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Innokin Pods

Innokin Pods

Solid Presence

After bursting onto the scene in 2011 with signature releases like the award-winning iTaste range, Innokin laid down the marker and hasn’t turned back since.

Since then, they have treated the industry to some sublime vaping equipment right across the board.

Over the years, we have seen the Innokin range continue to expand to encompass a variety of tanks, accessories and vape kits which come in all shapes and sizes.

The manufacturer is known for its collection of box mods, including popular Innokin mods like like the CoolFire Mini and Proton Scion.

For a fabulous mouth-to-lung experience, Innokin is not short of options to pick from, including block-busting vape pens such as the Innokin Jem Pen and the Endura T18 II.

Clearly, Innokin’s strong presence in the industry is visible all around.

Another One, From Innokin

After the relatively recent entry of pod systems into the scene, it was only expected that the vape hardware giant would stretch its tentacles to the pod market as well.

Do they did, and today, we have not one, but multiple Innokin pod kits to choose from.

AquaVape brings you a selection of Innokin replacement pods for the most popular pod systems from the brand, including the wildly popular Innokin EQs kit, the super sleek Innokin IO (considered one of the tiniest pod mods on the market) among a host more.

Order your Innokin replacement pods from AquaVape today for fast delivery and great prices!

Why Innokin Pods?

With so many options out there, why would anyone consider Innokin pod mods over the next brand?

Well, the thing about Innokin is that their vape pods come with an undeniable sense of flair and stylishness. If vaping is in some way a fashion statement for you, then Innokin pod mods should work great for you.

Of course, there is the strength of the brand name behind them, so you always know what you are getting with Innokin. For any vaper, the assurance of quality comes before all else.

Innokin products are also fitted with a number of useful features to enhance efficiency and safety. As well, the technology used in their pods (the advanced Plex3D coil style, for example) makes Innokin pods more durable and longer lasting than most other pod systems out there.

That’s because their coils heat up and cool at a faster rate than your ordinary coil. And who doesn’t want to squeeze an extra day (or two) from their pod, right?

Not only that, Innokin pods are known for their intense flavour. The ability to taste more nuanced flavours is a definite plus for pods that come in an array of distinct flavours.

Without a doubt, Innokin pods represent the best that this e-cig category has to offer.

Shopping for Innokin Pods?

AquaVape stocks the latest range of Innokin replacement pods for all your favourite pod kits.

We offer refillable pods for popular devices like the Innokin Podin, Innokin EQ and EQs, Innokin Gala and more.

Shop with us to enjoy great prices and quick delivery in the UK.


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