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The number of different types of e-cigarettes, as well as the popularity of disposable e-cigs, has exploded in recent years. The Vaping category is growing at a breakneck pace: it’s increased by more than half over the last year. An increase in consumer feedback and industry data has prompted an increased demand.

The number of vapers has risen year-over-year, with an increase in flavours. While there are several fantastic disposable e-cig options on the market today, there is nothing that offers a greener option than the one use throwaways.

Aquavape introduces Gpod as the next step for disposable users. With prefilled pods of 2% Nicotine salt-infused e-liquid in 10 distinct flavours, available in 2ml prefilled pods.

A variety of flavours are available to choose from. Each box contains three pods, that are equivalent to three disposable vape pens. With up to 600 puffs per pod, prefilled and enhanced experiences with high concentrate nicotine salts provide users with the best in class experience. Flavours that disposable users are already familiar with.

The Gpod is a refillable pod system with a fully recyclable food-grade PC + ABS casing and replacement pods to assist minimize the environmental effect. This is what Gpod is attempting to accomplish by collaborating with the world’s leading e-cigarette manufacturers to develop long-lasting, refillable goods that are perfect for any consumer seeking a vape answer that is simple, cheap, and high-quality.

The outstanding solution that helps to minimize the environmental impact of disposable pens being thrown away after a single use is that Gpod products can be used with interchangeable pods from Gpod, along with a rechargeable battery without sacrificing size and portability.

Here’s a list of all available pods, with 10 different flavours to select from;

Gpod Watermelon Ice -A great combination of juicy watermelon combined with icy cool undertones. A refreshing and sweet all day vape.

Gpod Blueberry Ice – The sweet tangy flavour of blueberries combined with refreshing icy undertones. This juicy e-liquid will deliver a great taste for an all-day vape.

Gpod Sour Apple – A mouth tantalising combination of crisp apples topped up with sherbet for an incredibly zingy flavour.

Gpod Strawberry Ice Cream – A smooth combination of sweet strawberries and a creamy ice cream milkshake. The mixture of ripe juicy strawberries and vanilla ice cream will certainly wake up your tastes buds.

Gpod Sweet Strawberry – Bursting full of freshly picked ripe strawberries, a simple fruit flavour. The delicious strawberry undertones are blended to be an all-day vape, with a juicy aftertaste on inhaling and exhaling.

Gpod Peach IcePeach Ice tastes just like the real thing, so juicy you can imagine the skin brushing against your lips as you bite into it. Combined with an icy cool after hit on exhale.

Gpod Blueberry Sour Raspberry – Tangy sweet notes of delicious blueberries combined with the sweet-tart taste from the raspberry and a hint of sour to create a refreshing vape experience.

Gpod Passion Fruit – This fruity flavour is not to be missed a sweet and tangy taste of passion fruit for a fresh tropical vape.

Gpod Grape – Tastes just like everybody’s favourite grape. The bold and punchy flavour of fresh juicy grapes makes for a great all day vape.

Gpod Mango Ice – A tropical vape combining juicy freshly picked mangoes with an icy cool undertone. A sweet taste on inhaling and icy on exhale, the perfect all day vape.