buttons to operate your device.

To turn it on, simply suck on the pod and voila – fire in the hole. The activation switch turns off automatically.

How do I operate the Innokin CoolFire Mini Slipstream?2020-07-24T15:03:17+01:00

The CoolFire Mini is no different from most other Innokin offerings. Three successive clicks of the fire button will turn on the device. Next, hold down the power button to activate the atomiser.

To switch off your CoolFire Mini, repeat the drill: press power button 3 times in sequence and it’s lights out.

It is recommended to always switch off your device when not in use – or before putting it in your pocket, purse, or bag.

How do I know when my Endura T20S is fully charged?2020-07-24T12:09:38+01:00

A Yellow LED light means the battery is somewhere at the halfway line. A Green LED light means the battery is almost there. When it is fully charged, the LED light will go off.

Don’t leave your vape pen on charge longer than it needs to be. That means no overnight charging.

How do I know I purchased an authentic Endura T18E vaporiser?2020-06-10T10:56:46+01:00

If you purchased your Endura T18 Kit from us, there should be no cause for concern. AquaVape only deals in authentic products sourced straight from the manufacturer (that also goes for e-liquids and vape accessories).

However, if you have misgivings about the authenticity of the device you purchased from another source, there is a way to verify if you bought a dud or not.

Every Innokin Endura T18E Kit comes with a unique identification number that is concealed underneath the silver stripe on the product packaging.

To verify the authenticity of your device, simply scratch the silver stripe to reveal your vaporiser’s unique ID. Then visit Innokin’s main website and key in this number in the Device Authentication field.


How do I install or change the coil on my Jem Pen?2020-07-24T14:18:22+01:00

The Innokin Jem Pen is what is known in vaping as an AIO (all-in-one) device. These are uncomplicated devices with a simple two-piece design – the vape tank makes up the top section, with the battery occupying the bottom.

In the case of the Jem Pen, like most AIO vaporisers, the coil is screws directly into the battery as opposed to a separate tank as is common with majority of vape devices.

When it comes to the actual installation, there isn’t much that goes into installing or replacing your Jem Pen coils.

All you need to do is detach the tank from the main body of the vaporiser first. Next, take your coil and screw it into the main body (top part), then place the tank over the top and that’s it. Job done.

How do I go about the actual refilling?2020-07-24T14:21:03+01:00

Simple. Remove the drip tip from the top-fill tank by twisting in an anti-clockwise motion. You will find two side holes on the top of the tank. Take your e-liquid bottle of choice and pour the liquid carefully through these holes.

Avoid drizzling the juice into the central hole as this will go to the coil directly, resulting in leakage and flooding.

Once you’re done pouring your juice in, screw the mouthpiece back in place and allow the vape pen to stand for 5-10 minutes before you start vaping. This gives the coil enough time to soak up the juice, thus avoiding coil damage while ensuring you enjoy a satisfying vape.

How do I charge my MVP5?2020-07-24T15:19:43+01:00

The Innokin MVP5 charges via USB-C.

It also features a USB-A port on the bottom that functions as a USB power bank to recharge your USB-connected devices like phones, tablets, or even other vaporisers. Don’t worry, the battery offers a generous 5200mAh that can last you an entire week.

How do I change the wattage on this device?2020-07-24T15:21:17+01:00

It may be one of the most advanced mods, but changing the wattage on the Innokin MVP5 is a breeze. Simply long-press either adjustment button until the wattage starts to blink (or temperature if you’re using TC) then use the + or – buttons to increase or decrease accordingly.

Wattage adjusts in 0.5W increments.

How do I change my screensaver or upload graphics to my Innokin Proton?2020-07-29T09:41:11+01:00

The instruction manual that comes with the device will be your best friend here; at least until you are familiar with the drill.

How do I adjust the wattage on my Kroma-R?2020-07-24T14:46:49+01:00

The Innokin Kroma-R has an adjustable power output of 6-80W, adjustable in 0.5-watt increments up to 20W, and 1.0-watt increments from there onwards.

To adjust the wattage upwards, press and hold down the Up button for 2 seconds, then increase to desired level. Likewise, press and hold the Down button to decrease the wattage.

To lock your adjusted wattage, hold the power and down buttons.

How do I adjust the wattage level on my EQs pod vape?2020-07-24T13:39:35+01:00

To adjust the power output on the EQs kit, you first need to turn off the device.

Once that is done, press and hold the power button for three seconds until the light on the cone shape above the logo starts flashing, indicating a switch to the desired wattage level.

Then power the pod system back on and start vaping.

Tip: It is best to start with the lowest wattage level and work your way up.

How can I fix the leakage?2020-07-24T12:13:57+01:00

Double-check to be sure you have installed the coil properly and that the threading is aligned correctly.

Make sure the coil screws into the base of the tank nice and tight. After you screw the base cap back on, sit the tank upright to check for any potential leaks.

