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Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice Vape

Originally based in Tampin, Malaysia, Nasty Juice vape has gradually become one of the most recognisable e-liquid brands the world over.

With multiple award-winning flavours under its belt, the manufacturer has become a household name not just here in the UK, but the entire vaping industry so much so that any new release is always met with anticipation aplenty.

Nasty Juice vape is strongly committed to creating the best possible e-liquids that exceed expectations in terms of quality while managing to keep the prices within the reach of as many consumers as can be.

And deliver they have. On every one of those aspects.

It’s little wonder then the Malaysian e-liquid giant has gone from strength to strength at a remarkably extraordinary pace through the years.

Best thing is, even with the expansion of operations to cater to an insatiable global appetite, Nasty Juice hasn’t let up. The high standards they set remain and the quality is evident through their products.

Presently, Nasty Juice finds itself in the enviable position of being a beacon of how a company ought to be run.

Out of this World

Despite the name, flavours from Nasty Juice Vape are anything but nasty.

While their arresting packaging characterised by radical design work and fascinating flavour names is an aspect many customers love, Nasty Juice has not got to where they are by just fancy packaging and iconography.

It is in the actual flavours that the true magic can be found.

Their juices are nothing short of splendid, boasting an alluring scent and a penchant for hitting all the right spots.

Spanning across multiple ranges, Nasty Juice flavours are ever expanding and include an assortment of tropical fruit, tobacco, mint and candy blends.

The most popular and famous flavours from nasty juice include (70/30 VG/PG):

Bad Blood – Known as the ‘baddest vape juice in the market’, this 70/30 shortfill is concocted from fresh blackcurrant and cooling mint leaves, giving the juice a rich, punchy blackcurrant taste.

Fat Boy – Part of the brand’s signature low mint series, Fat Boy is a succulent mango flavour with a dash of mint but – as is characteristic of Nasty Juice liquids – the aftertaste is not too cold to overpower.

Devil Teeth – Another lip-smacking shortfill vape from Nasty Juice, Devil Teeth carries luscious honeydew melon tones that deliver a flavour as fresh and fruity as the splendour of its clouds.

Wicked Haze – A sub-ohming juice that is a harmonious marriage of juicy blackcurrant and zesty lemonade that culminates in a remarkable exhale.

Asap Grape – Made up of delicious black grape mixed with ripe berry and other fruit thrown in for good measure, Asap Grape is fruity and sweet without being too cold from the subtle hints of menthol.

Yes, all these juices carry slight touches of menthol that really bring the flavours out.

For a regular 50/50 juice with nuanced menthol notes, the Slow Blow is another popular flavour you should give a try.

This one boasts a sweet pineapple tang throughout, with lime bringing a zesty citrus to the combo. A hint of soda rounds off the flavour that finishes in an icy note. We recommend this as an all-day vape.

Nasty Juice Yummy Fruit Series

It would be remiss to talk about Nasty Juice Vape and not really give mention to even more fruit.

That’s because the Malaysian brand has made fruity vapes a specialty of theirs, and it is in fact these offerings that largely explain the brand’s wild popularity.

The Yummy Fruit Series in particular is an absolute must-try. This includes famous releases like:

Cush Man – Also available in a Salt Nic version: Cush Man Nic Salt.

Trap Queen – Also available in a Salt Nic version: Trap Queen Nic Salt.

Green Ape.

Grab a bottle or two of Nasty Juice liquids from our store today at attractive prices that are in line with the manufacturer’s ethos and lighten up your day. Or week rather. As a matter of fact, your month!


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