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Nano Disposable

AV Nano Disposable Salt Nic Berries
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Disposable E Cig: Meet the Aquavape Nano Disposable

Introducing our new disposable vape pen! The Nano Disposable e cig, courtesy of yours truly, is perfect for first timers or people who want to vape on the go. It takes the fuss out of vaping by delivering a ready-to-use vape – the device is activated by an air sensor so you don’t need to press any buttons. Simply inhale! The Nano Disposable is an affordable alternative to other vaping devices, but don’t let its small, discrete size fool you – this little bad boy can pack a good punch. It has sufficient vapour production and a good throat hit, with a single pod capable of delivering up to 178 puffs, providing as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes!

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Aquavape Disposable E Cig Features

  • 1x Nano Disposable Salt Nic:

  • Nicotine: 20MG Salt Nicotine

  • Liquid Volume: 1.2ml

  • VG / PG Ratio: 50/50

Nic Salts

The pocket-sized disposable e cig is the latest concept in vaping developed by Aquavape.

It makes use of Nic Salts (nicotine salts) which are prepped by using a special compound to the freebase nicotine derived from tobacco leaf.

These nic salts give the Nano its high potency since they are absorbed into the body faster than regular e-liquid. In other terms, a Nano delivers an instant gratification that mimics a regular cigarette’s, only smoother.

This aspects makes it the perfect alternative for anyone looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

It is also perfect for experienced vapers who need an ideal portable backup.

The Aquavape Nano is a disposable e cig UK with a 20MG concentration level. The high nicotine strength means you will vape much less, so it promises great value for money!


Since our disposable units are not designed for long-term use, they bear a simple design.

But this does not mean they are low-quality. Quite on the contrary. Our disposable vape pen UK provides a high-quality vape experience without loss in effectiveness from start to finish.

It is a consistent device you can always rely on.


The Aquavape Nano Disposable is one of the most convenient disposable e cigs on the market.

Its battery lasts the entirety of the pod’s lifespan, so you don’t need to keep recharging before vaping. Just pick up and go!

Our disposable vape pen UK comes prefilled, taking out any work on your end. There is no need for cleaning or maintenance. Once it dies, simply toss it away.

The miniature size also adds to the convenience. It can easily fit into the pocket or stashed in a bag for easy and convenient carrying. It’s discreet and even you might forget you still have it on you!

The Nano Disposable is a great buy even for those who own regular vaporisers and mods.

Choice of Flavours

Our disposable e cig UK is available in three select flavours:

A sweet vape perfect for berry lovers and anyone with a proclivity for refreshing fruity flavours.

This is a great-tasting vape that explodes with a berried flavour.

Miss good menthol?

Nothing beats the cool freshness of good menthol, both on the draw and the exhale.

The Salt Nic Menthol promises a crisp, refreshing taste without overwhelming the taste buds.

Offers that classic tobacco taste that makes the transition from smoking to vaping smoother.

The full-bodied tobacco flavour is smooth and delivers a good throat hit.


The cost of our disposable e cig UK is one of its biggest selling points.

A pod comes attached with a low ticket price, making it affordable for just about every vaper.

We offer great prices without compromising on quality!