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lll,AquaVape Devices

AV Devices

AquaVape devices are designed in-house right here in the United Kingdom.

We have a thing for design and creating e-cig devices that ace it on performance without losing the appeal factor;

Devices that sufficiently address users’ needs, whether that be regular vaping, sub-ohming, or even portability and convenience;

Devices that cater to beginners and advanced users alike – and everyone in between.

Whatever your fancy, you can trust an AquaVape e-cig device to deliver a satisfying vape.

AV Devices Elevate your Vaping Experience

Whether you are making your first forays into vaping or a seasoned pro, we have an e-cig device for you.

Since vaping went mainstream in Europe, AquaVape has been at the forefront of developing quality and dependable vaping hardware, from vape pens, to sub-ohms, and more recently, pod mods.

We have starter kits aimed at different vaping experience levels, ensuring our customers have a wide pool of e-cig devices to choose from depending on their need and rung on the experience ladder.

  1. Vape Pens

Vape pens are one type of e-cig device we offer.

Longer and thinner than other types of vaping devices, vape pens are the perfect device for everyday vaping. They are also the most versatile e-cig devices for two main reasons.

One is that vape pens are excellent as an entry-level device for first-time vapers exploring vaping for the very first time.

And two, they are also ideal for experienced vapers who desire a device for regular vaping (aka vaping that utilises e-liquids with 50VG and less).

All vape pens are not equal. Despite being built with the same goal in mind, some are more powerful than others.

For this reason, you find personal vaporisers (as they are also known) are suited for vaping at a range of experience levels.

It is with this understanding that AquaVape designed not one universal vaporiser, but three vape pens targeted at different kinds of users.

These are:

AV Series 1 Vape Pen

The AV Series 1 is suitable for beginners venturing into vaping for the very first time and need a device to ease them into vaping.

AV Series 2 Vape Pen

Featuring a dual-coil tank, the extremely popular Series 2 Kit promises an enhanced and super smooth vape experience.

It strikes a perfect balance between power and resistance, making it ideal for vapers across the board, beginner to experienced.

AV Series 3 Vape Pen

The third offering in our Series range, the AV Series 3 is a dual-coil personal vaporiser that makes it possible for users to tailor their vape to their unique taste.

This is thanks to the device’s variable temperature controlled battery.

If you are looking for a good, dependable vape pen irrespective of your experience level, the Series 3 pen comes highly recommended.

  1. Sub-Ohm and Box Mod

Sub-ohm devices and box mods are advanced vaping devices suited for users in need of a cloud chasing device, as well as users who want to sample vape flavours in all their glory.

AquaVape has this group of users sufficiently catered for through two offerings in particular:

AV Series 4 Sub-Ohm

The AV Series 4 is a sub-ohm kit that ushers you into the cloudy world of sub-ohming with minimal fuss.

A minimalist yet powerful device, the all-in-one sub-ohm is the kind of device that gets the job done, no questions asked.

AV Series 5 Box Mod

Next up on our series range is the AV Series 5, a box mod suited for users who want to take their sub-ohming to the next level.

Available in Black and Silver shades, you will fall in love with this elegant box mod for its ease of use and incredible power that allows you to put on a proper cloud show.

  1. Pod Mods

Pod mods have really caught on of late.

Their compact size is ideal for discrete vaping, one aspect vapers love about these miniscule devices.

But there is also the small matter of nicotine salts which has taken the industry by storm. Especially loved by ex-smokers and vapers looking for a satisfying vape as regards nicotine, vape pods offer the most rewarding nicotine experience.

Pod mods are available in two types: closed pod systems and open pod systems. At AquaVape, we offer our customers both options in the form of the:

AV Nano Disposable

The Nano Disposable was the device that marked AquaVape’s entry into the pod mod category.

Our simplest device to date, the Nano is a closed pod system that needs no refilling.

It is extremely popular with lovers of nicotine salts and vapers who prefer a simple, hassle-free portable device for on-the-go vaping.

The Nano is available in several flavours, including:

  • Nic Salt Tobacco
  • Nic Salt Menthol
  • Nic Salt Berries

 AV Click & Vape Kit

In addition to the Nano, we also have another pod mod worth your consideration.

The AV Click & Vape is a pod device that removes the limitations of original pod vapes.

To be specific, this is a pod system that can be refilled, so it’s not a one-time disposable pod device.

As well, it gives you total freedom with regard to preferred type of e-liquid. That’s because the Click & Vape does not run on nic salts alone. You can also use regular e-liquid with this sleek pod kit – and believe it or not, sub-ohm e-liquids too!

All the while without losing the small, portable nature that has made pod systems such a darling for many.

What’s more, the AV Click & Vape comes in a slew of flavours that number in the region of 10 at the moment.

Did we mention this pod kit can also be used to vape CBD Oil?

You really couldn’t ask for more from a pod device, and it’s no surprise really that the Click & Vape from AquaVape has gone on to become a bestseller from the moment it hit the shelves.


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