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Voopoo Devices

VOOPOO Devices

VooPoo – the Epitome of Vape Elegance

VooPoo Tech is a vape hardware brand that has carved a name for itself in the industry as manufacturers of high-quality products that ace it on the reliability, versatility and durability categories.

The design of VooPoo gear is informed by scientific knowledge, intelligence and innovation, therefore it comes as no surprise to see VooPoo’s offerings hold a candle to the very best in the market.

In particular, the company’s selection of chips, battery boxes and TOO kits is second to none.

At AquaVape, we carry vape brands like VOOPOO that are unwavering in their commitment to quality and purposed towards taking e-cig products to the next level by daring to be different through the infusion of creativity in their products.

And we all can agree: VooPoo devices do dare to stand out.

If you are one who likes to keep it unique with a touch of personalisation but without compromising on the quality aspect, we think this is a brand that speaks to you.

VooPoo hardware is not just a vaping device you see. It borders on a fashion statement.

The VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Kit is a perfect illustration of this.

You can find quality and unique VooPoo products at the AquaVape Store without having to overpay for anything.

Unique GENE Chip for Protection & Faster Firing Speeds

VooPoo was set up in 2014 and though its journey to the top has been gradual, it has become one of the most sought after brands today.

2017 was a key year for the manufacturer as this is when they acquired California-based Woody Vapes and also became the SOLE global strategic partner for the splendid GENE chip.

The two companies joined hands to create the GENE.FAN chipset which improves juice block through the V0 class fire protection bridge feature.

It helps make your VooPoo device safer by protecting against damage from potential accidents.

In other words, your device is less likely to malfunction if it is fitted with a GENE chip.

What’s more, the GENE chip is also said to boast one of the fastest ramp up times in the industry. This means it takes less time to power your device and vaporise the e-liquid – as little as 0.010s. That’s faster than you can blink!

The VooPoo Drag Mini Platinum Kit and VooPoo Alpha Zip Pod are examples of gear that uses the GENE Chip.

A Device for every Need

If you are in the market for a mod, we encourage you to explore a VooPoo mod if you haven’t already.

It might sound a bit like an oversell, but trust us when we tell you VooPoo box mods are unlike any other you will find on the market.

Products like the Drag, Drag 2 and Alpha Zip Kit Mini have earned plenty of rave reviews, and it is not surprising that a good section of the industry considers these some of the best box mods currently available.

If you fancy a vape pen, you can’t go wrong with the VooPoo Caliber Kit which comes with the legendary UFORCE tank and a design which religiously follows the brand’s rule of minimalism and ergonomics.

Looking for a vape pod (or two)?

The refillable Drag Nano Pod comes highly recommended. It is powerful, intelligent and super cute.

Endangered Species

Despite being one of the youngest brands, it would be a cardinal sin if we didn’t carry the VooPoo brand in our store.

This is without a doubt one of our favourite brands out there – and we are not alone.

This has proved one of the hottest brands in our store so much so that it is almost an endangered species.

If you are shopping for a mod, vape starter kit or pod system, we have something for you.

At AquaVape, you can shop with confidence knowing you will never have to overpay for it.


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