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The Guide to Choosing E Cig Liquid You Don’t Often Hear about

E cigarettes have come a long way since they were first introduced to the world in 2003, and e cigarette liquid products themselves have vastly improved (more about this shortly).
E cigs have evolved from the simple cigarette-style kits they were into more advanced devices in the mould of personal vaporisers, and their even more sophisticated counterparts that pro vapers know as mods.

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However, just as taxes and death are the only sure things in life, the one thing that has remained a certainty in this evolution is the reliance of these devices on one key thing: e cigarette liquid. No matter your background or reason for vaping, the one thing that all vapers have in common is that they ‘consume’ e liquid.


Likewise, most e liquids, or ejuice if you rather, on the market contains four integral components: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavouring – and those from Aqua Vape are no different.


Of course, they may or may not lack any one or more of these ingredients depending on the tinkering from the particular brand.


Biggest Market



We are at a point where the e cig liquid market has arguably morphed into the biggest segment of the vaping industry.


And with the proliferation of e liquids in the market, we deemed this an opportune time to go back to the topic and refresh on some basics concerning the same.


Because let’s face it, the wealth of e-juice options out there can make it a tad hazy for both newbies and experienced cloud chasers alike to make more informed, health-conscious decisions when stocking up on their supplies.


So, without much ado, let’s serve you a few pointers you should keep in mind when purchasing your vape juice.


How to Choose the Right E Cigarette Liquid for you


1. The PG vs. VG ratio matters


The main base solution of every liquid is either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin – probably a fusion of both.


Juices high in PG have more flavour but weak vapour. If cloud production strikes your fancy more, you will be better off going for VG-based e liquids. These ones produce massive clouds of vapour, although they tend to be muted in taste.


Given the difference in vape quality, e liquid brands produce juices that come in an all-PG base, an all-VG base, or a blend of the two in varying quantities.


Too much PG can result to a tangy taste, while high VG infusions are too sweet and could have some vapers tasting the VG itself. A common ratio used is 40 parts PG versus 60 parts VG, a ratio most users are comfortable with.


However, it is worth pointing out that what works for Susan might not be pleasant for Fred, so we advise on trying out different combinations to establish what works best for you.


2. Don’t overdo the nicotine



Many vapers tend to screw up on the nicotine part, and this is not unique to newbies. Old hands in the game too.


One of the most important aspects of vaping centres on nicotine, the addictive element that makes it virtually impossible for many cigarette smokers to put down the stick despite their negative health effects known to all and sundry.


For smokers venturing into vaping in a bid to kick the habit, the idea is to start at a high nicotine level (depending on how heavy of a smoker you are) and gradually scale down until you get to zero. If that’s your goal, that is.


As for vapers who have never smoked, unless you are looking to substitute your caffeine with nicotine, starting with high nicotine content juice (let alone any at all) is not the best way to get started on your newfound vaping hobby.


Remember, you are not getting into vaping for the nicotine addiction. Are you?


Luckily, e cigarette liquid comes with various nicotine strengths. In the UK, the most common strengths are:


• 18mg (for heavy smokers)

• 12mg (average smokers)

• 6mg (light smokers)

• 3mg (very light smokers)

• 0mg (those who have overcome their nic addiction or new entrants)


The more nicotine in a juice, the stronger the TH (throat hit). And combining higher nicotine content with PG-based liquids enhances the effect.


The rule of thumb is not to choose more nicotine than you need.


3. Ah, the flavour



One of the most important decisions you are going to make as a vaper is settling for e cig liquid flavour. Reason is because all the other components can be perfect – the PG/VG, nicotine strength and vapour production – but if the flavour doesn’t jive with you, you won’t like the juice.


The importance of a good flavour cannot be emphasised enough because for beginners, poor-tasting e liquid (aka ass juice) might even see them develop a particular loathing for vaping.


It’s that much integral.


Luckily, and another benefit that comes with vaping, is that e cigarette liquids come in every flavour imaginable. Whether you like it fruity, in a candy flavour, dairy, food flavour (pizza, cake, wafer etc.), cocktail-inspired, soft drinks, in tobacco blend, exotic, you name it, you are sure to find it in a hundred variations. Probably more.


When choosing e cigarette liquid flavours, start with the ones that naturally augur well with you. If dairy products are not a particular weakness of yours, it might be a good idea to steer clear of such flavours and may be go with something a little fruity.


But careful not to develop vaper’s tongue – getting accustomed to one flavour so much so that you lose the ability to taste it over time. It does happen.


Moreover, the beauty of vaping is to enjoy the potpourri of e cig flavours available to us, and it would be nothing short of a crime to spend the rest of your life puffing away on one boring hill.


4. Buy from reputable brands only



Everyone loves a bargain, and it can be tempting to always go for the cheap Chinese brands that have invaded the market. But this might be the biggest mistake you make.


Look, we don’t have anything against China, nor are we looking to weave any scare rumours about the country. In all truth you can never be too sure about the production facilities where some of the Chinese juices come from.


Of course, there is the chance that these products are made in acceptable labs using standard ingredients. But they might as well be homemade concoctions crafted from low-cost, and possibly harmful, substances.


By buying UK e cigarette liquids (or even U.S.) you are always assured of quality products. True, they are more costly than Chinese juices, but there is no point risking your health consuming low-grade products.


Don’t misconstrue this to mean you should always go for mainstream e liquids from the big brands. There are many small producers popping up all over the place, mostly serious vapers themselves, and you can rely on them to manufacture quality products.


Do a background check of the brand and check out reviews of what fellow users are saying about them, and there should be no cause for worry when trying out some of these small-brand juices.


Aqua Vape prides itself in producing and providing high quality products.  They have a strict vetting policy that ensures you can always be confident in using anything branded with the aquavape logo.

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