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3mg E Liquid

3mg E Liquid

3mg e liquid is a low nicotine option that basically converts to 0.3% nicotine content, meaning that’s the percentage of nicotine present in a given bottle of e-juice by volume.

This is the lowest nicotine level you will find in nicotine-based e liquids. Of course, there is the 0mg option, which is the step down from 3mg, but these e-liquids are what is known as nicotine-free – they contain zero nicotine content.

At AquaVape, we stock a wide selection of 3mg e liquids that stretch across a plethora of flavour groups – including but not restricted to tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert options – as well as different VG/PG proportions, not to mention brands.

Selection of Flavours (and Brands)

AquaVape stocks an extensive range of 3mg nicotine e-liquids that will have you spoilt for choice.

Our 3mg range carries products created in-house which we have supplemented with offerings from bestselling brands from the world over, fitting every flavour profile in a host of combinations.

From breakfast vape juice flavours that bring you morning treats to start off your days right, to a selection of your favourite dessert flavours that make for a perfect vape at the end of the day.

You will not be short of drink vape juice flavours too, from a wide choice of coffees, to favourite drinks such as latte and cola.

Fruit lovers are also well catered for by our 3mg e liquid line which carries a long list of fruit flavours that we are always adding to all the time.

If you’re like us and relish a little sweet every now and then to satisfy that sweet tooth (sans the calories) we’ve got your back. The list of sweet vape juice flavours to select from is a long one.

Of course, no range is complete without a dash of mint and menthol. If you can’t imagine your days without that crisp, clean, refreshing bite, worry not – we have plenty of 3mg mint and menthol flavours just for you.

No matter your taste, cravings or preference, our 3mg e liquid line has something for every vaper.

3mg Sub-Ohm E-Liquids

One aspect that gives 3mg e liquids a leg up over other nicotine e-liquids strengths has to do with the low concentration of nicotine.

Here is what we mean.

Nicotine as an ingredient has a huge bearing on the taste of e-juice. The higher you go up the nicotine levels, the harsher the juice gets.

For some e-liquids, most notably sub-ohm juices, having a lot of nicotine content is not recommended. That’s because these juices produce a lot of vapour – plus they are typically paired with more powerful devices (read sub-ohm devices and box mods).

This combination of factors means a high nicotine content would therefore make them harsh beyond the comfort level. Usually, the more vapour you inhale, the higher the nicotine you also take in per inhale.

It is for this reason that you’ll often find sub-ohm juices capped at 6mg of nicotine.

Our sub-ohm e-liquid line is as varied as it is interesting. You will find an embarrassment of flavours in this e-liquid category, all available in different nicotine strengths, including 3mg.

3mg Regular e-Liquids

Regular e-liquids are the most popular category of e-liquids in the market, as are the vaping devices they pair best with: vape pens.

At AquaVape, our regular e-liquid catalogue runs long and deep, and is as diverse as they come in terms of flavour and nicotine strength.

Our standard e-liquids are available in all nicotine concentrations permitted by law, spanning from 0mg to 18mg, and everything in between. This makes this aisle a perfect place to go looking for vapers of all levels.

The 3mg e liquid variant plays a key role in the long cigarette cessation process, providing a good stepping stone for those scaling down their nicotine levels with the ultimate goal of getting to 0mg.

It is also the perfect choice for anyone who desires a low nicotine vape with mild throat hit.

And we have the 3mg in every imaginable flavour, giving you plenty of options to play with.

Create Your Own 3mg E Liquid from Our Shortfills

Shortfills are another way to achieve a 3mg nicotine content in e-liquids.

Also known as shake n’ vape, shortfills are e-liquids that come in a larger 50ml bottle without any nicotine in the juice.

You purchase a nicotine shot separately (we have them available in different VG/PG ratios) and mix with your juice to give you a 3mg e liquid.

This is a smart way to keep your vape juice costs down, and AquaVape has you well covered on that front through our wide range of shortfill e-liquids that you can mix on your own.

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