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Tobacco E Liquid UK

Tobacco E Liquid UK

If you’re in the market for tobacco e liquid UK, you cannot go wrong with an AquaVape tobacco juice.

Tobacco is one of the best-selling vape flavours not just in the UK, but across the globe as well. And understandably so.

Traditionally, a lot of the people who have ventured into vaping have been former smokers. Now, one of the major decisions you have to make when you make the switch to vaping is choosing your favourite flavour.

In the case of ex-smokers, tobacco e-liquid is a no-brainer as no other flavour from the thousands available promises as close an experience to a cigarette as this one.

For ex-smokers, stocking up on tobacco e-liquids therefore makes sense, only that in this case, there is none of the tar, noxious smoke, and ash to contend with.

But you will still enjoy that delicious and satisfying taste you were so attached to – provided you source from a reputable and compliant brand like ours.

That’s right. You see, the thing about vape flavours is that they are not all created equal. A tobacco flavour from Brand A will often differ from a tobacco flavour from Brand B.

And here is where AquaVape comes into the picture.

If you’re looking for an authentic tobacco e liquid UK, few flavours out there can match our offerings.

For the traditionalist at heart, the unerring flavour of tobacco is extremely important. And this is what you get with a juice like the AquaVape Traditional Tobacco E-liquid, a distinctively rich and complex flavour profile that carries that classic taste of a traditional stick.

Reliable but never boring, this is one of the many chart-toppers in our tobacco collection you will love stocking up on once you get to sample it.

Tobacco E Liquid UK: Beyond the Classic

We stock a range of tobacco e liquid UK to fit different tastes, however; juices that take advantage of the versatility of tobacco as a flavour that allows it to pair so wonderfully with a slew of other flavours.

From British to American Tobacco, Tobacco Menthol to Sweet Tobacco, and flavoured tobacco spiced with ingredients like vanilla and butterscotch, we have a different tobacco flavour to suit every taste out there.

The common denominator among our tobacco offerings, bar the tobacco of course, is the preservation of that smoky, savoury tobacco taste.

This, coupled with the high quality production, has seen our tobacco e liquid UK range emerge as a must-have addition to many a vaper’s collection in the UK vaping scene.

What Nicotine Strengths is your Tobacco Range Available in?

Our tobacco e liquid UK collection comes in all nicotine strengths as permitted by law.

These include:

  • 0mg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg

Does it Come in a Salt Nic Variant?

Yes. AquaVape stocks a wide range of tobacco salt nic flavours.

Some are produced in-house while others are courtesy of some of the major industry players that we are proud to be affiliated with, including manufacturers like Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice and more.

Our salt nic tobacco range is also available in strengths of 20mg.

Which Devices are Compatible with your Tobacco E-Liquids?

At AquaVape, tobacco is our most dominant flavour in what is a varied e-liquid collection.

This partly has to do with the massive demand for tobacco flavours (in all their variants) and partly due to the fact that tobacco is one of a select group of flavours that pairs perfectly with a cornucopia of other vape flavours, playing nicely with both sweet and savoury notes.

This wide range means you can find a tobacco flavour in our store to suit most devices out there, whether we are talking regular kits (aka vape pens) or pod systems.

Whether you are a smoker looking for a seamless way to switch to vaping, or a user who simply loves the taste of high quality premium tobacco, you are sure to find something from our tobacco e liquid UK range to fill that void.

No matter what tobacco juice you end up settling for, you can rest assured that every single one of our products will more than deliver.

Save yourself the frustration of finding a quality tobacco e-liquid by grabbing one of ours today. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your wallet.

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