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///AV Nic Salt E Liquid






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AV Nic Salt E Liquid

Nic salt e liquids are all the rage lately. And for good reason. Smoother than your regular e-liquid, nicotine salts make it possible to vape higher concentrations of nicotine.

You use less juice, which consequently means less dipping into your back pocket or purse. In other words, salt nic e liquids are great value for money. At Aquavape, we serve you some of the best tasting and most satisfying nic salt e liquids UK. And no, it’s not just saying. Our Nic Salt range was not created solely with the aim of jumping on the nicotine salt craze. As much as we take it upon ourselves to give our customers what they want through constant customer input and feedback, we wanted to give the market nic e liquids that take the concept to an all-new level. We gathered some of the most popular flavours in our stable and went to work on creating a nic salt line off of them. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Aquavape Nic Salt E Liquids.

More than Just Regular Nic Salts

Our nic salt e liquids UK are based off classic creations and have become an instant hit with our customers.

As avid vapers ourselves, we came to the realisation that the best nic e liquids are those that do one thing in particular: they deftly strike a balance between flavour and vapour, all the while delivering a satisfying throat hit.

We set to work with this in mind, and the feedback has been nothing short of impressive.

Every product on the Aquavape line of salt nic e liquids delivers a rich, full flavour that is immediately perceptible on the first inhale.

Our products are laced with the right amount of VG to guarantee rich plumes that do not interfere with this rich flavour.

To cap it off, our nic e liquids deliver a good punch with none of that harshness synonymous with high nicotine e liquids.

Try out our salt nic e liquids UK to find out for yourself what the hullaballoo is all about!

Smooth, but Super Satisfying

Aquavape nic salt e liquids are available in a solid 20mg nicotine strength which produces a noticeable hit that is enough to drive smokers wild.

The high nicotine content makes our nic salt juices the perfect antidote for smoking as they pack a punch akin to that of regular cigarettes; only this time, you are not exposed to the dangers that come with burning tobacco.

This makes them perfect for smokers looking to get into vaping or any vaper who desires a super satisfying vape without the harshness of conventional e-liquids.

Made with 50% VG and 50% PG, our salts are famed for satisfying cravings with incredibly smooth delivery!

Choice of Flavour

We know, vaping the same flavour day in day out is a boring hill to die on.

This is why we created an ever-expanding line of nic e liquids to give you options, because hey, that’s the name of the game!

Flexibility is part of the beauty of vaping, and we wouldn’t want you to trade the fun factor for anything.

The Aquavape nic salt e liquids are available in a plethora of flavour profiles:

Nic Salt – British Tobacco 20mg

Ideal for vapers who long for that rich classic taste of tobacco.

This flavour will satisfy those cravings instantly, minus the lingering odours and messes. Costs too.

Nic Salt – Blueberry

Fancy the fluffy taste of an expertly baked muffin crammed with plump blueberries?

You need look no further.

Be it an early morning breakfast or late night treat, the Aquavape Blueberry Nic Salt never disappoints.

Nic Salt – Fresh Menthol

Vapers who used to smoke menthol cigarettes will feel right at home with this flavour.

Fresh Menthol has been a box-office hit amongst our customers, and its nic salt version is even more satisfying.

And it comes with the bonus of carrying none of those harmful chemicals present in tobacco menthol – or the smoke.

A truly invigorating vape.

Nic Salt – Ice Mint

The first blast of refreshing ice mint is truly awakening – and we’ve distilled that essence into the Ice Mint nic e liquid.

If you like to keep things fresh, cool and simple, this is the flavour for you.

It promises to keep you feeling breezy all day long, thanks to its ice coolness and the already smoother feel of nicotine salt.

Nic Salt – Raspberry Menthol

If you crave the cold blast of good menthol, and the tart and sugary taste of blue raspberries drives you wild, you’ll soon be swearing by the Raspberry Menthol Nic Salt.

This is a flavour that invigorates on every level.

Nic Salt Wild Berry

Nothing screams fruit than the juicy taste of wild berries.

The invigorating tang of well ripen wild berries will bathe your taste buds, refreshing you on a deeply intense level.

Browse our inventory of nic salt e liquids UK and grab your favourite flavours at the lowest prices around!

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