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12mg Vape Juice

12mg Vape Juice

Choosing a suitable e-liquid is a key part of your vaping journey. One of the important decisions you’ll have to make is deciding on the flavours that speak to you. Your e-liquid of choice also has to be compatible with the e-cig device you’re using at any one time.

More than that, an important aspect that cannot be overlooked when selecting your e-liquids is e-liquid strength. While you can afford to hit-and-miss with your vape flavours, nicotine strength is something you need to get right from the off.

Obviously, it might take a bit of experimentation at first, but you’ll know a nicotine strength that suits you as soon as you try it out.

But what’s the point of experimenting and probably end up with e-liquid bottles you’ll end up giving or throwing away? Doing your due diligence prior will save you more than just money in the pocket: it will also save you plenty of frustration that you’re likely to get with an ill-suited vape.

Who’s the 12mg Vape Juice for?

When it comes to 12mg vape juice, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a mid-strength juice suited for those looking for a balanced hit.

In cigarette speak, light smokers (less than 10 sticks a day) will find the nicotine a bit overwhelming, while heavy smokers (more than a pack a day) are likely to find the throat hit a little under-par.

If you lie anywhere within this middle, then the 12mg vape juice is the ideal strength for you.

It is also perfect for users looking to scale down from a higher nicotine percentage such as 18mg. Additionally, if you feel lighter nicotine levels like 3mg and 6mg don’t do it for you, 12mg should prove a good step up.

At AquaVape, we stock a wide range of 12mg e-liquids with amazing flavours to suit every taste, no matter how unique.

Our 12mg offerings come in 10ml bottles that can be purchased individually, but we would recommend taking advantage of our e-liquid bundles that allow you to source in bulk at a discount.

From 6-bottle packs to 18-pack cases, and everything in between, you can save on your favourite flavours by shopping with us.

Not forgetting, we offer free countrywide delivery for orders above £25!

What Devices are Compatible with Your 12mg Vape Juice?

May be a little background info would be in order here.

E-liquids come in different VG/PG ratios as you’re already aware. The higher the VG, the more suited the juice is to a more high-powered device, aka mods and sub-ohm units. High VG juices are therefore also known as sub-ohm e-liquids.

When shopping for sub-ohm e-liquids, one thing you will notice is that they tend to be low on nicotine content. Typically, the nicotine level in these juices is usually capped at 6mg.

It is rare to find a 12mg sub-ohm e-liquid as this nicotine would be too strong or harsh in a sub-ohm juice as a result of the high amounts of vapour.

In other words, 12mg e-liquids are best paired with regular vaporisers (what you may know simply as vape pens) that utilise standard e-liquids. They are also compatible with a section of open pod systems that are refillable. For example, the AquaVape Click & Vape.

In short, a 12mg vape juice is most compatible with standard vaporisers which make use of regular e-liquids – these typically come in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

Our 12mg e-liquids can be paired with every vape pen in the market, which is a whopping lot of devices considering this is the most popular and diverse category of vape devices out there.

You can also use this e-liquid with any refillable pod device that accepts regular e-liquids.

Choice of Flavours

At AquaVape, you will find a wide selection of amazing 12 mg vape juice flavours that cater to every taste.

Every 50/50 e-liquid in our store is available in a 12mg variant. That gives you a long list of flavours to choose from.

Whether you prefer tobacco or menthol flavours that mimic the taste of a cigarette but without the tar, toxic smoke and ash, we have them in abundance.

You will find tobacco and menthol in the classic taste of either, to tobacco and menthol fusions blended with other flavour profiles, ranging from fruit to desserts and beverages.

We also stock an assortment of fruit flavours, on top of your favourite drink flavours, including coffee and cola.

What’s more, you will also find our 12mg vape juice under the sweet and dessert category.

Bestselling Brands

We have supplemented our in-house offerings with products from renowned e-liquid manufacturers such as Vampire Vape, IVG, and Nasty Juice to provide you with even more options.

No matter your fancy, you can bet there is a mind-blowing 12mg flavour to tickle it.

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