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Innokin Devices

Innokin Vape made their entry into the vaping scene in 2011 with the aim of combining tech innovation and leading designs to come up with creations that classify them as among the best at what they do.

And by adhering to the highest quality standards, true to their word they have stuck. The American company is committed to creating, in their own words, ‘the best e cigs and Advanced Personal Vaporisers in the world’. Innokin has a 10,000-sq.-metre factory in Shenzhen, China. However, in spite of the mass production of their products overseas, the brand goes the extra mile to ensure all Innokin vape kits pass their stringent quality standards crafted with the international vaping community in mind.

The Rise and Rise of Innokin Vape

As with most other companies, the story of the e-cig manufacturing company is one of humble beginnings.

But the manufacturer has steadily grown through the years to leave an imprint on the vaping world that the vaping community will remember fondly.

Innokin first stirred a buzz in 2011 when they made a debut with their advanced iTaste kit, a unit that raised the bar and set the standards going forward as it seemed to meet all vapers needs.

With a convenient micro-USB and variable voltage control, Innokin hit the jackpot with the iTaste MVP, one of the first box mods in the market which spread like wild fire. It is not surprising that most vapers still resort to the unit to this day.

This was followed up by another product line in the name of Coolfire, a range that is still going strong today. A box mod, this Innokin vape kit was way ahead of its time, opting for comfy rounded corners in favour of sharp edges.

The engineering craftsmanship on display all through, from the exterior to the chipset, helped Innokin solidify its name even further.

A Brand You Can Trust

Innokin Vape has remained steadfast to their creed of unique designs that satisfy vapers in ways they didn’t imagine possible.

As they continue to innovate, their desire is for Innokin vape kits to be a source of pride, which explains why their designers are constantly working on unique proprietary designs that do not borrow from other devices on the market.

With 71 design patents under its name, the brand shows no signs of easing up. Innokin products have come to be associated with reliability and affordability, and as mentioned, have something for every vaper, from the new to the experienced.

From cutting-edge atomisers like the Scion, to vape pens and top mods characterised by an ease of use, like the Innokin T18E II Kit or Innokin Coolfire IV Express Kit, their offerings veer from the safe while remaining true to their core design manifesto.

At Aquavape, we share the same philosophy as Innokin. That of unique, cutting-edge, reliable and easy-to-use vape devices that remain within the reach of vapers while satisfying their needs.

That is why Innokin vape kits UK are and will continue to be a staple in our store.

Innokin Vape Kits UK: Wide E-Cig Product Range

While Innokin Vape boasts a rich line of established products today, the brand started with only a handful of powerful Innokin vape kits – the iTaste, the Coolfire and iClear – that are still rocking strong.

Naturally, the company has evolved with the times and expanded the ranges with one exciting product after the next.

An attention to community feedback is one thing that sets them apart from the rest. That, and an ability to design products that match the needs of vapers at every experience level.

From coils, to tanks, to vaporisers, to vape mods, you will find it all under the Innokin brand.

Convenient pens like the Endura are an ideal example of the immaculate style and craftsmanship Innokin is serving the market with while still managing to keep the price points within easy reach.

Looking for Innokin vape kits UK? Feel free to peek around our store.

At Aquavape, we stock a wide selection of Innokin vape kits and we can bet you’ll love shopping with us because we offer Innokin’s best products at the best prices!

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