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Click & Vape Pods

AV Pods

Vape pod systems offer some of the most rewarding and convenient vaping experiences on the market.

These little devices are all about simple vaping, compactness and stealth.

At AquaVape, we understand vape pod mods guarantee something different from any other type of e-cig device.

Their simplicity and convenience makes them an appealing prospect for ex-smokers and vapers who prefer not to be bombarded with the technical features of vape devices.

Armed with this intel in mind, we set out to develop a device that strips the bells and whistles of larger e-cig devices. This culminated in not one, but two small, discrete devices that are simple to use, but big on performance and taste.

The AV Nano Disposable

Our simplest device to date, the Nano is a no-fuss pod mod that relies on an air sensor for activation, eliminating the need for any buttons.

The Nano is a closed pod system that is simple to use and makes use of the nicotine salts that have made pods so popular among a section of vapers, particularly ex-smokers and users who find regular e-liquid (with freebase nicotine) a bit underwhelming.

There is no refilling needed with this device, nor will you be swapping coils with the Nano, making it an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a discrete, hassle-free pod for the on-the-go vaping.

The Nano Disposable is available in different flavour options, including:

  • Nic Salt Tobacco
  • Nic Salt Menthol
  • Nic Salt Berries

The AV Click & Vape Refillable Pod

Another pod device off the AquaVape stable, the AV Click & Vape Refillable Pod Kit is ideal for vapers who prefer a refillable pod mod.

The good thing about open pod systems (aka refillable pod devices) is the array of flavour options they come with. And we haven’t disappointed in this regard.

The Click & Vape pods come in 10 popular flavours that have made it a hit with the vaping community, with more set to be added.

  • All E-Liquid Types

Even better, the AV Click & Vape Refillable Pod can be used with all e-liquid types.

In addition to nicotine salt e-liquids, you can also pair this pod mod with regular e-liquids and sub-ohm juices even!

Think about that – sub-ohming on a pod vape.

Who said you can’t?!

  • We Listened to your Needs. And Executed

At Aquavape, we like to incorporate the needs and preferences of different vapers into our products.

That is why we listen intently to the demands of our customers (and general vaping community) and try to bring your suggestions on board our product design process.

We understand we are all cut from a different cloth. That is why we were inspired to bring the convenience, simplicity and fun associated with pod devices to users who prefer something different from nicotine salts.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen – the Click & Refillable Pod Mod from AquaVape.

Reliable and Cost Effective

But what’s fun if it’s not sustainable, especially with everyday products like vape devices?

AquaVape pods ride on the cutting edge of the best new e-cig technology.

That is why our pods are able to bring out the best of pod devices while managing to remain affordable; not just on the initial hardware outlay front, but also the recurring costs associated with open pod systems – case in point, the Click & Vape Pod.

You will love these ones, that much there is no doubt!


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