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Cola E-Liquid

The cola drink has been the most popular beverage in the world for some time now, with its reign stretching across multiple generations.

There is nothing like the sweet, crisp and refreshing taste of a cold coke on a blistering day. And now, vapers have the opportunity to savour this universally relished flavour through our Cola E-liquid, only this time, there are no calories to worry about. Or the caffeine.

You will find plenty of cola flavours in the market, so why exactly should you opt for the Cola Fizz from AquaVape?

Well, as ubiquitous as it may be, the magic taste of cola feels like a mashup of multiple distinct base notes such as cinnamon, vanilla and citrus oils; not forgetting caffeine and sugar.

No, this is not to mean these are the ingredients that constitute the famously guarded secret coke recipe. It’s just another way of saying capturing the real flavour of cola in e-juice is not as simple as just adding in a little cola concentrate.

To create a world-beating Cola e-liquid, careful flavour selection is paramount, in addition to plenty of experimentation, testing and refinement. Scrimp on the process and the result will be like what we are witnessing in the market today: too many brands missing the mark.

At AquaVape, we understand what goes into a good cola vape juice and know what it takes to pull it off. This is why our cola offering is nothing like the ultra-sweet and sticky e-liquids you will find out there, inconsistent and never really come off as cola per se.

Our juice is perfected by professional mixologists using the very best ingredients in a state of the art facility. You see, when we set out to develop a cola e-liquid, good enough was not going to cut it. It was either all in or nothing at all.

And do it we did, the results of which are here for you to see sample.

The AquaVape Cola Fizz perfectly embodies that classic Cola taste. The sensation you get when vaping this juice is akin to gulping a glass of fizzy cola on ice on a hot summer day.

Who is the AquaVape Cola Fizz E-Liquid for?

If you delight in the amazing taste of cola, you will love this juice. The Cola Fizz e-liquid from AquaVape is as authentic a coke flavour as you will encounter.

Refreshingly bubbly, it perfectly captures the bold flavour of the carbonated soft drink that will speak to soda lovers everywhere.

The AquaVape Cola Fizz is not made for soda lovers alone, though. If you are into sweet e-liquids, this is a flavour you are bound to appreciate, more so if you are after something that is a break from the usual ‘flat’ taste.

That is largely thanks to the kick from the juice that is evocative of a cold fizzy coke.

What Nicotine Strengths is it Available in?

The Cola Fizz E-Liquid from AquaVape is available in these nicotine concentrations:

  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg

This makes it ideal for vapers across the board, from ultra-light users to their heavy counterparts.

The choice of nicotine strength should be guided by where you are at in your vaping journey, so this is a personal choice for each of us. You should be well placed to know what works for you, but if you are not sure, we are always here to guide you on all things vape!

Which Devices are Compatible with this E-Liquid?

Our Cola e-liquid has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50, making it most suitable for regular vaporisers. That means all standard vape pens and MTL devices can be paired with this e-liquid.

That is not all, though. If you own or plan to invest in a refillable pod kit, you will be happy to know that the AquaVape Cola Fizz can be used with refillable or open pod systems, AIO or otherwise.

The Aquavape Click & Vape refillable pod kit is one such example. Others include the VooPoo Drag Nano, the Innokin IO and the Innokin EQs kit.

What can you Expect?

The Cola e-liquid from AquaVape is the perfect recreation of that famous cola taste, complete with the fizzy sensation.

With such unerring precision in flavour, you might mistake your vaporiser for an actual straw!

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