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Aquavape E-Liquids - 80vg/20pg Mix

Banana Rama E-Liquid
Cookie Lime E-Liquid
Double Apple E-Liquid
Fruit Menthol E-Liquid
Fruit Mix E-Liquid
Pink Lemonade E-Liquid
Vanilla Crème E-Liquid
Have you taken the next step up in vaping? Then take a look at our great sub ohm range of e liquid, the great thing about sub ohming is there’s a lot more vapour and a lot more flavour. These types of devices heat up the liquid a lot more so do require a thicker E Liquid.

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Our 80 VG / 20 PG base mix sub ohm vape juice is great for sub ohm devices. The higher VG base mix means the liquid is a lot thicker, creating a nice smooth vape, full of flavour and avoids a harsh throat hit.

Our great sub ohm vape liquid is available in 3mg. When sub ohm vaping it is important to keep that nicotine low, as you are inhaling a lot more vapour. This liquid can be enjoyed with our series 4 and series 5 sub ohm vaping devices.

Here at Aquavape we take product quality very seriously. All our sub ohm e liquid is fully TPD compliant. Having undergone the strict testing that is involved in this process, you can rest assured you will not only get a great taste, but a great vape with it.

Sub Ohm E Liquid 80/20

Shopping around for a good sub ohm liquid UK 80/20? You’ve come to the right place! Aquavape is an exclusive online source for some of the best sub ohm e liquid 80/20 blends available in the UK. Our premium in-house sub ohm vape liquid 80/20 line is absolutely unmatched in quality. And we welcome you to sample our 80VG/20PG mixes to find out what the furore is all about. Our sub ohm e liquid range includes a selection of great-tasting fruity flavours in 10ml bottles with a nozzle that makes refilling a cinch while ensuring no juice is wasted.

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Why Buy Aquavape Sub Ohm E Liquid 80/20?

If you’re shopping for the best sub ohm e liquid UK 80/20 flavours, you may want to know why you should go with us.

For one, we are vapers ourselves and we go the extra length to offer the friendliest and most professional service to our customers.

More than that, and most importantly, our sub ohm range of e liquids is the result of sheer determination to develop a better high VG sub-ohm vape juice than most of the products currently flooding the UK vaping scene.

You see, a lot of companies in the business of e-juice manufacture come up with sub-ohm e-liquids that miss the mark one way or another.

Either the flavour fails to come through at high wattages or the ratios are totally off. Most of these pain points stem from poor quality control during the production process.

The Aquavape sub ohm e liquid 80/20 line is made in the UK. We have teamed up with a local flavouring house whose history dates back over a century to develop our own exclusive flavours.

Simply put, with us, it’s all about quality, excellence and small nuances that distinguish better from good.

A Great Blend

Aquavape sub-ohm liquid 80/20 is the perfect combination for delivering impressive clouds while simultaneously bringing to life the full flavour potential to excite your taste buds.

This is one aspect that marks out our 80/20 sub ohm juice line from the rest.

Our flavours are perfect for vapers interested in huge amounts of vapour while still noticing a little throat hit. They are smooth on the inhale without overpowering, with a rich plume emission on the exhale.

A Special Liquid, for a Special Device

Our sub ohm liquid UK 80/20 line has been crafted with the more experienced user in mind.

The juice is thicker so it requires more battery power to fire it up as envisioned.

For this reason, you need specialised equipment apt to the task. This is why we always advise on checking whether or not your device is compatible with this line of e liquids.

To save you the agony, the Aquavape Series 4 and Series 5 starter kits are right at home with this range of sub ohm e liquids. These liquids also complement temp control vaping and dripping perfectly.

Our mix of 80% VG/20% PG liquids comes infused with 3mg of nicotine; just enough to facilitate smooth cloud chasing without the nicotine harshness getting in the way.

Spectacular Flavours to Choose From

The Aquavape sub ohm liquid UK 80/20 range has seven flavours to make your pick from – with more set to be added gradually.

Our Banana Rama blend, for example, is a favourite for vapers who prefer a sweet vape with a rich, creamy twist to it. The Fruit Menthol mix, for its part, has garnered rave reviews since we debuted it.

Take a peek at the options available in our sub ohm liquid 80/20 section and discover why our sub ohm juices have made quite a splash with our customers.

Speaking of section…

Sub Ohm Liquid Clearance 80/20

Every once in a while, we throw our customers a great deal; not just because we’re discontinuing a product or its overstocked, but just because, well – we can!

Everyone loves a bargain, and we know you love seeing great products at ridiculous prices.

So, why not add zest to the spice of life by offering you a discount every so once in a while, eh?

A fresh new level of vapour happiness is now only a click away. So make sure to keep checking our sub ohm liquid clearance 80/20 deals.

Because, guess what?

It’s like shopping for e cig supplies in wholesale without having to buy in bulk!