Vapers can be strange looking to the outside community, they have a strange device they suck on wrapped around their neck on a lanyard, with bits of tissue paper.

We have all been here. The incomer is a beginner vaper, somebody who is taking their first steps to join the vaping community. They have no idea to the world they are entering! Oh the innocence! They have just purchased their electronic cigarette starter kits and are ready to go! You will often find the incomer with a basic entry level kit, (which is very advisable such as our series 1 electronic cigarette starter kit) and they are keen to show off their device and liquid to anyone that will listen. Whatever you do if you spot one on the bus, don’t sit next to them, (jokes!). They will often not know the difference between an Evod and a disposable tank and will ask numerous questions on vaping, such as how often do I need to change my coils! Just remember we we’re all an incomer at some point and we are happy to help the incomers and offer some words of encouragement for their new chosen lifestyle with their electronic cigarette starter kit uk!