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Series 2

AV Series 2 Coils
AV Series 2 Coils x 5 packs bundle
AV Series 2 Tank
AV Series 2 Vaping Kit
AV Series 2/1 E Cigarette Battery
AV UK Mains Adapter
AV USB Charger (Twist)
Introducing the series 2 device, the next step up in vaping. This dual coil e cigarette gives a smoother more controlled vape. This is a great kit for beginner vapers. With an interchangeable coil system, it steps things up from the Series 1 device, without becoming over complicated. Simply screw the coil into the tank sleeve, pop some of our 50VG/50PG base E Liquid in the tank, attach it to the battery, and happy vaping!

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Looking for some liquid to go with your device, why not have a look at our Series 2 Vape Bundle that contains all the hardware you need to start vaping.


  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to Use
  • Replacement Coil System
  • Rechargeable Battery

Dual Coil – more power, throat hit and vapour production

  • Lots of choice on E Liquids

What do you get?

• 1 x 900 Universal Battery (also compatible with the Series 1 Tank)
• 1 x USB Charger
• 1 x Bottom Fill Tank (reusable)
• 2 x Replacement Dual Coils (1.5 ohm)
• 1 x User Guide

Any E Liquid from the 50% VG 50% PG range can be used with this device. Please do not use a sub ohm E Liquid in this device, the thicker liquid may cause the components to become blocked.

Battery: Height 8.3cm, Width 1.4cm
Tank: Height 6.5cm, Width 1.4cm

How to Use:

Check out our How To video here

EVOD Vape Pen UK: Meet the Aquavape Series 2

The AV Series 2 Vaping Kit is an upgrade on the AV Series 1 eGo Vape Pen, and it builds on its predecessor with the aim of providing vapers with an even smoother experience.

The EVOD vape kit is a sleek way to venture into vaping, and even old hands will appreciate its great combination of power and resistance.

It employs a quality bottom-fed tank clearomiser and a 900mAh EVOD battery, culminating in a unit that delivers amazingly smooth and delicious vapour.

It is very similar to its eGO predecessor, although it boasts a sleeker design and a bigger button.


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Why the Aquavape EVOD Vape Kit?

The AV Series 2 EVOD Vape Kit was designed off the back of consumer needs to have a device that can render an superior vaping experience.

The EVOD vape pen UK achieves this by offering a dual coil tank for which the smooth, controlled experience synonymous with this device can be chalked up to.

The kit perfectly combines power and resistance, resulting in its trademark good performance.

It comes packed with everything you need to start vaping – an EVOD tank, a 900mAh battery, two replacement coils, and a USB charger.

A 900mAh battery is sure to last you several hours of vaping and is almost double the power employed by many competing products out there!

EVOD batteries are quality Lithium builds enclosed in a precision-engineered housing. They follow the industry standard push button but with an upgraded design that replaces the typical plastic button with a more durable, sleeker design in the mould of stainless steel.

What’s more, the EVOD clearomiser is a big reason why this remains a top-notch kit, and the lustrous atomiser has earned rave reviews from users and reviewers alike.

The only thing missing from the kit is a bottle of e-liquid. But on the upside, the versatility of this device means it can be used with any of our high quality e-liquids in the 50VG: 50PG range, all UK made.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Dual Coil Tank (reusable)

  • 2 x Replacement Dual Coils (1.5 Ohm)

  • 1 x 900 Universal Battery (also compatible with the Series 1 Tank)

  • 1 x USB Charger

  • 1 x User Guide

  • AV Series 2 EVOD Clearomiser

The EVOD is a tried and true vaping technology which delivers a great vaping experience that beginner and intermediate users will find ideal.

The clearomiser can hold about 1.6ml of e-juice, and the fact that it is a bottom coil means you can expect a nice warm vapour with a clean, untarnished flavour.

Since the coil sits at the base of the clearomiser, it is usually covered in e-liquid most of the time. This is another way of saying wicking issues will not be a recurring concern.

As well, your vape is less likely to exhibit a burning flavour and when all is said and done, you have a longer lasting clearomiser.

When you feel the coil has started to lose its effectiveness, simply unscrew and replace.

  • AV Series 2 1.5 Ohm Coils

The Aquavape Series 2 EVOD vape pen UK makes use of the standard 1.5 Ohm coil which remains the most popular Ohm rating by a stretch. An estimated 80% of clearomisers are said to use this coil.

Sub-ohm coils (below 1.0 Ohm) are favoured for their dense vapour clouds but they can be a bit intense for beginners. Coils above 2.0 Ohms are smoother as you would expect, but they tend to fall short on the delivery leading to less satisfaction.

This is why the 1.5 Ohm coil remains the most preferred choice for both newbies and experienced vapers alike, and it is the case with the Series 2 kit: you can expect a fair amount of cloud without it getting too intense.

  • 900mAh Universal Battery

The AV Series 2 EVOD vape kit is equipped with a 900mAh intelligent battery which should be enough juice to last most vapers a few days without the need to charge.

The intelligence has to do with the “traffic light” system of the battery indicator which flashes a different light depending on whether the battery is running out, charging or fully-charged.

We recommend putting your Lithium batteries through full usage cycles (using up and recharging) as this extends their lifespan.

A full 900mAh battery is capable of extracting approximately 800 puffs, so if yours lasts you less than a day, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

In a nutshell, here is what you can expect with this battery:

  • Lithium Ion Technology

  • Average Usage: 800 Puffs

  • Average Charge Time: 2hrs – 2.5hrs

  • Lifespan: 300 Charges

  • Low power alert

  • Clearomiser short-circuit protection

  • Auto cut-off protection

  • USB Charger

The Aquavape EVOD vape pen UK charger plugs into the top of the battery on one end and employs a USB connection on the other end – just like the industry standard eGo charger.