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6mg E Liquid

6mg E Liquid

Looking for 6mg e liquid?

If you are starting out in your vaping journey, the choice of e-liquid flavours and nicotine strength is one of the many things you need to think about if you intend to make an enjoyable experience out of it.

Throw in the vaping gear and accessories to that equation and it can easily turn into a daunting decision.

Every vaper has been down that road at some point. You are not alone.

That’s what we at AquaVape are here for: to be that guiding hand for you while providing everything you need at a single point.

So, how does this relate to 6mg e liquid exactly?

6mg E Liquid

6mg vape juice is what we would recommend to anyone new to vaping and searching for an ideal nicotine level.

It is also an appropriate entry point for people making the switch from smoking to vaping, particularly if you would consider yourself a light to moderate smoker.

What makes 6mg liquids excellent starting points is their relatively low nicotine strength that is neither too low (like in the case of 3mg e liquid) nor on the higher side (anything above 12mg).

But that doesn’t make 6mg juices only a preserve of new vaping entrants.

In fact, this is a very popular pick amongst experienced vapers who have been vaping for years; some, having scaled it down from a higher nicotine level, others after establishing it as their nicotine sweet spot following a lot of experimentation.

6mg E Liquid Flavours

Like with all our other great value e-liquids, you will find all your favourite flavours in our 6mg range – just like you’ve come to expect from AquaVape.

If you prefer to go old-school with a tobacco flavour, we have tobacco in blends you will love to experiment with, from classic tobacco with its unmistakeable rich taste, to flavoured tobacco that has been married with a host of elements ranging from sweet to savoury.

Our 6mg juices also come in different menthol variants, from the ever-popular classic menthol, to menthol blends fused with other flavours, including fruit and dessert.

Speaking of which, fruit and dessert flavours make up a large portion of our 6mg range.

You’ll find a slew of your personal favourites either as standalone flavours or a fusion of two or more notes – mango, lemon, apple, banana, everything with berry in it in the fruit category, as well as cheesecake, jam donut, Ferrero, and more under desserts.

We also stock 6mg e liquids in your favourite beverage flavours – colas, lemonades, lattes, coffees; we have them all.

Whatever flavour you can think of, chances are we have it in a 6mg version.

6mg Regular E Liquids and 6mg Sub-Ohm E Liquids

The plethora of flavours aside, we also stock 6mg e liquids in all kinds of ratios.

These include the ever popular 50/50 standard juices, as well as high VG liquids that come in ratios of 60/40 VG/PG, 70/30 VG/PG, and 80/20.

The 50/50 range is suited for regular vaping and is best paired with regular vaporisers, or what you may know as vape pens. These make for excellent everyday vapes and are very pocket-friendly, especially if you take advantage of our e-liquid bundles to purchase in bulk.

The high VG juices are best for sub-ohming and cloud chasing. These are compatible with sub-ohm devices such as the AV Series 4 and mods such as the AV Series 5 box mod.

In short, we have a 6mg e liquid to suit every vape device on the market!

Try a 6mg Shortfill

Shortfill e-liquids come in larger 50ml bottles and do not contain nicotine.

However, with a nicotine booster, you can purchase these cost-effective juices and mix your own 6mg e liquid.

To create a 6mg juice, you need to add 2 nicotine shots of 18mg nicotine strength to any 50ml bottle of 0mg shortfill.

Please keep in mind that most shortfill bottles have a total capacity of 60ml and come pre-filled with 50ml of e-liquid. Therefore, in order to fit two nicotine boosters, you will need to pour some juice away or better yet, use a larger substitute bottle.

Whether you purchase ready or mix your own, you can always revel in the knowledge that every AquaVape product adheres to strict quality standards.

All our juices are TPD compliant and concocted from the finest natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Recognised Brands

AquaVape has also partnered with some of the biggest names in the business who are known for their high-quality, and sometimes fascinating, offerings.

These include Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, IVG and more – all of whom have their own 6mg releases.

Browse our vast range of 6mg e liquid and grab a couple of your favourite flavours today. To save even more, consider stocking up through our discounted e-liquid bundles.

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