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Pink Lemonade E Liquid

Pink Lemonade E-Liquid

Lemonade is one of the most widely sought after notes in the e-liquid market, and from our AquaVape offerings, the Pink Lemonade E-liquid flavour very much adheres to this trend.

It is not really difficult to figure out this love affair with lemonade e-liquids. As you probably know, fruit-based vape juice is the most popular category of e-liquids in the vape world. Problem is, a lot of fruit juices happen to be too sweet for everyone’s liking.

Sure, most users love a sweet offering. In fact, find a good fruit-based one and it will no doubt knock your socks off. But as great as a heavily sweetened e-liquid may taste at first, a juice that delivers nothing but pure sweetness is likely to lose the excitement factor with repeated use; sometimes, faster than we would wish.

And that is one reason vapers are drawn to lemonade e-liquids: they tend to be balanced. No different from the actual drink, a good lemonade juice delivers equal parts of sour and sweet, and it is this balance that adds to the appeal.

Of course, lemon on its own cannot strike this harmony. It needs a good partner. That is why when shopping for lemonade e-liquid, you will almost always come across much more than just plain lemonade offerings.

In addition to pink lemonade, you will encounter juices that bring together lemonade flavour with iced tea flavours. Others infuse it with an array of tropical fruits, while there are also others that pair lemonade with menthol to simulate the feeling of sipping a real lemonade with crushed ice.

For an award-winning lemonade e-juice, it is important that this pairing is spot on and not just a mishmash of ingredients.

In the case of the Pink Lemonade E-liquid from AquaVape, we have selected the cranberry, a rarer ingredient that does not appear on its own in e-liquids.

It is often married with other forest fruits such as blackberry and apple to create a juicy medley, and its union with lemon is one of the most harmonious out there.

It is reminiscent of those pink lemonades you will come across in the backyard on sweltering summer days.

Who is the AquaVape Pink Lemonade E-Liquid for?

If you love a fruity juice (don’t we all?) that you won’t tire of easily, the Pink Lemonade is for you.

Its perfect balance between sour and sweet with no dominating overtones makes this juice perfect as an everyday vape. Whether hot or chilly, the Pink Lemonade has no seasons, unlike some fruit flavours.

What Nicotine Strengths is it Available in?

Our Pink Lemonade E-liquid is available in all nicotine strengths, with the only exception being the nicotine-free (0mg) offering.

The available nicotine strengths are:

  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg

Which Devices are Compatible with this E-Liquid?

The Pink Lemonade comes in a ratio of 50/50 VG/PG, making it ideal for pairing with all regular vaporisers (aka vape pens).

If you have a pod device or plan to invest in a pod device that supports standard vape juice – for instance, the AquaVape Click & Vape – this too can work well with this particular bottle.

What can you Expect?

For this particular fusion, you might want to take your mind to those sweet tart sweets you used to pop in your mouth back in your younger days. They would start out sweet then the flavour would swiftly turn to sour, causing your lips to pucker in a flash.

This is the kind of sensation you can expect when you fill up your vape tank with the AquaVape Pink Lemonade E-liquid. It is an exciting e-juice that will have you feeling young again as it whisks your taste buds on a thrilling fruity adventure.

If standalone lemonade hasn’t been able to do it for you, or are curious about a singularly focused lemonade juice, or probably want to try something new, the cranberry-lemon blend is one of the best places to start.

It is a combo that will have you feeling as effervescent as the flavour itself.

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