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Sik Juice - 70VG/30PG Mix

Sik Juice Mango Fizz 3mg 3PK
Sik Juice Strawberry Melon & Kiwi 3mg 3PK
Sik Juice Apple Slush 3mg 3PK
Sik Juice Blackcurrant Lemonade 3mg 3PK

Sik Juice

At AquaVape, we have carved out a name as creators of high quality e-liquid flavours, perhaps with a bias towards the fruity category. Our e-liquids are made in the UK and our flavours have been marked out for being very authentic. As ardent fruit flavour enthusiasts ourselves, it is fair to say we know a thing or two about what constitutes a great fruit flavour. That is why we continue to churn out amazing premium juices that provide a true fruit vaping experience. We have channelled this know-how towards the creation of several lines of fruit e-liquids with impressive results – aided of course, by our continual probing of vaper input and feedback. Enter the Sik Juice range. Sik Juice is one of several fruity ranges of e-liquids that rolls out of the production lines at AquaVape. As with our other offerings, this product is top quality and has garnered rave reviews for two things in particular: its unique expression of flavours and consistency of the juice.

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Century-Old Partnership

The quality of our juices can partly be traced to how we go about their production.

AquaVape has tapped the expertise of a UK-based flavouring house that has been in operation for over a century, and feedback on our end products has been nothing short of glowing.

This is a textbook team effort that adds some serious zing to your vaping experience.

With four flavours to choose from, the Sik Juice line is perfect for the creative and more adventurous vaper.

Three-Pack – It’s a Cost Saver

Sik Juice is offered in a pack of three 10ml sub-ohming e-liquids.

This absolves you of the need to purchase in singles every time you run out while shaving off a couple of pounds at the same time.

Enjoy more, for much less!

Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

Sik Juice is a vape juice most ideal for sub-ohming.

It comes in a mix of 70% VG to 30% PG which is perfect for cloud chasing.

VG blends are more suited for sub ohm vaping due to their ability to produce dense clouds. The higher the VG, the thicker the vapour.

The 70VG/30PG mix is one of the most popular ratios for vapour production since it is capable of emitting thick plumes while delivering a solid hint of flavour at the same time.

It contains 3mg/mL of nicotine which is ideal for sub-ohming since thicker vapour means more nicotine inhale.

Array of Flavours

The Sik Juice range is available in four flavours:

Sik Juice Apple Slush

The Apple Slush is a blend of crisp luscious apples and cooling ice lemonade with a dash of mint to round off the flavour.

The inclusion of mint into the equation has resulted in a fruity vape with an ultra-refreshing twist, and the end result is sure to get your taste buds going.

During hot season when the sun is sweltering and you have to pick one thing to have, a lemonade is almost always an excellent idea. If you have the choice of two things, go for the refreshing Sik Juice Apple Slush.

Thank us later!

Nicotine 3mg

3-pack (10ml/bottle)

70% VG 30%PG

Sik Juice Blackcurrant Lemonade

AquaVape’s Sik Juice Blackcurrant Lemonade is a perfect marriage of freshly picked blackberries and a tart lemon, with a dash of mint to cap it off.

Many have called it the best sub-ohming e-liquid combo.

We could not agree more!

Nicotine 3mg

3-pack (10ml/bottle)

70% VG 30%PG

Sik Juice Mango Fizz

Whisk your taste buds to a tropical island paradise with the Sik Juice Mango Fizz.

It combines a mouth-watering mango with a bit of fizz, with a hint of mint providing a cooling effect.

It is a crashing of waves of juicy flavour with a cool, misty vapour.

Nicotine 3mg

3-pack (10ml/bottle)

70% VG 30%PG

Sik Juice Strawberry Lemon & Kiwi

Strawberries have long been associated with desire and passion. In the vast world of e-liquids, they are one of the most popular fruity flavour treats.

Now, they combine with refreshing kiwi, with the smooth, luscious taste of watermelon rounding out the flavour.

The flavour has tones only Lewis Carroll could describe.

Nicotine 3mg

3-pack (10ml/bottle)

70% VG 30%PG