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Sub OHM E-Liquids

Sik Juice Mango Fizz 3mg 3PK
Sik Juice Strawberry Melon & Kiwi 3mg 3PK
Banana Rama E-Liquid
Cookie Lime E-Liquid
Double Apple E-Liquid
Dragonfly E-Liquid
Fruit Menthol E-Liquid
Fruit Mix E-Liquid
Genie E-Liquid
Humming Bird E-Liquid
Pink Lemonade E-Liquid
Sik Juice Apple Slush 3mg 3PK
Sik Juice Blackcurrant Lemonade 3mg 3PK
Vanilla Crème E-Liquid
Venom E-Liquid
Wild West Cherry Sherbert 3mg 3PK
Wild West Cola Ice 3mg 3PK
Wild West Cookie Lime 3mg 3PK
Wildwest Bluegrape 3mg 3PK

Sub Ohm Liquid UK

While sub ohming may be the holy grail for cloud chasers, any vaper who has been in the game for a while will understand there is more to sub ohming than just billowing out dense plumes of vapour that threaten to block out the sun.

A good device matters, true, but sub ohm e liquid is at the heart of a good sub ohming experience.

Unlike other e liquids, sub ohm liquid boasts a higher concentration of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) than PG (Propylene Glycol).

VG-based juices are thicker and more viscous and this, coupled with the more powerful sub ohm devices, is behind the dense clouds of vapour.

But the trade-off is that VG juice has a reduced throat hit.

In other words:

Higher VG = Denser Clouds & Lower Throat Hit


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The Best Sub Ohm E Liquid UK

At Aquavape, we have developed a line of sub ohm liquid UK that takes these factors into account.

Over the years, we have sought the counsel of fellow vapers and worked with industry experts to create our own bespoke range of sub ohm e liquid and we think you will love our flavours. We are really proud of them, and we think you will too.

We have also partnered with other popular brands whose products you will find in our store.

The whole idea is to offer our customers variety while introducing you to the best in class sub ohm e liquid UK so you can take your sub ohming to the next level.

Best of Both Worlds

One of the best aspects of vaping is the versatility it offers in terms of both hardware and e-liquids.

VG blends are more suited for sub ohm vaping due to their ability to produce dense clouds. The higher the VG, the thicker the vapour.

On the flipside, the higher the VG, the more mild the flavour.

At Aquavape, we stock sub ohm vape liquid varieties intended to bring out the best of these qualities.

We also aim to give you as much variety as possible, and this is accomplished on two levels.

First, our sub ohm liquid UK mixes are made up of varying VG/PG ratios to suit different moods and preferences. Second, we offer a cornucopia of flavours in our store numbering more than two dozen, so there is something for everyone.

What’s more, all our products are made in the UK in strict accordance with TPD regulations.

You can always be assured you are using products that observe the highest level of standards, the result of which is not just rich, lasting clouds, but a great vape overall.

  • 80VG/20PG Base Mix

The Aquavape 80VG/20PG and Vape 36 lines are our highest VG sub ohm liquids and make for the perfect tonic for the ultimate cloud chaser.

The former is available in 3mg while the Vape 36 range comes in 3mg and 6mg/mL of nicotine, which is the ideal maximum nicotine strength for sub-ohm devices.

You might find higher strength e-liquids (above 6mg/mL) but these will either be harsh with a sub-ohm coil or give off a repelling burnt taste.

For best effect, we recommend teaming these liquids up with our Series 4 and Series 5 sub ohm kits.

  • 70VG/30PG Mix

The Wild West and Sik Juice lines of sub ohm liquid UK bring the VG level a notch lower while proportionally bumping up the Propylene Glycol.

This culminates in sub ohm juice that emits thick clouds while delivering a solid hint of flavour at the same time.

Available in 3mg/mL of nicotine, both come in a variety of exotic flavours that are sure to sit well with different palates.

This is one of the most popular sub ohm liquid ratios in the vaping community and is compatible with the AV Series 4 and 5 starter kits.

  • 60VG/40PG Mix

The standard ratio, the 60VG/40PG mix is highly popular due to its flawless marriage of cloud production and flavour saturation.

The rich and succulent Hustler Juice blend comes in this ratio, and if you ever needed a sub ohm e liquid UK that enriches your taste buds while delivering decent plumes, this is it.

Hustler Juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, with a slew of flavours to make a pick from.

Sub Ohm Liquid Clearance

E liquids can sometimes seem like the seasons – they come and go.

At Aquavape, you will always happen across genuine top-notch sub ohm vape liquids at a reduced price.

Of importance to note is that should the price reduction be due to short dates, we will always state this on the sub ohm liquid clearance page.

Often the case, though, sometimes we love playing nice so we throw an offer here and an offer there for our regular customers.

Keep checking our amazingly low-priced clearance section for the best sub ohm e liquid UK deals!