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Hustler Juice - 60mg/40pg

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Hustler Juice E Liquid

Love fruit e-liquid? You’ve had nothing like Hustler juice, that much we can tell you! The best fruity vape flavours guarantee a refreshing, savoury taste while misting up a cool social setting with a summery scent that leaves everyone craving for more. That’s what you can, at the very least, expect with this new kid on the block. Hustler Juice e liquid is an intricate blend of exotic fruits and warm comfort that makes the senses tingle in all sorts of good ways. With five big flavours available, once you have sampled one, we can bet you you’ll want to try every single one of them. Hustler Juice is intended to deliver rich and sweet fruity flavours in a refreshing way that makes you want to pursue the lingering notes more. The vape brand prides itself as proponents of every vaper who gets out there and brings home the bagels on their own terms. This range comes in a mix of 60% VG to 40% PG, making it the go-to choice for anyone looking to chase clouds while still enjoying a good hit, a common theme with this ratio that makes it one of the most popular out there.

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A Premium Blend

Hustler juice is more than just the right mix of ingredients.

It is about assurance. A vape juice you can rely on with certainty.

E-liquid is the soul of your vaporiser, so it is only right that the flavours, composition of the ingredients and standards of products be of the highest quality available.

And that is what Hustler Juice guarantees you. Time and time again.

Signature Flavours

At Aquavape, we stock a variety of Hustler e juice flavours:

Hustler Juice Bold

Take your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride characterised by the right splash of tartness that comes down in a perfectly honey-crisp sweetness.

It’s a classic taste you would expect from fresh orchard apples gushing with invigorating juice.

The 60% VG/40% PG e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.

Hustler Juice Cool

There is a reason mango is the most consumed fruit in the world. In fact, it is three times more popular than bananas!

The Hustler Juice Cool uses the very best of the lot, bringing together their sweet, succulent and fragrant flavour with bountiful blackcurrant and a sniff of mint, culminating in one of the most exotic fruity flavours you’ll come across.

This mind-blowing combo is nothing short of a sensational treat for the taste buds!

The 60% VG/40% PG e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.

Hustler Juice Cunning

Nothing tart-ens a good vape better than lemon, and in this profile, the zesty fruity meets its citrus cousins to give a wonderfully revitalising flavour that provides the perfect kick.

It is not called Cunning for nothing. It combines a tongue-twisting tartness with just enough sweetness to leave the senses exhilarated.

The 60% VG/40% PG e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.

Hustler Juice Daring

This handpicked flavour delivers the luscious and sweet taste of vine-ripened grapes, climaxing in a super-sweet grapey tang that will have you licking your lips with every drag.

It is amazingly smooth and satisfying.

The 60% VG/40% PG e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.

Hustler Juice Smart

This is a tart and refreshing flavour that evokes the taste of crispy ripe green apples.

It has a slight tartness that dissipates to give way to notes of sweet crisp honey that washes over your taste buds.

The 60% VG/40% PG e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg/mL.