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Kits & Accessories


We have developed our Series Range so that we have something for everyone. Whether you are brand new into vaping, or an advanced sub ohm vaper, we have a great kit for you!

Our Series 1 device is a pen like e cigarette starter kit, with interchangeable disposable tanks. It’s a great device for beginners, simple to use, just fill the tank, attach the battery and vape!

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Our Series 2 device is the next step up. Still a pen like e cig starter kit but this time it uses a dual coil system which gives a smoother more controlled vape. The kit has a perfect combination of power and resistance plus a spare coil to replace when required.

The Series 3 vape starter kit gives you more control. The series 3 kit introduces a variable temperature controlled battery, set it low for a flavour hit, set it higher for a better throat hit. The device uses a dual coil system with the perfect resistance to put you in the driving seat.

Introducing the Series 4 device, a sub ohm vape pen starter kit. The lower resistance coil found in sub ohm vaping devices, means it produces bigger hits of vapour, coupled with a lot more flavour. The built in tank, all in one device means you get a fuss free set up, simply screw in the coil, top up with E Liquid and off you go. Sub Ohm vaping devices can become very technical and hard to use so we created this device with a fixed wattage, so you can vape and we can do the science!

The Series 5 device, is similar to the series 4 device, but rather than been pen like, its designed to fit perfectly in the hand.

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Why Buy a Kit?


Kits can be a great investment for the beginner vaper, or one who is just starting to experiment with sub-ohm vaping. Usually, kits come with all the parts you need to start vaping, and some even bundle a few flavours of e-juice at a lower rate so first-time vapers can sample and find a favorite. It can be much more cost-effective to purchase a bundled kit than to purchase all the parts separately, and you won’t have to worry about trying to find compatible components.


Once you start customizing your vaporizer, you will soon discover a wide range of battery size and strength, coil resistance levels, tank construction and size, and more to choose from. It can be overwhelming at first, and kits take the guesswork out of build. The only decisions you may need to make are e-juice flavour, nicotine strength, and colour of the device itself. Kits offer high-quality pieces that both experts and beginners will appreciate but are simple enough for anyone to put together. Each kit is slightly different from the next, but all will include the following:


Battery—A basic understanding of vaporizer batteries is essential for experiencing a quality session. Kits will always come with compatible parts, so it takes the guesswork out of correctly building a vaporizer. However, improperly mixing batteries and coils can lead to damage of the device or even an explosion. Battery output and coil resistance are different from device to device, and they will impact the length, heat, and vapor levels of your session. Some batteries are removable for separate charging, while others are internal and charged with the whole device (like a cell phone). The batteries in our kits are made to last through multiple sessions, but we also include portable charging options, so your vaporizer is always ready to go.  

Tank—Most tanks will either have the cartomizer or clearomizer design. Cartomizers are cartridge style and disposed of when empty. Clearomizers are refillable and often produce more power and vapor than the cartomizers.

Replacement Parts—Eventually you will need to replace the coils in your device or switch out the cartridge for a new one. Most of our kit comes with these replacement parts to make substitution easy and more cost-effective.


Dual Coil vs Single Coil


One component to kits users should be aware of is the single coil versus dual coil designs. There are pros and cons to each design, so it will come down to user preference for determining which is best. Single coil models tend to consume less battery power, although they do require a longer heat up time. The vapor density of a single coil will also be lower than with dual coils. However, single coils are less expensive to replace since users only need to replace one coil at a time instead of two. Dual coils characteristically produce a higher flavour intensity and throat hit, but the vapor temperature will also be higher than with a single coil model. Dual coils can produce a higher amount of vapor in a shorter amount of time, but are more expensive to replace each time since users will need to purchase two coils.