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Guest Pods

Guest Pods

Pod systems, also known as pod vapes, vape pods or pod mods, are the latest generation of electronic cigarettes.

They provide a low-powered pull and instead of tanks, come with integrated pods that pack potent nicotine concentrations.

Ultra-compact in nature and a doddle to use, pod systems are the perfect device for individuals looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping or smokers who are yet to find an e-cig device that suits them.

This is because unlike other vape devices, pod vapes are capable of replicating that cigarette-like experience that smokers crave, largely thanks to their reliance on nicotine salts.

But pods have also proven hot goods among vapers who want a small, discrete device for use on-the-go.

These little devices come in two types:

  • Closed pod systems – these are pod vapes that come with pre-filled juice pods and are disposable once used up.
  • Open pod systems – unlike their closed counterparts, the pod cartridges on open pod devices are refillable up to a certain number of times, depending on device.

Extensive Collection

At AquaVape, we deal in all kinds of pod devices: closed, open, and of course, replacement pods for a whole range of open pod devices.

We have our own pod mods that have proved a massive hit in the UK.

The Nano Disposable was our first pod release. This one is a closed pod system available in three nic salt flavours at the moment: a tobacco flavour, a cool menthol, and a refreshing berry.

We also developed a versatile open pod system in the form of the Click & Vape Pod Mod that can be paired with all types of e-liquids: salt-based, regular vape juice and even sub-ohm e-liquids!

That aside, we are happy to break the news that AquaVape has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the business to bring their pod offerings closer to you.

You can now find pod kits and refillable pod cartridges from popular global brands that include the likes of Innokin, SMOK and VooPoo, with more brands set to be added to our pod collection as we go along.

Having options in life is a good thing, and that very much extends to vaping – or in this case, pod systems.

Behold ladies and gentlemen!

Shop your Favourite Pod Vapes Today

AquaVape stocks a wide range of replacement pods for your favourite pod device.

Whether you are currently using the Innokin EQs or Podin Kit, or vaping from the VooPoo Drag Nano or SMOK’s hybrid RPM 40, you will find pod cartridges that come in flavours galore.

We understand the world of pods is a diverse one these days. At AquaVape, though, we are keen to carry only the most trusted, reliable brands.

This way, you are always guaranteed satisfaction with every purchase made from us.

Nonetheless, we are a progressive brand that rides on the cutting edge of vape technology. We are always on the lookout for emerging trends in the pod category (and industry in general) which puts us in a good position to bring you the best pod offerings in the market.

Thus, our Guest Pod section is always changing, so keep checking this page to see what new kits and replacement pods we have in store for you!

With the best prices around, you can even opt to grab them in bulk so you never get to the point of getting caught without replacement pods for your pod vape ever again.

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