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Series 5

AV Bundle Deal Series 5 Vaping Kit
AV Series 5 Coils x 5 packs bundle
AV Series 5 Sub-Ohm Vaping Kit
AV Series 5/4 Coils
AV UK Mains Adapter
AV USB Charger (Micro)
Series 5 – For experienced Vapers that understand Sub Ohming a nice compact moulded mod available in a choice of colours. This kit is a great device for vapers that want to move into the world of sub ohm vaping without all the complication. Sub ohm vaping is a great- way of vaping, ultimately you get more flavour and more vapour.

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We recommend a 80%VG / 20% PG e liquid for this device check out our sub ohm range and vape 36 range for the great flavours we have on offer.

Sub Ohm vaping is very misty so to speak, and can baffle the brains. We wanted to offer our customers a sub ohm vape experience, without all the complications of ohms and joule’s laws of electricity.

It is an all in one device with a built-in tank so you can just fill and go. It is important that this kit is used only with the provided parts and we advise the detailed user guide is read to make sure you get the best vaping experience.

What’s in the box?

• 1 x 18 Fixed Watt Battery

• Top fill built in tank with anti-spit back component

• 1 x USB Charger

• 1 x Detachable Mouthpiece

• 2 x Replacement Coils (0.5 ohm)

• 1 x User Guide

Please note these devices are only to be used with E Liquids that are a mix of 80%VG/20%PG with a nicotine strength of no more than 6mg

Aqua Vape Series 5 sub ohm vape kit uk dimensions:

Height (inc mouthpiece) 9cm

Width 3.8cm

Depth 2cm

The AV Series 5 Sub Ohm Vape Kit

The Series has evolved.

The AV Series 5 sub ohm vape kit picks up from where the Series 4 left off, but retains a few of its predecessor’s aspects: a fixed 18-watt battery, a top-fill built-in tank with anti-spit mechanism, USB charger and twin sub ohm replacement coils.

As with the Series 4 Bundle Deal, we also provide a few extras with the Series 5 Complete Sub Ohm Kit. These include three 10ml bottles of sub ohming e liquid and a mains charger for easy plugging into the walls.

A subtle enhancement in the upgraded model is the detachable mouthpiece we have included in the set, which should help keep any fluff from getting into the top of your device.

But of course, the main catch for the Aquavape Series 5 sub ohm lies not in the add-ons, but in the design itself. The Series 5 comes as a box mod as opposed to its sub ohm vape pen forerunner.


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Different Design, Same Winning Attributes

The obvious benefit you can expect with the upgrade is a larger e-juice capacity, as is evident in the dimensions.

The Series 4 wins on the element of length (13.2cm vs. Series 5’s 9cm), but that’s because of its vape pen design. However, the Series 5 more than doubles it when it comes to width (3.8cm vs. 1.8cm for the Series 4).

Blending style, quality and ease of use, we did not want to lose any of the features that have made the Series range our best-seller. But we knew with a few improvements here and there, we could make it even better for vapers.

The AV Series 5 maintains exceptional quality at an unbeatable price!

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 18 Fixed Watt Battery

  • Top fill built-in tank with anti-spit back component

  • 1 detachable mouthpiece

  • 1 x USB Charger

  • 2 x Replacement Coils (0.5 ohm)

  • 1 x User Guide

Design & Choice of Colours

The AV Series 5 has a nice compact design, with a honeycomb comb finish that allows for a good hold while boosting its aesthetic appeal at the same time.

The mod is available in an array of colours to give you options since different vapers have different preferences:

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Blue

  • Pink

1600mAh Battery

The 1600mAh battery of the Series 5 sub ohm vape kit is a high quality battery with an impressive power output designed to get the most out of the mod.

The 18W battery is highly durable and can last the day on low usage, with the capability to sustain heavy users a couple of hours.

It features a micro-USB port for charging.

0.5 Ohm Coils

The AV Series 5 kit comes with a 0.5 ohm coil tailored for sub ohming which allows more heat transfer between your battery and sub ohm e liquid.

This enhances your sub ohming experience as you will enjoy a richer flavour while dispensing thicker plumes.

As part of the deal, the sub ohm vape kit comes with two 0.5 ohm coils so you don’t have to purchase your coil replacements immediately after investing in a sub ohm vape kit.

But these coils are also available for purchase separately, whether you want them in a single pack of 3 coils or prefer the cost-saving 5-pack coil bundle.

What’s more, our sub ohm coils are compatible with both the Aquavape Series 5 and 4 devices.

Save more money by opting for the 5-pack coil bundle!

One-Year Fair Warranty

As with all hardware from the Aquavape staple, the AV Series 5 sub ohm vape kit is eligible for a 12-month fair warranty that kicks in from the date of purchase.

A fair warranty means adhering to the stipulated conditions which include charging the mod with the official provided chargers and plugs and hardware that does not carry any visual defects.

The coils are not subject to the warranty as they are a consumable element of any vape device.