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Fruity E Liquid

Fruity E-Liquid Flavours | Buy from AquaVape

If you’re a fan of fruit flavours, you’ll love the selection of fruity e-liquid flavours available at AquaVape. From sweet and juicy watermelon to tart and tangy lemon, we have a flavour to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Our e-liquids are made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a great vaping experience every time. Plus, our affordable prices make it easy to stock up on your favourite flavours.

Popular Types of Fruity E-Liquid

Wild Berry

Aqua Vape’s Wild Berry E-Liquid is a delectable flavour that will tantalize your taste buds with a rush of juicy flavour. Fresh strawberries, sour wild raspberries, tart blackberries, and ripe, delicious blueberries make up this mouth-watering blend. It’s a must-try for berry lovers.

Raspberry Menthol

Aqua Vape’s Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid is a fruit lover’s delight, with just a touch of cooling menthol. Indulge your senses with real raspberries’ sweet flavour and an ice menthol finish for a wonderful vaping experience. A fantastic taste to refresh your senses throughout the day.

Sweet Cherry

Aqua Vape’s Sweet Cherry E-Liquid is a unique flavour profile that combines green and red cherries for an outstanding all-day vape. This flavour is ideal for people who adore sweet cherries. Get your hands on this delectable E-Liquid taste right now.


Aqua Vape’s Blueberry E-Liquid lets you enjoy the taste of juicy blueberries any time and anywhere. This flavour is perfected to ensure that you get genuine berries in a vape. The yummy fruitiness of this e-liquid will undoubtedly delight you!

Cherry Menthol

Aqua Vape’s Cherry Menthol E-Liquid will surprise you with its sweet cherry flavour and a touch of menthol cooling. All-day long, you can enjoy a delectable cherry vape followed by a pleasant menthol hit. This is an ideal every-day vape that will leave you refreshed.


Aqua Vape’s Strawberry Delight E-Liquid is a delightful strawberry pastry cream flavour that will leave you speechless with its mouthwatering taste. This e-liquid tastes exactly like strawberry pie, which is why it’s one of the most popular vape flavours.


Why You Should Buy From Us

For the domestic market, we create our e-liquids in the United Kingdom. We only use high-quality components that are currently available on the market to assure your complete satisfaction. But you don’t have to take our word for it; an independent laboratory has verified our e-liquids for purity and safety.

We offer a similar level of service and quality whether you buy from one of our shops or an authorised seller in the UK. AquaVape has retained its popularity among vapers in the United Kingdom for this reason.