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//SMOK Devices

SMOK Devices

SMOK Vape Devices

SMOK Vape made a splash on the vaping scene in 2010, making it one of the oldest manufacturers of vaping products still going strong today.

The ShenZhen-based vape brand quickly gained acclaim the world over for its insistence on tech-savvy devices that were not only unrivalled when it came to quality, but also set the industry trends in terms of innovation.

In the early days, the company also known as SMOKTech, was credited for giving the world its first dual-coil cartomiser.

Today, they are regarded as one of the most forward-thinking vaping companies in the world, with their R&D team consistently churning out new gear that propels the industry forward.

No matter the kind of SMOK vape hardware you are shopping for, you can revel in the fact that you are investing in the very best.

At AquaVape, we are proud to bring the extensive catalogue of SMOK products closer to our customers, making it easy and convenient for you to upgrade to a SMOK set-up.

From SMOK vape mods, to vape pens, tanks, coils and more, AquaVape promises you the best SMOK products at the best prices!

A SMOK Vape Device for Every Style

Considering investing in some SMOK hardware? You can’t go wrong.

SMOKTech is one of the biggest names in the vape market today, with a plethora of devices famous for their ultra-modern designs and hi-tech elements just as they are for their thoughtful features and excellent performance.

This has endeared them to many a vaper around the world, making SMOK vape kits, mods, tanks and coils some of the most popular vape products around.

The pioneer that it is, SMOK has never been one to follow the market trends, instead choosing to innovate its own hardware, as you are bound to notice in their box mods and long line of SMOK vape coils.

Their advanced personal vaporisers (mods) are best known for their generous dose of power under the hood, rounded out with flashy accents on the exterior.

Some good examples of high powered releases with top of the line features and arresting looks include the SMOK X Priv and SMOK Mag.

A lot of users also swear by SMOK vape kits which have proved an excellent investment for vapers across the divide. Whether a new or seasoned vaper, there are more than enough SMOK kit options that arm you with everything you need to enjoy an excellent vape session.

The mods aside, SMOK vape kit options range from pod-style vape devices like the bestselling SMOK Nord Kit and SMOK RPM 40 (two of the most powerful pod systems in the market), as well as sleek vape pens.

The latter include offerings such as the SMOK Prince Kit and SMOK Vape Pen 22, reliable personal vaporisers perfect for anyone who wants a device for long-term vaping.

SMOK Tanks and Coils

If you already have that mod you can’t do without, consider giving it a boost by pairing it with a compatible SMOK tank like the renowned TFV12, an all-round sub tank ideal for everyday use.

Of course, a SMOK setup is not complete without a good supply of the ever reliable SMOK coils built to deliver the ultimate in both flavour and vapour production.

Shop for SMOK Vape Products at Attractive Prices

If you are a vaper who doesn’t like compromising their vape experience, you absolutely can’t go wrong with SMOK offerings.

At AquaVape, we provide the nicely crafted SMOK devices at attractive price points, ensuring every vaper enjoys the vaping excellence that SMOK is keen to promote.

Whether your vape priorities involve knock-out flavour, giant clouds, portability or anything and everything in between, we have a SMOK vape just for you!


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