Getting E-Liquid in my mouth2020-02-04T15:37:13+00:00

A lot of the time this is not actually e-liquid but condensation. This can build up in the airflow over time. Just give the mouthpiece a wipe with a dry tissue and ty blowing through the mouthpiece with the device disconnected.

E-Liquid seeping through the mouthpiece2020-02-05T11:46:05+00:00

If you find when inhaling on the device that the e-liquid is seeping through into your mouth this can be caused by a few things.

  1. The coil may need replacing, as the coil reaches the end of its natural life the cotton/mesh becomes worn, replace the coil and ensure the replacement is primed correctly.
  2. The wrong coil may be coupled with the wrong e-liquid. Sub-ohm vaping requires a thicker e-liquid as the coil is lower resistance, in this instance, the 0.5oHm coils is for use with a 70vg/30pg e-liquid (sub-ohm), 0.8oHm coils is for use with a 50vg/50pg e-liquid (Regular).
  3. This can also be caused by drawing on the tank too hard. By doing this you will draw too much e-liquid into the atomizer that cannot be heated quickly enough, so it will just leave from the tank. Take a slow steady draw between 3 and 5 seconds long to prevent this.
Does this mean the Innokin EZ Watt kit is a variable wattage device?2020-07-24T13:56:39+01:00

That’s right. The Innokin EZ Watt e-cig gives you some bit of wiggle room when it comes to power output. You have the choice of six wattage modes spread between 13W and 35 watts.

But keep in mind that the two coils that come with the T20S Prism tank are not suited for the highest wattage mode (30-35W) which is intended for direct-lung (DL) vaping.

Does this kit come with e-liquid?2020-06-10T10:45:29+01:00

Sorry, the juice is on you.

But you can snap up some of your favourite flavours from our store at a discount by purchasing in packs. These range from six 10ml bottles a pack, to 30 bottles in a single bundle – all of your own choosing!

By purchasing in bundles, you would be amazed by how much you can cut down on your e-liquid expenses.

Does this kit come with an integrated battery or is the battery separate?2020-06-10T10:52:59+01:00

The Innokin Adept Zlide kit comes with a large 3,000mAh built-in battery.

Does the Innokin Kroma-R offer temperature control (TC)?2020-07-24T14:47:43+01:00

No, the Kroma-R does not offer TC.

But you will get all your other favourite modes, including broad wattage and voltage modes (6-80W and 1-75V respectively), in addition to other output modes such as bypass and three wattage curve modes.

Does that mean I cannot replace the coil?2020-07-24T12:32:40+01:00

Precisely. Unlike most other tanks that require you to change the coil every two weeks or so, the Innokin Go S vaporiser eliminates that need.

Does that mean I can use it for regular vaping then?2020-06-10T11:21:15+01:00

Yup! Actually, this is one of the many impressive aspects of this mod.

It comes with a replaceable mouthpiece (aka drip tip) that makes it possible to vape MTL (the inhalation style that mimics cigarette smoking and default style for most people).

And still sub-ohm?

And still sub-ohm.

Does that mean I can use it for both sub-ohming and standard vaping?2020-07-24T15:14:41+01:00

That’s correct.

Do I need to replace the coil in my EQs kit?2020-07-24T13:40:14+01:00

No, being a pod vape, the EQs kit absolves you of regular maintenance needs like coil changes.

Just like the original EQ, the coils in the newer EQs kit are integrated into the pods. This pod system makes use of a 0.48-ohm Plex3D coil, a Z coil from Innokin optimised for flavour and vapour.

Do I have to empty the tank first before swapping my coils?2020-07-24T14:19:48+01:00

If you happen to have ran your tank empty at the time of changing coils, well and good. If not, no need to fret. The Jem Pen is fitted with a top-fill tank with a no-spill coil swap system that provides for an easy, mess-free way to fill.

Simply hold the tank upside down, unscrew the cap and proceed to pour in your juice. The liquid will not leak out of the drip tip (mouthpiece).

Do I have to be worried about juice leaks with the Coolfire Z50?2020-06-10T11:34:25+01:00

When refilling e-liquid, the Zlide tank has a mechanism that cuts off e-liquid flow from your device once the filling is opened.

This means you can refill without creating a mess all over. At the same time, the tech prevents gurgling and flooding.

As well, the Coolfire Z50 features a safe button at the base which allows you to switch off your Z50 for safe carrying in your pocket.

Device will not charge2020-02-05T11:07:04+00:00

If you are plugging the device in and getting no charge. Firstly, check your charger isn’t damaged. Ensure you are using a designated e-cig plug adaptor and correct USB cable. Secondly, check to see if there is any external damage to the battery and make sure the charging points are clean and free of e-liquid.

If all of these things are in order and you have purchased the device in the last 90 days contact our customer service team on 08081 687 551 or sales@aquavape.co.uk

Can this pen be used to vape nicotine salts?2020-07-24T12:37:15+01:00

Absolutely. Its low wattage nature means you can use the Go S pen to vape nicotine salts. Salt nic e-liquids, in general, also tend to come in a similar VG/PG ratio – i.e. 50% vegetable glycerine and 50% propylene glycol.

