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IVG Vape

IVG vape is a British e-cig company whose tentacles engulf all corners of the globe.

Headquartered in Preston, England, they also have branches in New York, Dubai and Medellin, Colombia, with further expansion plans in the pipeline. At the moment, their products are savoured in over 60 countries spanning 6 continents.

Bar some forays into the pod vapes category, this is a company that has largely abandoned the jack-of-all-trades master-of-none approach in favour of majoring on one specialty: e-liquid creation.

It is a strategy that has borne the company fruit in a fairly short space of time since its inception in 2016.

IVG vape e-liquids have scooped up multiple Best E-Liquid Flavour awards during that time following their participation in various international vape expos, from Paris to Denmark, to South Korea and China.

Truly, the e-liquid brand seems to be living up to its nametag, IVG – I Vape Great.

What Can I Expect with IVG Vape Flavours?

We know, although they provide some form of validation, as an ordinary vaper, company awards don’t count for much on an individual level.

What you are more interested in is how good the flavours are and how well they’ll sit with you.

IVG vape have a good handle on e-liquids, that much is for certain, as anyone who has had the pleasure of sampling a few of their offerings will admit.

They have a bit of everything you would expect from a company that specialises in e-liquids – tobacco, fruit, dessert, candy, menthol, fruit and more fruit.

The flavours themselves taste incredible, but more than that, the brand has zeroed in on different juice categories to create a vape for every need and occasion:

Sub-Ohming E-Liquids and Shortfills

One of the categories IVG vape has specialised in is the sub-ohm and shortfill range.

They seem to prefer the 70/30 VG/PG mix which typically is the magic spot for optimal vapour and flavour.

Their sub-ohm range is divided into eight subcategories – the usual Menthol and Tobacco make up the first two, with the others coming in the form of the following shortfills:

Select Range – Known for its amazingly tasty flavour, examples of e-liquids under this sub-category include the IVG Bubblegum and IVG Spearmint.

Chew Range – Boasts fresh flavours with a characteristic bubble gum taste that leaves a great aftertaste. An example is the IVG Chew Strawberry Watermelon.

Classics Range – Comprises e-liquids that made up the brand’s original range. Includes the IVG Blue Raspberry and IVG Cola Neon.

Mixer Range – IVG Mixers have tangy undertones thanks to their reliance on lemonade which is the constant. This is paired with another element, preferably sweet – think honeydew melon, grape, or even blackcurrants and wild berries like in the IVG Riberry Lemonade.

Pops Range – This range carries every shortfill with the delight that is lollipops. Example is the IVG Blue Pops Shortfill.

After Dinner Range – As is your guess, all the dessert shortfill flavours go here.

Regular E-Liquids

IVG’s catalogue of regular e-liquids comes in a ratio of 50/50 VG/PG, making it the go-to category for anyone looking for a vape suited for well, regular or every day vaping.

Expectedly, this is a diverse listing that comes with e-liquids of different flavour profiles – tobacco, fruit, menthols and mints, as well as dessert.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts tend to be excellent choices for smokers looking to ditch the habit. They help ease the smoker into vaping without the bottlenecks associated with the big switch.

IVG has done a wonderful job in the nic salt category by not only developing some great tasting flavours, but also availing these flavours in a smorgasbord of options.

By the way, most of the sub-ohming juices and shortfills as we listed above are available in a salt nic version. In addition, some examples of e-liquid that you’ll find in the IVG salt nic line-up include:

IVG Salt Bubblegum

IVG Salt Spearmint Sweets

IVG Salt Rainbow Blast

IVG Salt Kiwi Lemon Kool

IVG Salt Summer Blaze

All come with a nicotine concentration of 20mg.

No matter your taste or preference, you can bank on IVG to deliver something to suit your exact needs.

If you are yet to sample an IVG bottle, grab yours today for cheap from our store and find out what the deal is with their e-liquids.


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