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Menthol Vape Juice

Looking for menthol vape juice?

Good. Let’s talk menthol.

In May 2020, the Ban on Menthol Cigarettes as per the TPD directives of 2016 effectively went into force. That simply meant there would no longer be sale of menthol cigarettes or cigarettes with a characterising flavour (think mint and other traditional cigarette additives) in the UK and Europe at large.

For smokers of menthol cigarettes, it needs no telling that this news, whilst anticipated, came as a crushing blow. Menthol cigarettes have been around since forever. While smoking levels have been dwindling over the past decade as more and more smokers take to vaping, the thought that you cannot legally find menthol sticks on our shores is still kind of inconceivable.

In light of these developments, menthol vape juice has thus become the most viable alternative for menthol lovers out there, of which there are plenty.

At AquaVape, we love menthol-flavoured e-liquids as much as the next guy. For long-time nicotine users, there is nothing like the unerring taste of menthol.

Out of a passion for this classic flavour, and in response to increased customer demands through the years (well before the menthol ban kicked into effect) menthol e-liquid has become one of our most diverse lines, if not the most varied.

One-Stop Shop for all your Menthol Cravings

Whether you desire the original classic menthol flavour, fancy something more avant-garde, or anything else in between, you will find every type of menthol flavour imaginable in our store.

A good number are developed in-house, but we also carry some award-winning menthol liquids from reputable manufacturers from around the globe.

Perhaps what you will love most about our menthol offerings, though, is the diversity they offer. From classic menthols, to their fruit-based alternatives, sweet, and even more fruity options, we have them all.

Irrespective of choice, every menthol vape juice in the AquaVape store can be relied upon to deliver that characteristic icy undertone with unerring precision – clean and icy, just like menthol is intended to be, albeit each with its own unique twist.

And that’s what makes these incredible flavours of ours even more amazing. Although menthol is the baseline, each flavour is a different e-liquid in its own right. This is welcome news for every menthol enthusiast out there since you now have plenty of variants to choose from.

One hit of any of these juices and your palate will be minty fresh within no time. So cool, it feels like breathing ice. And no, this is not mere marketing speak.

High Bar When it Comes to Quality

Whether developed in-house or sourced from partner brands, every menthol blend you purchase from us – as with all our e-liquids for that matter – has been developed under a zero tolerance policy on quality that we never compromise on.

We understand your health comes first and foremost, everything else second.

That’s not to mean flavour is too far down the list of priorities, though. Quality and flavour basically walk hand in hand. You only need ask around to establish how highly regarded our menthol offerings are, so much so that a few have found honourable mentions in several online publications.

When it comes to quality, we have set the bar pretty high.

Available in Different E-Liquid Types

At AquaVape, we strive to cater to the needs of vapers across the board.

Whether you are just getting started on your vaping journey or been in the game for years, you will find something to suit your vaping needs and preferences while quenching your menthol cravings.

From zero-nicotine blends to high-nicotine (18mg) juices, the assortment of menthol vape juice we stock comes in all nicotine levels.

The nicotine factor aside, our array of e-liquid menthol is also available in all e-liquid forms. We stock regular menthol e-liquids, sub-ohm menthol blends, not to mention salt-nic menthol variants.

This means you have an embarrassment of choice to make a pick from based on preference and the mood you’re in, never mind the purpose – are you looking for a menthol juice ideal for cloud chasing? Nicotine satisfaction, perhaps? Or just regular vaping?

The plethora of menthol flavours on offer also means you are not limited in terms of the devices you can pair up our menthol juices with. Literally every type of device out there will find more than a single compatible match from our wide selection.

As we get accustomed to the ban on menthol e-cigarettes, you can always bank on AquaVape to bring you great-tasting menthol vape juice that speaks to you. As avid menthol users ourselves, we are well-versed with the lay of the land as far as the menthol landscape is concerned.

Whether you are a smoker switching to e-cigarettes, or a vaper sizing up some viable menthol flavours, we will always have your back.

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