If in doubt, you can always double-check when buying from a new source or a never-tried-before brand.

Can I vape sub-ohm/VG e-liquids with my T18ii pen?2020-07-29T09:48:14+01:00

The Innokin Endura T18ii kit is a small MTL vaporiser designed for use with PG e-liquids that have a thinner consistency. That means you would be well served to stick to juices with no more than 50% VG.

The vape pen’s small coil heads are simply not suited to handle thicker juice and while you may push it, this will lead to faster, if not immediate, coil damage. Therefore, 50/50 standard e-liquids are your best bet.

Can I vape salt nics with the Innokin Kroma-A?2020-07-24T14:39:58+01:00

Absolutely. The Innokin Kroma-A Zenith kit can deliver a great experience when paired with your favourite nicotine salts, regardless of the coil you are using.

If it’s your first time vaping nic salts outside of a pod system, you might want to start at a lower wattage first and increase it gradually as you bid to establish where the juice kicks best for you.

Can I vape nicotine salts with the Endura T18ii pen?2020-07-29T09:49:13+01:00

No doubt. In addition to regular e-liquids, the Innokin Endura T18ii kit is tailor-made for salt nics.

Can I vape nicotine salts with the Endura T18ii Mini?2020-07-29T09:53:09+01:00

Absolutely. In addition to standard e-liquids, the T18ii Mini supports salt-based e-liquids which typically tend to carry a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

Can I use other coils apart from these?2020-07-29T09:45:10+01:00

If you must switch, the T18ii tank is also cross-compatible with 1.5-ohm T18 and T22 replaceable coils from Innokin.

Can I replace the coils as well?2020-07-29T09:10:56+01:00

No, while refillable, the coils of the Innokin Gala are not replaceable. Each pod comes with a pre-fitted or integrated coil. However, Innokin gives users options as the pods are available in two coil variations: a pre-installed 0.5 ohm coil, and a spare 0.8-ohm variant. You can even tell them apart as the former is black while the spare pod has a bright green surround.

As for the specific coil, the Gala pods make use of the latest PLEX3D coils from Innokin.

Can I replace my Innokin Podin coils?2020-07-29T09:27:41+01:00

Yes. The Innokin Podin is not your ordinary traditional pod mod. Not only are the pods refillable, but also it is possible to replace the coil once it dies out. The Podin mod comes with a pair of interchangeable Kanthal coils with a resistance of 1.3 ohms.

You can find Podin replacement coils in our store.

Can I change the coil on the Innokin IO pod?2020-07-24T14:08:40+01:00

Innokin IO vape pods have an integrated or fixed coil. This means you cannot replace the coil when it expires. What you do when you want to change the coil is swap the pod cartridge in its entirety instead.

But my wattage appears to be locked and I’m not sure how to change it.2020-07-24T15:22:07+01:00

When using the MVP5, pressing the up/down adjustment buttons will not change the wattage straight away. You need to long-press either of the up/down keys first to unlock the wattage, then press either the up or down button a second time to increase or decrease the wattage respectively.

Are there other atomisers I can use with the CoolFire Mini Slipstream?2020-07-24T15:07:51+01:00

The Slipstream tank has been accused of many issues, from gurgling, to delivering an underwhelming vape. So, if you feel you’ve had it with this tank, or just want to change it for whatever reason, you will be glad to know it works well with many standard 510 atomisers or clearomisers.

The Aspire Nautilus 2, the Nautilus Mini tank, and the Aspire K3 are especially popular substitutes on this kit.

Are there any other tanks I can pair with the Innokin Go S kit?2020-07-24T12:34:12+01:00

Well, thanks to its universal 510 threading, the Go S vaporiser can pair up with other tanks should you wish to try something different. However, keep in mind the size of the Go S (128mm x 20mm) so anything with varying dimensions will not exactly be a good match.

As well, while you might find a tank supported by the kit, it’s best to match up this device with its own dedicated tank.

Are the Innokin EQ and Innokin EQs replacement pods cross-compatible?2020-07-24T13:43:43+01:00

Yes, although the coil inside is different, the Innokin EQs replacement pods are cross-compatible with the original EQ device.

Similarly, you can also use Innokin EQ pods with your newer Innokin EQs pod mod.

Are Innokin Z Biip coils replaceable?2020-07-29T10:01:40+01:00

The Z Biip is what is known as an AIO (all-in-one) pod device. This means it can not only take replacement pods, but also has replaceable coils. So yes, you can replace Z Biip coils.

Are Innokin IO cartridges refillable?2020-07-24T14:04:50+01:00

Yes. The Innokin IO is an open type of pod system, which means it comes with a refillable cartridge.

And use both sub-ohm e-liquids and regular e-liquids?2020-07-24T15:15:34+01:00

Yup! Depending on the atomiser you’re using, the Innokin MVP5 can support both sub-ohm juices and their thinner PG-based alternatives (see tanks below).

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