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Vape Coils

Vape Coils

Coils are an integral part of every vape device. Also known as atomiser heads, these little components require constant replacement to ensure your gear is in top shape.

Otherwise, you risk compromising your vape experience (in more ways than one) and/or damage your e-cig device.

If you‘re on the hunt for top vape coils or Iooking for coil replacement options, you couldn’t in all honesty find yourself at a better place.

AquaVape is committed to offering nothing but the finest, most advanced replacement coils on the market. We carry a wide assortment of coils from the world’s top vape brands, including top manufacturers like:

Whatever resistance level you are looking for in a coil, AquaVape has all kinds of replacement coils to suit every device.

Our inventory is exclusively made up of the highest quality and most reliable coils in the market. This is why our coils are guaranteed to not only deliver an unparalleled vape experience, but also give you service that lasts.

Just like every good coil should.

What Coil is Right for my Device?

The type of coil that is ideal for you depends on the type of tank or kit you’re using. Coils are not universal but rather, specific to tanks.

This is why choosing the ideal fit for your setup is very important.

For example, if you own a SMOK Vape Pen 22, not all Aspire coils are going to be compatible with that tank.

This does not only apply to coils and e-cig devices from different manufacturers.

Take the Innokin T18E Coil, for instance. This is a coil that works well with the T18E tank but is not compatible with Innokin’s standard T18 or T22 tanks.

Most brands do, however, create vape coils that can be used on a variety of tanks or kits in their range.

The selection of replacement coils available on the AquaVape store has something for every vaper. No matter the type of vaporiser you’re currently using, we have the coil just for you.

Choosing your Coils

Here are some helpful tips that can help you make the right choice when picking your coils:

Buy from the same vape brand

While some vape tanks and coils are cross-compatible, most manufacturers tend to produce a line of coils that can only be used with their specific devices. If you are not sure about the compatibility, we recommend getting replacement coils from the same brand as the device or tank you are using.

Check the resistance

Every coil line has its own resistance level. Coil manufacturers will always list the wattage range they recommend for each particular coil resistance level. Before you scoop up those new coils, think about the wattage you normally vape at and then select the coil suited for that particular wattage range.

Don’t forget to read the descriptions and recommendations

At AquaVape, we make it super easy to pick the perfect vape coils. We do explicitly state which tanks and kits our coils are compatible with. As well, we indicate the recommended wattage range for each coil. This way, you are able to take the guesswork out of your selection, ensuring you always end up with the perfect pick.

Still, if you are shopping for vape coils and are not sure what coil works well with which tank or device, the AquaVape team is always here to lend a helping hand.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions!


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