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Wild West - 70VG/30PG Mix

Wild West Cherry Sherbert 3mg 3PK
Wild West Cola Ice 3mg 3PK
Wild West Cookie Lime 3mg 3PK
Wildwest Bluegrape 3mg 3PK

Wild West E Liquid

Wild West is a line of fruity sub-ohm e-liquids exclusive to AquaVape. Inspired by the resolute spirit of the gun-slinging cowboys and outlaws of the American Frontier, these flavours are some of the most recognisable in our online store. This is thanks to their unique flavour combinations, just what you need for the ultimate cloud chasing experience!

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A 70VG/30PG Mix

Wild West e liquid is a premium sub-ohm e-juice line that comes in a mix of 70VG to 30PG.

The 70/30 ratio is considered by many vapers a sweet spot since it allows for emission of full clouds of vapour without diluting the flavour.

This line of e-liquids can only be purchased in 3mg of nicotine.

Low nic content is important when sub-ohming since more vapour means more nicotine inhaled.

As well, it means there is no adverse effect on flavour, which means you will be able to enjoy these unique fruity combinations in all their splendour.

Quality Guaranteed

AquaVape fruit e liquids are manufactured in the UK.

We have partnered with an industry-leading flavouring company that has been plying the trade for more than 100 years to develop our own exclusive flavours.

Our vape juices are Pharmaceutical Grade E-Liquids and TPD Approved.

In other words, you can always rest easy knowing you are using top quality e-liquids made in the UK and using the highest possible standards.

This range is compatible with our Series 4 and Series 5 starter kits, all high quality devices that you can invest in right away without burning a hole in your budget.

Great Price

Wild West e liquid comes in a pack of three bottles.

Each bottle has a capacity of 10ml, the required limit in the UK according to TPD laws.

We provide this e-liquid in packs of three which can save you a couple of pounds per purchase.

Three’s the magic number!

Smart Bottles

Our fruit e liquid UK blends come in 10ml smart bottles which are easy to use and hard to break.

The squeezable plastic bottle has a pointed nozzle because we don’t want you to lose any drop whilst refilling.

This type of bottle doesn’t leave any e-juice behind and it comes with the added perk of little risk of breaking when it drops. This cannot be said of e-liquid glass bottles which come with a medicine dropper.

Refilling doesn’t have to be an inconvenience any more – just point the bottle tip into your tank, squeeze and voila!

It’s a job for the left hand.

What can You Expect?

The Wild West e liquid line is concocted using high quality ingredients and is one of the most popular flavours in the UK sub-ohm e-juice range.

It is available in 4 different mouth-watering flavours that will satisfy your vaping palate but keep you coming back for more:

WildWest Cherry Sherbert

A deliciously sweet flavour bursting with character.

The sherbert tang is unmistakable and this, coupled with an ice cold undertone and rush of mint, creates a fruity vape which every vape palate will find refreshing at the same time!

Nicotine 3mg

3-bottle pack


WildWest BlueGrape

Luscious blueberries and mouth-watering grapes come together in this blend, with bubble-gum undertones and a dash of mint rounding it off to culminate in one of the most flavoursome sub-ohm e-liquids you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying.

It’s a treat for the taste buds and anyone lurking in the vicinity!

Nicotine 3mg

3-bottle pack


WildWest Cola

Love a cold Cola?

This flavour promises a great Cola taste with a hint of mint and ice cold undertone taking the blah out of the usual taste.

It’s a beautiful, satisfying flavour that’s as refreshing as the drink – minus the calories!

Nicotine 3mg

3-bottle pack


WildWest Cookie Lime

Enjoy the riveting flavour of warm baked cookies commingled with wonderful zing notes of lime and a beautiful cooling mint to top it off.

It’s an extravagant taste that will indulge your taste buds while producing thick clouds.

Nicotine 3mg

3-bottle pack