Hello, so if you are asking this question you’ve come to a level of vaping where this word ‘mod’ keeps creeping up, you’re not quite sure what it is, but hear they are marvellous!

A vape mod is designed for vapers looking for a little bit more control than a standard e cigarette starter kit uk! The vape mod is basically a more powerful vape pen. By attaching different batteries (modifying) the device the power is increased, meaning that the throat hit is increased as well as the overall flavour, in line with keeping it simple basically more vapour is produced! When you purchase your first mod such as our series 3 or series 4 vape pens, you will notice a few extra buttons on your device, but it will basically work the same as any other e vapor cigarette! The extra buttons add the extra functionality with power, usage and the overall design of the tanks. So do you need one?