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Guest Tanks

Looking for a Vape Tank?

Whether you call it a clearomiser, glassomiser, cartomiser or simply a tank, these are vape devices that comprise an atomiser and e-liquid reservoir rolled into a single unit.

A lot of tanks support replaceable atomiser heads which makes them a very cost-efficient accessory on your device as far as maintenance goes.

AquaVape’s massive stock of vape tanks is meant to bring convenience to your shopping. We offer a wide array of tanks from brands such as Innokin, Aspire, SMOK and Joyetech.

Available in a choice of sizes, features, colours and options, AquaVape is sure to have the glassomiser, clearomiser or tank to suit your specific vaping needs.

Finding the Right Tank for you

When you are shopping for vape tanks, the wealth of options you will come across in the market can make it a daunting task.

Even though the market is not short of some excellent choices, not every tank is going to suit your vaping style (or device).

Thus, understanding where the subtle differences lie is crucial in getting the right fit.

Since we are here, we thought we would break it down for you. Briefly, here is what you need to look at when browsing our selection of vape mod tanks.

  • Compatibility

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself when shopping for a vape tank: Which device are you planning to pair your new tank with?

One thing to keep in mind is that some tanks are only compatible with vape devices from the same brand or product series; others offer a bit more flexibility in terms of cross-compatibility.

Good thing is, majority of devices employ a 510 connection which is almost universal, giving your more wiggle room when it comes down to making a choice.

  • Size and Capacity

This is another important consideration to factor in when buying a vape tank.

The highest capacity doesn’t automatically mean the best choice. While ample capacity is great, it also means a larger size and therefore, bulkier to carry around.

If portability is a priority for you, finding something that hits the sweet spot with regard to size and capacity may be a great idea.

  • Resistance Levels

While you will come across tanks that feature interchangeable coils which boast different resistance level options, there are also others that are restricted to just one pre-installed coil.

That said, double-check the specifications of the tanks you are considering before you make the purchase.

While AquaVape offers a friendly return policy, you don’t want to end up with a sub ohm tank while in actual sense what you wanted in the first place was a tank for regular vaping. Or vice-versa.

  • Preferred Vaping Style

Your vape style and preferences are something else you need to think about. Vapers are different individuals with different preferences.

Thankfully, the market offers diversity in terms of tank options, so it is possible to find something that feels like it’s been tailored just for you.

For example, if you are looking for something that is able to replicate the feel of a traditional cigarette, a low-power setup with restricted airflow (aka mouth-to-lung vaping) might be just the thing for you.

Style and preference also brings up the issue of device design, colours and finish.

From sleek and subtle, to colourful and something with personality, you can bet that you will find something that speaks to your style.

Shop for Quality Tanks at AquaVape

Finding a tank that ticks all your expectation boxes might seem like a tall order, but not when you shop with us.

The collection of vape tanks in our store has been carefully curated to not only include the leading brands in the industry, but also the best vape tanks from each particular brand.

We keep adding to the collection based on customer needs and demands, so our list is not exhaustive per se at any given moment.

Browse our selection to find your next favourite tank, and feel free hit us up if you can’t find what you are looking for!


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