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///AquaVape 50ml Vape Juice





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AquaVape 50ml Vape Juice

50ml Vape Juice (Shortfills)

AquaVape stocks a wide range of 50ml vape juice supplied in 60ml bottles.

Also known as shortfills or shake and vape e-liquids, these bottles come pre-filled with 50ml of 0mg (nicotine-free) e-liquid, with an extra allowance of 10ml that allows room for addition of nicotine through what is known as a nicotine shot. Please note Nicotine Shots are not included.

Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of nicotine e-liquid that carries no flavour and contains high concentrations of nicotine used to add nicotine into e-liquids post-sale.

Our nicotine shots come in the maximum nicotine strength allowed in the UK (18mg) and we offer our customers variety to choose from with several nic shot formulations. We stock 100VG, 70VG/30PG, and 50VG/50PG nicotine shots to mix your favourite 50ml vape juice flavours. Please note Nicotine Shots are not included.

Now, grab a bigger bottle for longer lasting e-liquid, and mix it with one of our nic shots to get 60ml of 3mg vape juice.

Is 50ml Vape Juice Legal in the UK?

The 50ml bottle was created as a way to get around TPD directives which limit e-liquid bottles in the UK and EU to a capacity of 10ml. The rule applies to bottles of e-liquid with nicotine.

50ml shortfill e-liquids do not contain any nicotine and are only part-filled with 0mg e-juice. The bottle leaves some space to add one or two 10ml bottles of nicotine shots depending on desired strength.

So yes, 50ml vape juice is very much legal in the UK.

Who are Shortfills for?

Shortfills are a great way to stock up on e-liquid on the cheap.

These 50ml e-liquids work out to have the lowest price per 10ml out of all our offerings. For this reason, heavy vapers will especially find them pocket-friendly – and so will vapers who use sub-ohm tanks which are known juice guzzlers.

As well, if you desire e-liquid without any nicotine content, there isn’t much point purchasing stacks of zero-nicotine 10ml bottles. Shortfills are 0mg juices that are a great way to sample the myriad vape flavours on offer, so non-nicotine users and vapers only in it for the flavours and smells will love them.

What’s more, their zero-calorie nature can serve to replace your cravings for cookies and cake, so you can always enjoy your favourite flavours minus the guilt or fear of piling on the pounds!

All the Flavours you Love

Our range of 50ml vape juice is as diverse as they come. Here, you will find all your favourite flavours that remind you of happy times.

We offer a variety of flavour profiles in 50ml bottles, notably:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol and Mint
  • Fruits
  • Desserts
  • Sweets

Our selection is made up of a long list of shortfills produced in-house, but we also carry an assortment of 50ml offerings from reputable brands from across the world.

No matter your cravings and no matter the preference, you can be sure to find a 50ml vape juice (or two) in the AquaVape store that speaks to you. Most likely more!

What else will impress you about our range is the array of mixes on offer. Whether you desire a 100VG juice for maximum cloud output, an 80VG/20PG variant, or 70VG/30PG that gives you the best of both worlds, we offer them all.

Shop now and save on all your favourite flavours, including mango, lemonade, cola, caramel latte, classic or fruit-based menthol.

Fancy a dessert? Why not try the unerring taste of a good Cheesecake? Feel like spoiling yourself with some rich moreish sweet? A Ferrero or Jam Donut is an option!

Not feeling a sweet tooth? No problem, you can try an ice cool menthol. Or probably you are in the mood for a tropical? We got P-L-E-N-T-Y that will have you spoilt for choice.

Browse our selection of great-tasting high-quality 50ml juices and spoil yourself while saving £££ in the process. And always keep checking because more are being added all the time.


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