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Nic Shots

Nicotine Shots aka Nic Shots 

Nic shots are an unflavoured, concentrated amount of nicotine, which are used to increase e-liquid strength. Most vapers who mix their own e-liquid are familiar with nicotine shots as this is the only legal way to add nicotine.

Nicotine shots are designed to use with 0mg shortfill e-liquids, simply put these add nicotine to your e-liquid. Nicotine shots are usually a 10ml bottle of flavourless, 18mg, 70vg / 30pg. These shots are simply added to the 0mg shortfill bottle. Although they can be vaped alone, the flavour wouldn't be very palatable and the strength extremely high, we advise not to! 

Nicotine Shots were introduced when TPD restrictions were enforced, part of this legislation is that nicotine-containing e-liquid cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10ml. To offer customers great value for money the industry came up with the concept of shortfill e-liquid combined with nicotine shots. 

How do I use Nic Shots?

Shortfill e-liquid is exactly as it describes, a bottle of 0mg e-liquid, short filled so the user can add in a nicotine shot, thus offering the customer better value for money with larger bottles of e-liquid and a simple way to top this up with nicotine.

Shortfills usually come in 2 different sizes, 50ml and 100ml, lets break this down 

1x 50ml shortfill, this will consist of a 60ml bottle, short filled with 50ml of 0mg e-liquid. Leaving 10ml to add in a Nic shot, by adding 1x 18mg Nic shot this would produce 60ml of 3mg e-liquid

1x 100ml shortfill, this will consist of a 120ml bottle, short filled with 100ml of 0mg e-liquid, leaving 20ml to add in a Nic shot, by adding 2x 18mg Nic shot this would produce 120ml of 3mg e-liquid.

What are the different types of Nic Shots?

We have a great range of unflavoured nic shots, all available in 18mg, to offer the user the ultimate e-liquid customisation we have a range of VG/PG ratios available including 70VG/30PG Nic Shot, 50VG/50PG Nic Shot and our 100VG Nic Shot

From our exclusively selected guest brand range, we offer Vapemate a Nic Salt nicotine shot, nic salt offers a smoother throat hit than traditional freebase nic shot. This is a flavourless 18mg liquid with a 50VG/50PG ratio and is used just as above with regular nic shots.

Add a bit of fizz to any e-liquid with our fizz nic shot this can complement any shortfill adding a tangy fizz to any shortfill e-liquid. 

Why not add a bit of sour to your favourite e-liquid with our sour nic shot a well blended tasty tangy finish. 

Looking for a cool finish, we have the perfect ingredient with our cool nic shot which will add a cool blast to any shortfill e-liquid. 


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