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//Innokin Coils

Innokin Coils

Innokin Coils

About Innokin

Innokin was established in 2011 with a mission to develop leading designs that ride on the highest quality standards to come up with the best e-cig kits in the world.

And it is fair to say that mission has been more of a hit than a miss.

After coming off the blocks with powerful releases like the iTaste, iClear and CoolFire, Innokin vape devices have found favour with users the world over and it is easy to understand why.

One of the things that has set them apart from the herd is their desire to take on-board feedback from the vaping community and incorporate it in the development of their hardware, aiming to match vapers’ needs at all experience levels.

And that can only end one way: with happy customers.

From the simplicity and impeccable performance of the Innokin T18-II (considered one of the best starter kits out there), to the almost peerless Innokin Zenith II tank, some of Innokin’s gear has been a revelation.

Convenient pens like the Endura are testament to the excellent craftsmanship and style on show from the vape behemoth, all without taking you to the cleaners as far as their overall price points go.

Rich Offering of Innokin Coils

On the atomiser front, Innokin boasts one of the largest catalogues in the industry. They have engineered a long list of replacement coils with varying resistances to suit different vaper needs.

The manufacturer’s single-coil and double-coil atomiser heads are some of the best around.

At AquaVape, we are pleased to showcase this variety by presenting you with a wealth of options as touches on Innokin coils.

You will find replacement coils for virtually every Innokin tank available.

From the brand’s bestselling iClear line of clearomisers, to the industry’s pioneering Cool Fire, fromthe manufacturer’s first high wattage tank that strikes a balance between flavour and cloud production (see the Scion II), to the cigarette-simulating JEM Pen, you will find them here in all their variants.

Ordering your Innokin Coils

Innokin coils are a cinch when it comes to replacing, as you would expect.

Just pick the right atomiser head for your particular device and voila. That’s because every coil in the range is built to fit a specific tank or vape device to optimise its performance. Round pegs, round holes.

The AquaVape store carries replacement coils for the Innokin Endura T20S and T22 Prism, the Riptide Crios Kit, the Prism S and the Innokin Zenith Plex3D, not to mention the JEM series, Innokin Podin, the CoolFire Mini Zenith D22 and a whole bunch more!

Whatever you need, we got you covered. Just pay a little more caution when you order to avoid mixing up your iSubs and Prisms!

Although we offer same-day delivery for most of our products, last-minute coil shopping sometimes goes awry. Order your Innokin replacement coils today to ensure you are not left with a bad taste in the mouth (literally).

As we say, when in doubt, just ask. It saves you a lot of frustration when you finally get your package delivered.

We supply Innokin replacement coils in packs for your convenience as you never know when you will next have to replace your Innokin coils.

As fellow vapers ourselves, we always have your best interests at heart.


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