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Ossem Juice

Ossem Juice is a new e-liquid range from Malaysia unlike any other you have come across.

The brand, one of the leading names in the Malaysian market, is famed for its insanely flavourful lines and plays by the mantra of Living Life Awesome – extreme stunts, sports and events. Now available in the UK, Aquavape brings you 10 lip-smacking fruity flavours of 0mg Ossem Juice, each with a unique profile that promises to send your vape taste buds into outer space!

Are Malaysian E-Liquids Really Good?

We know, e-liquids coming from some corners of Asia have suffered a bad rap, and rightly so.

But anyone who has had the chance to taste Malaysian e-juice will tell you it’s nothing like e-liquids from China.

The Malaysian e-cigarette industry is highly evolved, and this is thanks to the high rate of smokers in the country (22% of the population are smokers, with nearly one in every two Malaysian men smokers).

As the vaping movement sweeps across the globe, it is not surprising the Southeast Asia nation has become one of the world’s biggest vaping markets.

This has led to a boom in Malaysian vape juice companies, many of which, like Ossem Juice, have attracted a worldwide client base.

High Quality, Unique Blends

Ossem Juice is known for its high manufacturing standards, and the quality aspect is one of the things that has endeared the company to many vapers across the world. They have a strict no-compromise policy on quality of their juices.

What else you’ll love about 0mg Ossem Juice is the company’s out-of-this-world fruity flavour combinations which have played a large part in driving the company’s global popularity.

The line features a unique mix and match of fruits which creates a different sensation in every blend.

We know, the market is not short of awesome fruit flavour combos, and we have enough of those in our online store ourselves.

But we can wager these flavour combinations are nothing like you have tasted before!

BOLD Juices

The unique blends aside, customers who have tried 0mg Ossem Juice fruit flavours swear the unique expression of popular flavour profiles like strawberry and mango is unlike any other they have tried.

They are more boldly flavoured and don’t be surprised if your previous favourite juices taste bland after giving these a try.

If you love your fruit flavours, Ossem Juice is a must-try. With its layers of flavours, each carrying its own distinct note, this range is a dream for every flavour chaser.

Savour it on different tanks, at different settings and let the different notes unravel in their characteristic flamboyant style!

Blow up a Cloud

The delectable flavours aside, the 0mg Ossem Juice line is a great pick for anyone looking for a good sub-ohm juice.

The e-liquid comes in a ratio of 30% PG (Propylene Glycol) and 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine).

This is the preferred PG/VG ratio for most cloud chasers as there is sufficient VG to guarantee rich vapour production without the flavour getting washed away.

0mg Ossem Juice is available in 50ml bottles of zero-nicotine e-liquid.

You can pick it up along with unflavoured nicotine shot to mix at your own leisure, if you so desire.

Aquavape is the leading online store in the UK for Ossem Juice supplies.

We invite you to give the impeccable line of 0mg Ossem Juice flavours a shot.

Find out why the Strawberry and Blackcurrant combo is christened the Adrenaline Rush, or go summery with the Hawaii Soursop Orange, an exclusive blend of graviola and luscious orange.

The tropical mix of Jackfruit & Pineapple is the best tropical-inspired fruit vape juice you’ve ever tasted, and the Mango Malaysian is an absolute must for the sweet-toothed and any fruit flavour diehard.

With the 0mg Ossem Juice, your entire vaping experience just changed. For the better!

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