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Series 4

AV Bundle Deal Series 4 Vaping Kit
AV Series 4 Dual Vaping Kit
AV Series 5 Coils x 5 packs bundle
AV Series 5/4 Coils
AV UK Mains Adapter
AV USB Charger (Micro)

The AV Series 4 Sub Ohm Vape Pen UK

At Aquavape, we have and continue to keep our ear on the ground listening to what vapers are looking for to satisfy their needs. At one point, we spent 12 months garnering consumer input, and what we established was that many vapers, more so beginners, want simplicity. That, and top quality components that allow for flexibility as they gradually shift into more experienced vapers. This is how the Aquavape Series range came to be. The Aquavape Series 4 Sub-Ohm Vaping Kit is a pen-style vape mod perfect for ushering you into the cloudy world of sub ohming. We understand not every vaper is comfortable with a bulky mod, but they still want to enjoy the perks of sub ohming. This is what this sub ohm pen looks to achieve: to provide a powerful vaping device without the bulk and complication associated with mods. It is a great device both for beginners looking to notch things up a level and experienced vapers who understand size is not directly correlated to performance.

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Kit Includes:

  • Top fill built-in tank with anti-spit back mechanism

  • 1 x 18 Fixed Watt Battery

  • 2 x 0.5 ohm Replacement Coils

  • 1 x USB Charger

  • 1 x User Guide

An extra coil is provided in the standard kit, although these are normally available for purchase – See AV Series 5/4 Coils.

The Bundle Deal goes one further to include a mains charger for easier plugging in the walls, as well as 3 sub-ohming e-liquids of your choice!


Our pen-style mod is ideal for beginners making a step up and veteran vapers who have been on the scene for a while.

And it is as easy as it gets.

The sub-ohm vape pen has an integrated tank that eliminates the need to fidget with components: all you need is simply fill up and get on your way!

The same goes for the battery. It comes with a fixed wattage to provide the exact power ideal for vaping the 80%VG/20%PG sub ohm e liquids.

For this reason, the AV Series 4 sub ohm vape pen is very specific: it functions best as-is without substituting with parts not included in the kit.

Super Performance

The tube-shaped sub ohm vape kit looks like a regular vape pen but looks can be deceiving.

It is fuelled by a 1600mAh battery that maximises the mod’s performance without compromising on safety.

That is sufficient to blow clouds for a few hours without worrying.

Range of Colours

The AV Series 4 kit is available in a slew of striking colours for different days (or styles).

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Silver

The exterior features our classic honeycombed finish which gives the device a great look and feel.

The mod is lightweight in the hand without losing its premium look, making it a perfect all-round out and about device.

Each pen has a clear line running vertically along the exterior of the tank so you can monitor the level of e-juice in your tank as you vape.

The means you can conveniently monitor your e-liquid usage without 1. The hassle of opening up the device and 2. Compromising on the premium design by having a transparent tank system.

Sub-Ohming E-Liquids

The AV Series 4 sub ohm vape pen UK should only be used with sub-ohming e-liquids – vape juice with a higher concentration of VG as opposed to PG.

Specifically, juices with a ratio of 80% VG and 20% are recommended, with a nicotine strength of not more than 6mg. This guarantees the best experience in terms of flavour, vapour and throat hit.

The lower the nicotine content, the better the flavour. This combination also guarantees the richest plumes of vapour, with an overall smooth vape.

The Aquavape store carries a number of e-liquid options in the sub-ohm category. You can choose from the Vape 36 line or our very own range of exclusive flavours.

All our e-liquids are 100% TPD II compliant and the ingredients that go towards their manufacture are pharmaceutical grade. This means you can always bank on us to observe the very highest standards when it comes to your e-liquid needs.

It’s the least we can do, because you deserve the best.

We are constantly evolving our flavours to meet the needs of our consumers, so make sure to pop in every once in a while for the latest best-sellers!