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18mg E Liquid

18mg E Liquid

Nicotine strength is a key component of your vaping experience – for those instances you are using nicotine e-liquid, that is.

If you are transitioning from conventional smoking to a vape, nicotine is something you’ll already be well-versed with. You will also more likely find a stronger percentage of nicotine like 18mg e liquid more suited to your needs, although that will mostly depend on how heavy of a smoker you were.

If you are just getting into vaping, we recommend starting with a lower percentage. A mid-strength juice like 12mg is an ideal middle ground, and not too bad a starting point even for moderately heavy ex-smokers.

Should you find the throat hit underwhelming, you can always bump it up a notch by grabbing an 18mg e liquid.

At AquaVape, we stock a broad assortment of 18mg juices. If you’re in the market for a high strength e-juice, you are sure to relish in the multitude of flavours available in our store.

And should you need any help choosing, we are always a call away and would be happy to be of assistance! Anytime.

Who is the 18mg E Liquid for?

18mg nicotine content means the juice contains 1.8% nicotine by volume. This is the highest amount of nicotine permitted in e-liquids by law in the UK and the EU at large, subject to the TPD rules that went into effect in May of 2016.

18mg is generally the go-to strength for – not just any smoker – but smokers who would go through at least a pack a day. If you smoke(d) less than a pack a day, you might want to try a lesser nicotine level as you are bound to find 18mg e liquid a little too strong for your liking.

It is worth emphasising this point as too many people have had an awful first experience with vapes from a bad choice of nicotine strength; some, put off for good.

However, that doesn’t mean 18mg is the cat’s pyjamas for anyone looking for a high strength juice. Some might find it underwhelming. In that case, the best alternative would be our nicotine salt e-liquids which offer up to 20mg of nicotine.

Nicotine salts make it possible to get a higher dose of nicotine without creating a harsh vape. They tend to be mellower at higher strengths, and their absorption is more effective than ordinary e-liquids, meaning you get more satisfaction per puff compared to traditional e-liquids.

If you find 18mg e liquid not doing it for you, try out our salt nics and see how you like ‘em!

As with the 18mg offerings, our salt nic range is also available in a host of flavours to appeal to different tastes. From tobacco to menthol and fruit, we have something for everyone.

If you are an [ex] smoker looking for a more seamless experience, we recommend starting with a classic tobacco flavour. This one promises the closest experience to a cigarette, just like you were used to.

Likewise, if you swore by menthol cigarettes before the ban went into effect, we also have e-liquid menthol galore.

Buy High Quality UK-Made 18mg E Liquids

Like most other products in our store, our high strength 18mg e liquid range is made in our labs right here in England.

We blend, bottle, and box our juices in the UK, something that allows us to stay on top of the quality, in turn ensuring only the highest quality, best-tasting e-liquids make it to the market.

You will also find 18mg e-liquids from other brands in our store. We would like to point out that we only partner with reputable brands from around the world that are known for their high quality standards.

The focus for us is more on the quality of the brand, as opposed to quantity.

Whether you’re purchasing our in-house offerings or grabbing an 18mg e liquid from one of our esteemed partner brands, quality is one thing you’ll always bank on by shopping with us.

All e-liquids in the AquaVape store abide by the TPD regulations and are concocted from the finest pharmaceutical-grade and natural ingredients.

But the high quality does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for them. We offer some of the most competitive prices for the quality around these parts.

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